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All About What We Are All About

Today’s Things To Read spans the gamete of the human condition.

From pregnancy to death with stops along the way for interesting science articles about brain abilities and stroke prevention… then a quick jump into social issues like school libraries and sewage issues. Plus a shout out for The Maifan-San’s favorite book.

Enjoy! And Happy Wednesday!

Today is Huck Finn's Birthday (The book, not the character.)

Notice all Facebook Users! Sometimes public opinion and corporate polices can be changed when people take the time to notice things are wrong and then tell other people about it.

"Sewage" "San Francisco Bay" "300,000 gallons" In other words.... ew ew ew

The school librarian is a different breed now-a-days... and that is a good good thing.
"It was an essential discovery in a lesson about the reliability — or lack thereof — of information on the Internet, one of many Ms. Rosalia teaches in her role as a new kind of school librarian."

Red vs Blue The background color might affect how your brain works to solve problems.

From biodegradable coffins to reefs.... Death Goes Green!

New study links coffee and a decrease in the liklihood of stroke.

Another use for cough syrup... not only can it get you high, but it could help you get pregnant.

(Thank you Debbie for the Coffee and the Robitussin heads up.)


Dawn Fortune said...

librarians kick ass. but we knew that. thanks for the assortment.

Dave King said...

I like your take on life.

Dianne said...

I just read about the coffee thing - made me happy lol

JaneyV said...

I found that Sauvignon Blanc was instrumental in the conception of at least one of my kids.

lisahgolden said...

Great links! I love the mix of things.

C. JoyBell C. said...

Oh yeah! I'm on Facebook, and I'm soooo happy that everybody got so mad about their stupid new policies, that Facebook had to finally give in, in the end!

And...Huck Finn's birthday? Marvelous! :) :) I love Huck Finn! :)