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Sin: Lust

Our first Sin of the Week is Lust

Mmm saucey, tangy, full of extra spice: Lust.

(Please keep your posts PG or at least PG-13... or at least warn us ahead of time.)

Without further ado, here is ny Lust Post. (and yes, there is a photo at the very end)

Lust: I have gotten in a fair bit of trouble all in the name of lust. There have been some mighty entertaining adventures. Shocker eh? One of my most popular blog posts ever and a story that still makes people laugh was all about lust... and what happens when you are so busy thinking about lust that your common sense flies right out the window and lands upside down in a very odd sort of place.

But since you can read that story anytime, here is a new (sort of) story that would fit into the category of "Kay's Wacky Dating Adventures" (Note: people who might not want to read a story involving me, a dating adventure, and the concept of lust, please stop reading and don't rag on me later.)

I met Oliver (not his real name) one night while listening to a jazz quartet on the patio of a downtown restaurant and sipping white wine. I was there with a handful of girlfriends and he was there with a few of his buddies but left their table and spent considerable time at our table hitting on me... not that I minded at all. Oliver was one of those charming sort of guys who not only knows that they are charming but really lack much else in the way of charms if you know what i mean. All style, little substance.

But I was flattered by the attention and not really interested in much more than being charmed so I was a willing participant in the flirting.

After the quartet finished their set, it was decided to move the party to a local bar a few blocks away. The group of us headed to one of those classic downtown bars that have happily traded cleanliness for “character” but we managed to find ourselves a quiet-ish corner and continue with the lustful flirting and carrying on.

Well, a few hours later we were all feeling slightly charmed and Oliver invited me up to his place for a quick cup of coffee while we waited for a cab to drive me home. This sounded mighty fine to me and I waved goodbye to my friends and gladly walked the three blocks to a very quaint little one bedroom located in one of those nondescript complexes over off of San Carlos.

While waiting for the cab and totally ignoring the coffee pot we were in the midst of charming each other when the night came to a sudden and dramatic end.

His girlfriend came home.

She was none too pleased to find her boyfriend making out with a topless girl on the living room couch.

Who could blame her? I grabbed my top and my purse and off I went.... only to discover in the cab ten minutes later that I hadn't actually left with my shirt... but with her's. So, not only had I been smooching some poor girl's boyfriend, but I had inadvertently stolen one of her tee shirts as well.

Mortified I wanted to do something, but honestly couldn't think of what to do... so I went home, washed the shirt, and added the encounter to my repertoire of “gee dating sucks” stories.

A few months later I was at the park in downtown when I was approached by a familiar looking girl. After some stilted small talk she informed me that her name was Adrianna and that I was wearing her shirt.

Thankfully she wasn't upset with me for either the kissing (she agreed that he was a looser and informed me that she had dumped his sorry rear end) or the theft of the shirt. In fact, we actually had a fair bit in common and ended up staying in touch for a few months.

Since I kind of liked the shirt (both for its comfort and also for its story) she let me keep it. And since I know you all are just on pins and needles wanting to see it…don’t worry, I promised you a photo and I will deliver.

So, there you have it. Sometimes lust can lead you into awkward situations… but now at least when asked if I was ever the “other woman’ I can say (mostly guilt free):

Why Yes, Yes I've been there, I've done that, and I even got the tee shirt!

Now it’s your turn! Wow us with your Lust inspired Sin of the Week post!

And don’t forget to leave a comment!

Want to join in the fun? Read the! How This Sin Meme Works!

Meme Announcement: The Seven Deadly Sins!

We are currently in the midst of Lent… well actually Lent just started but already you might be sick of hearing about it. I, for one, like the idea of self sacrifice. Especially if it means more sweets, meats, or other vice like things left over for me.

I kid I kid… but lately I have been thinking about the idea of sin, vices, and about the idea of starting my own Blog Meme.

Put all that together, mix in the fact that it is indeed Ash Wednesday, and Viola!

Kay’s Seven Deadly Sins Meme!

(I am soooo not an artist)

Yes, many people will argue that the classic Seven Deadly Sins aren’t exactly “sins” but more like vices that lead to sinning... but why nitpick?

