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Dog over Zombies

As I have mentioned before I am currently working on a Short Story Collection that should be getting published later this year.

Or rather, I was working on a Short Story Collection but for the last two months, I umm, haven’t been working on it as much as thinking about working on it.

Which means I have to get my rear in gear.

Also, Thanks to Jay and his ‘spam’ I am doing something sort of productive with my evenings besides troll the online job sites and think about my book. See the little box on the right (you might need to scroll down) advertising the book Dog On It. Well, just for putting that up on my blog the publisher sent me a free copy.

Interesting marketing technique to be sure and in my case I think it might work. I am going to read it and then write a bit about it and then maybe you all might decide to read it for yourselves. Or you will know to stay away from it. Either way.

Of course this means I have to stop reading what I had finally gotten around to starting:

… which is on loan from The Maifan-San. He is out in the field cataloguing old rock art depicting women’s genitals. So I don’t think he’ll mind. (Yes, the work of an archeologist is rarely dull.)

So far the book is okay… it is a mystery and despite my affection for Agatha Christie, Hamet, and Mosley… mysteries on the whole aren’t usually my thing. This story though has the twist of being from the point of view of the private eye’s dog Chet.

Interesting shtick to be sure… and so far (six chapters in) the “voice’ is a bit cliché but nonetheless mildly engaging. I will keep you posted.


Jay said...

Ha! I wondered if you had gotten that dog book when you said something about "selling out" for a book.

I decided to pass on that one, but I did get the first book they offered. I'll review it on my blog and I need to post some Twitters about it so that they know I'm publicizing it for them. That way maybe I'll be able to sell out for more!

This is the second free book I've gotten. It's fun. ;-)

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

What a great idea. And then after getting the free book, you can read it and sell it on Amazon. Everybody wins!