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News: Puppies Are Cute and CNN Needs a Time-Out

Yesterday The Maifan-San and I spent a fairly relaxing day driving around and visiting other people's pets.

Stop One: Berkeley. Erin, Jennifer, three cats, and what apeared to be a dozen fish.

Step Two: San Francisco. Dave, Eva, three cats, a cat-like dog, a bearded dragon lizard, and a fake carnivorous plant. (The real one died and will be replaced soon I think.)

We also got to see SF in sillouette during sunset (gorgous) and eat breakfast at my favorite Campbell diner. All in all, a rather nice day.

We managed to avoid all dealings with the football game because let's face it... who needs football when you could watch this instead.

(Above: link for this year. Below: Video from last year)

Plus... everyone knows the nly real reason to watch is for the comercials and thanks to sites like this one, I can watch the "best" ones online the next day.

However, it would be un-American to not be touched in some way by this big silly pig skin game of war and thanks to Jay's tweets I was kept abreast.

And upon returning home, I recieved the following email:

From: CNN Breaking News
Sent: Sunday, February 1, 2009 11:18:01 AM
Subject: CNN Breaking News

-- Pittsburgh Steelers win Super Bowl XLIII; Steelers 27, Cardinals 23.

It was a defining moment in history, and now you can own it...

I call LAME on CNN for using the same method of "Breaking News" that anounced such things as "Obama is sworn in" and "Israel invades Gaza" to tell me the score of a football game.

I mean... really? REALLY? Why is that breaking news? Anyone who cares about the game is either watching it or listening to it or will find a way to find out the score.

Really, when did news become so mainstream? When did celebrity gossip count? Why do more people know more about the starting line up of American Idol than the President's cabinet?

When did "entertainment" become news?

And no, I'm not just annoyed because I am willing to bet a whole slew of baked goods that when my beloved Sharks win the Stanley Cup you better believe CNN will be all sorts of quiet.

Well, okay... maybe just a tad.



Mojo said...

Meh. CNN has no clue what real sports are about. they ignored my Hurricanes in '06 which I thought was pretty annoying until they ignored the Dead Wings lats year too. And I figure if they're so anesthetized that they missed that one, they must just not care at all.

Which reminds me... we got a game coming up on Thursday night... figures it would start at 10:30 my time. Can't you Westies get ramped up any earlier than that?? Have some consideration for all us poor Easterners fer cryin' out loud. Do wee keep you up till all hours? No we do not. We start the games at 4:00 your time so you have an excuse to leave work early.

'Cos we're there for ya.

Kay said...

Meh, that is just 'cuz the world revolves around CA... duh!

Or, it should anyway.

I will be watching the game, to be sure.