Here’s how it works:

Starting on Friday (this coming Friday the 27th) I will announce the Sin of the Week and load up a Mr. Linky. You then get to mull over that Sin of the Week and after careful contemplation, you will blog about it. Now, you might be like Raven who isn’t afraid of essay writing… or you might be like Mojo who has thousands of photos in his archive, or you might be like Jay who brings his own brand of very special humor to his current photo memes…Whatever dips your Oreo my friends.

(And yes I hope to guilt them encourage these fine bloggers to participate by linking to their wonderful blogs.)

After you have written about it (long or short, funny or serious, regular or decaf) or posted a photo for it, or heck even come up with a dessert recipe for the Sin of the Week… come back to the original post and leave a comment and your name in Mr. Linky so that we all can go visit your blog and see what mischief you have gotten up to. And yes, extra points for mischief.

Points? Yes… you get 1 Point for each blog post that relates.

Each Friday I will post a new Sin of the Week until we are all out of our Seven Deadly Sins. (And yes I know that we all already know what they are…Shhh!)

Anyway, for every point you earn during the seven weeks, you will get an entry into the Sin Drawing and after all the sinfully amazing blogs are in, I will draw out a winner.

The prize is yet to be announced.. but I promise it will be Sin-Tacular.

Check back Friday for our first sin!

Note: The point of this is for fun… Please no hateful emails about how this exercise is offensive to Catholics. I happen to like (some) Catholics. This meme is in no way meant to be used to mock anyone’s religious beliefs. It isn’t like I am running a ”How I Broke The Ten Commandments This Week” meme or anything.


Testing 123

This is a test to see how this Mr Linky thing works.

Please stand by.

(or sit there and thing happy thoughts, either way)

Update: I have mastered the art of the Mr. Linky. Yay me!

Pay (for) the Percolator and Other Titillating News Stories

Due to the economic downturn my company, a rather classic sort of Silicon Valley company that shall remain nameless on this blog, has been looking for ways to cut costs. They have let people go, they have taken one out of every three light bulbs out of the light fixtures, they have raised the cost of vending machine food… and just recently they announced that they will be taking away the free coffee stations.

No more drawers full of cardboard tasting powder stuff…. No more secret ordering of Starbucks… No more pot after pot after pot….

Well, at least no more free stuff. The departments have to pay for it themselves (read: the employees) along with cups, sugar, and anything else coffee related. After a public outcry of horror they have agreed to leave one hot water spigot in the building (the building is quite large) that we will all get to share.

Today was Day One of Do It Yourself Coffee.

Today is also the first day of Lent.

Coincidence? I think not!

In other news:

Mother of 14 and Annoyer of the rest of us, Octo-Mom has been offered a porn deal. There is a Vagina: Not a Clown Car joke to be made, but I am much too refined a lady to make it.

There might be a comet coming to apatch of sky near you!

In Utah the Supreme Court ruled against a small religious group who wanted to put a 3-foot granite slab on the "Seven Aphorisms of Summum" monument in a public park. Good call Utah !

In case you are interested the Seven Aphorisms are as follows:


Don't feel bad if that makes no sense. Some of us just aren't ready for the truth.

They are said to be holy teachings that were on the original tablet that Mosses carried down from the Mount… but after deciding that the people weren’t ready for these higher notes, he only gave the 10 Commandments, or a lower guide for how to live life.

Ummm ok, sure… but considering all the crap-tastic stuff people do in the name of God or while still considering themselves good Christian people, maybe Mosses was on to something.

Take this guy for example who stabbed his son with a knife because the 19 year old wouldn’t take off his hat in church.

And lastly, some good news: Maine has a well deserved reputation of being one of those “cold states over there” but now it can add a Topless Coffee Shop to its claims to fame. I was pleased to note that it isn’t just women, but topless men who work there…

I think I will leave the puns for you....

Dog On It

First: The Disclaimer.

And now, the review:

Dog On It

This is one of those times when the title of a book gives you not just a glimpse of what the book itself will be about but also the tone, the cleverness, and the staying power. If you think the title is clever, if you think it is cute, if you find yourself smiling at the play on words… then you will enjoy the story.

