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Private Parts, Man Caves, and an Incredulous O!

It is Friday! I had a blog all planned out to write last night, it was witty, it was kind, it was complimentary to my readers and to a few other bloggers out there in this wide wide web world of ours… But I went out for Thai food with a dear friend and then hung out with another friend (after a mini Light Rail Adventure), talked writing shop (potential project), and then watched a really really really good movie.

More on the later.

In case you are having a good morning, here are a few fun things with which to start your day:

Sometimes science is beyond cool. Sometimes it is kind of freaky. This kidney removal through what we normally consider private orifices, is… well… a bit on the freaky side of things.

Proof that sexism can go both ways. A Man Room. Are you kidding me? It is “the one and only place in the house where [the] wife allows [the husband] to display or keep things that would be immediately packed up or put away if left in any other room for even a second” I call Lame.

Disturbing vagina news of a different variety: 8 babies via in vitro to an unemployed mother of 6. What bothers me the most here is the idea that she was able to get this procedure done. Shouldn’t there be limits or oversight or someone saying “No!” (And again, gay couples and sinlge parent families are being given crap and not allowed to adopt already in existence children while this lady gets to have 15 and continue to drain resources? Something isn’t right.)

Oh look good news! Tons of books (even a few good ones) are going to be available for me to read on my iphone while standing in line. Of course, I could just go to the library and get my own copy…. But umm, this must be better. Its all newfangled and tech savy. Or something.

And lastly:
"What do you think a stimulus is?" Obama asked incredulously. "It’s spending — that's the whole point! Seriously.”

Happy Friday!


LizzGee said...

WOW, Do the wife's get woman rooms? I think not. . .

Lisa said...

I was so glad to see that President Obama made some strong statements about the stimulus package.

The whole thing is driving me crazy.

Maithri said...

'The Man room' idea... sounds kinda like something from the dark ages...

What happened to living 'together' we really need to have a philosophy of 'masculine' lives here... feminine lives there... and never the twain shall meet?

Thanks for this great post,

Peace to you, M

Anonymous said...

Kay - hi - I just wanted to say I was here. . . reading. Thanks for the link to the Obama remarks. I've been under a rock for a few days.

Charity Childs-Gevero said...

"Private orifices???" LOL LOL LOL! I don't think I've ever even heard that before! LOL!

Pagan Sphinx said...

News of the weird, indeed.

My daughter told me about the 8 babies in vitro to the mother living in poverty. I like the point you make about how gay couples who have the means and desire to raise a child are unable to adopt and yet this sort of freakishness is allowed to go on. Ugh.

The "man room" hahahha. I wish! Instead of being the lovely boudoir of my dreams; replete with white bedding and sheer curtain panels hanging from a canopy frame, my man and I have what essentially looks like a large double college dorm room. Books, CDs, and piles of crap everywhere. Reality. And both the man and the woman are equally guilty of the "lived-in" look!

Have a good week; this being Monday night already!