It all depends on how much shtick you can comfortably handle. Dog On It follows the detectives in the Little Detective Agency as they in turn follow the clues in a missing persons case. The two detectives are Bernie, a likable rather normal guy, and the narrator Chet his loyal canine companion.

I found the actual story of the missing girl to be mildly interesting at best and the voice of Chet to be a mixture of annoying and more annoying. There are a few problems inherent with having a dog be the narrator. The first is that his emotional range is limited and thus we never really get drawn into the human characters. We care about the resolution of the case in a vague sort of way…. But really the most dramatic moments come when Chet has been dognapped and is running for his life. And sadly that is toward the beginning of the story. By the time the climax rolls around the reader is still only mildly interested in the case and also only mildly interested in the romantic entanglement of Bernie. The lackluster emotional draw could have been ignored had the draw of the dog’s voice itself have been more interesting. As it was, we come to problem number two: the dog’s voice gets old, fast and isn’t consistent. There are problems with Chet himself… at times he seems to have an almost human knowledge base while other times we are reminded rather lamely that he in fact a dog by his confusion with idioms or short attention span. He doesn’t understand money but he totally gets the idea of sending someone to jail. He gets distracted by sounds and smells at the drop of a hat early on but later when the plot needs him to be super dog, lean, mean, and concentrating he suddenly is all business.

While I can appreciate the new voice aspect and the almost childlike way in which Chet sees the world I found his voice to be grating and frustrating.

Maybe I am more of a cat person than I realized.

That isn’t to say that the book was badly written or not worth the handful of hours that it took to get through it. Should you be in need of a low-brain-impact sort of fluffy reading material perhaps as you sit bored on an airplane or half dozing in a lounge chair at the pool, this book will surly fill that void. However, if you are looking for something that you can sink your teeth into, a book with real staying power and a voice I would recommend looking elsewhere.

Note: It has come to my attention that the shtick of Chet has become strangely pervasive. He has a Twitter account. He has a blog. No, I am not going to link to them here. If you really are that interested, knock yourself out. In my own humble opinion, I think that this is an example of Viral Marketing gone to the dogs.*

In other words… an overexposed weak idea is still a weak idea.

*(Oh come on, you knew I couldn’t make it through a whole book review of a dog book without at least one pun right?)

It hurts... but in a good kind of way.

Happy Monday to all!

Exciting news: I fell out of my bed and heard the most horrifying crackle sound emanate from my knee. There was also a fair bit of pain.

Even better news: I finished the proofreading of my latest short story and sent it off to the editor for her revision. This is good because I hadn’t been writing for the last few months… what with the holidays, the personal drama and the being a lazy bum. So, yay for being back in the swing of things.

And now… I am off to write to right the promised book reviews!


A few people wrote in blasting my assumptions regarding basketball in general and my views regarding the “Un-Christian-like” activities of the team that decimated their opposition. (Note: I was not the one to call their actions Un-Christian.)

Well I pride myself on a few things, making a meal out of Red Vines and Candy Corn is one… and trying to be balanced is another. Yes, I try.

So let me follow up my previous basketball rant with this one.

According to this article, in a rare and meaningful moment of sportsmanlike action, a basketball team “threw” two easy points as a sign of respect for the other team.

Johntel Franklin‘s mother had died on the day of the game and despite his grief, the teen came to watch his teammates play. When asked if they could do anything for him, he asked to join the game.

Enter sticky rule: Since he wasn’t part of the starting line-up, in order to add him to the game the other team would get two free throws… thus, points. The other team didn’t want the points, they just wanted him to be allowed to play. But rules are rules.

Enter sportsmanlike conduct. The captain of the team missed the two shots on purpose and the game continued.

See people, THIS is good basketball press. Actually, it is good press for the players of the game… I am still unconvinced that it says anything good about the sport itself…

What I like the best about this story? There is no need for religion to play any sort of role in either the gesture or the acceptance of the gesture. The team that threw the points did it because they felt it was right, because they wanted to… the end.

The end score of the game wasn’t the point. Who cares who won or lost? What people will remember is that people can replace feelings of competition with feelings of compassion.


“What’s up?”

So as some of you know, I have been looking for work.

Because even though I have a job (one that I vacillate between being supremely grateful for and being moderately annoyed with), I only have a job for two more months. That’s right. Welcome to the life of an English Degree Graduate who never ever ever wanted to teach.

I have been floating about in the corporate world of Administrative Assisting for a few years now… and for the most part I actually really really love it. I like feeling that I am helping someone do something, even if it is helping an overworked co-worker by organizing her desk or making the Active Files all neat and pretty. I love being organized and using office tools like paper clips and the letter opener. I like interacting with people, setting schedules, ordering supplies, handling email correspondence…. In other words, I like Admin work.


For the last two years I have worked at a company here in the Silicon Valley as a contract employee. (Translation: “We don’t want to use the word ‘Temp’ but… yeah”) Two years. At a job that was only originally supposed to last 3 to 6 months. There has been talk of making me Permanent and thus allowing me the joy of affordable medical insurance, accruement of sick and vacation days, and a sense of modest stability. Instead they just keep extending me a few months out… and then a few more… and then a few more…

Being in this almost constant sense of flux is unsettling. Why, you may ask, don’t I just go out and get myself another job?

In case you live under a rock (and happen to have a decent internet connection and the desire to read my blog instead of moving said rock so that you wouldn’t have to continue to bear the shame of living under it) you know that our US economy is going loudly into a tailspin of nauseatingly hyper proportions. You might even know that CA (my happy home state) is teetering on the brink of FUBAR.

Thus finding a job, any job but especially a decently paying full time sort of job, has proved rather difficult.

So… back to the two months left thing. And the fun thing is that in my happy home state of CA they don’t let us Contract (translation: Temp) Employees wallow at Non-Perm status for longer than 2 years. At least that is what I have been told. After two years you should be let go or actually instated as a “real” employee.

Read again the paragraph that talks about the current economic state of the country and my state.

See why I’m worried?

And as if that weren’t enough of a headache to warrant laying on one’s back and glaring at the ceiling for long moments of non-productive time, add in this next part.

My lease is up in 3 months. I get to move! I get to move to…..?

My endlessly patient roommate is doing well for herself and is looking forward to having her own place… somewhere far from the Kay-Needed public transportation lines of the Silicon Valley . She is going to the “sounds nicer than it is” Sunnyvale and I am actually very happy for her.

But again, a bit worried about me.

Moving wouldn’t be that big of a deal, if I knew what the situation was going to be with the job; i.e. knowing how much I could afford to pay in rent. But I, don’t know what is going to happen with the job because despite my best efforts and my trolling every single Job Site and Board and Resource I can get my eyeballs on, I am having nothing in the way of luck at even getting an interview… or a call back.. or an anything.

I have a college degree in something that, while fun to say at parties, is pretty darn useless. I have experience in a field that is shrinking. I have two months of gainful employment and three months of an apartment I can already juuuuust barely afford.

And I have three short stories that need to be finished, a new CD of indi rock, and a Tupperware container of leftover pasta from last weekend.

So right now, I am ok.

But that sheer panic and extreme hyperventilating sob-like noise that you might hear from Milpitas in say three or four weeks? Yeah, that will be me too.

Novocain for the Brain

By the time you all get to read this, it will be Thursday afternoon. Which means it will be that golden bit of time when it is almost Friday... but NOPE! Not Quite! Mu-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha

To ease the pain a bit... here is a selection of videos to make you think, laugh, and remind you of the important things in life.

First off we have the preview for the movie Brick.
I can't say enough good things about this movie. All the best parts of classic film noir but with a modern bent that makes it altogether engaging in a totally unique sort of way.

One of the funniest things I have seen in a while. (and that is saying something, you don't want to know about the crazy shenanigans my hair gets up to....)

Are reality shows setting unrealistic expectations for skanks?

Yes, youtube is a sign of the end of times... but this video somehow got on my radar and then stayed there. Plus it is a student project... and in (late) honor of Love Your Body Day, here you go.

A Viral Video that actually does a decent job of making you think while making you want to sort of dance along. Oh, and at the end your brain might explode, but that's life.

I stole this from Detroitous who writes the always worth-a-read Iconoclast blog.
What do you get when you mix wide eyed romance with reality? A wide eyed realty driven romance. Perfect for any day that you feel like being sort of sweet in that backhanded sort of way to your sweetie.

Another movie trailer... Music and Lyrics is one of my favorite movies of all time... yes you get the entire plot in the preview, yes it is sappy and fluffy... and yes you should all go see it post haste.

Now... don't you feel better about life, the multiverse, and everything in between?

Breaking News

(or at least Newish News depending on when you read this)

CA has a budget at last.

Read about it here.

Some things to note:

The series of budget bills, as passed by the senate around 5 a.m. Thursday, feature billions of dollars in spending cuts for schools, healthcare institutions and entitlement programs and they greatly reduce the dependent credit that Californians may claim on their income taxes.

They also include an increase of the state sales tax by 1 percentage point, and a doubling of the vehicle license fee to 1.15 percent. In lieu of the gasoline tax increase loathed by Mr. Maldonado, residents here will see their personal income tax rates raised by one-quarter of a percentage point. The package also relies on federal stimulus dollars to get through the year.

Still, there are at least two winners in the budget package. Small businesses will be given tax breaks, as will some parts of the movie industry, which has long maintained that the state’s onerous tax burdens caused it to move shooting elsewhere. Both sets of tax breaks were big victories for Republican lawmakers.

All About What We Are All About

Today’s Things To Read spans the gamete of the human condition.

From pregnancy to death with stops along the way for interesting science articles about brain abilities and stroke prevention… then a quick jump into social issues like school libraries and sewage issues. Plus a shout out for The Maifan-San’s favorite book.

Enjoy! And Happy Wednesday!

Today is Huck Finn's Birthday (The book, not the character.)

Notice all Facebook Users! Sometimes public opinion and corporate polices can be changed when people take the time to notice things are wrong and then tell other people about it.

"Sewage" "San Francisco Bay" "300,000 gallons" In other words.... ew ew ew

The school librarian is a different breed now-a-days... and that is a good good thing.
"It was an essential discovery in a lesson about the reliability — or lack thereof — of information on the Internet, one of many Ms. Rosalia teaches in her role as a new kind of school librarian."

Red vs Blue The background color might affect how your brain works to solve problems.

From biodegradable coffins to reefs.... Death Goes Green!

New study links coffee and a decrease in the liklihood of stroke.

Another use for cough syrup... not only can it get you high, but it could help you get pregnant.

(Thank you Debbie for the Coffee and the Robitussin heads up.)

A Word of Warning

I am not a terribly smart person. I was a rather average student and I have a tendency to not bother to even attempt to learn something unless either a)I think it will came in handy later or b) I actually wish to know it.

Of course I have vastly different measures of both a and b now then I did back when I was fourteen or even twenty-two. What this means is that there are hundreds, no wait, thousands of things that I didn’t care enough about or deem important enough to bother with learning when I had the chance.

And now that I am older, wiser, and have the luxury of looking back in time a bit, I realize how much of my potential education I squandered.

Not just my education…. My potential education.

The idea that youth is wasted on the young isn’t new… but my appreciation for the truth in the adage is.

Which is why I am picky.

I am picky when it comes to what I read (books, blogs, news, etc). I am picky when it comes to what I watch on TV (or the net version of TV called Hulu). I am picky when it comes to who I have intellectually stimulating conversations with. I am picky when it comes to how I use my time.

Because there is always this faint echo in the back of my head that is asking me if this is really the best use of my time, my energy, my failing eyesight, my internet bandwidth, my energy….

Don’t get me wrong. It isn’t like I think that people need to forgo all fun and fluffy type actions and only concentrate on the hard, the disciplined, the productive and self improvement activities.

I think there are benefits to entertainment. There is relaxation, there is escapism, there is the building of shared cultural context,… and these things are essential (at least for me) to obtain happiness.

And I am also not deluded enough to think that just because I happen to feel that TV Show A is worthy of my time but anything written by Author X is insipid tripe and should be avoided at all costs, that I have any claim at being RIGHT or that what works for me will work for everyone else. The converse is inherently true as well.

Keep all that in mind if you chose to continue to read my blog. Or any blog entry I have written or may write about books, movies, music, art, sports, pastimes, education….

I might be a literary snob and a snotty sycophant who is in love with pseudo intellectualism and the not quite dead idea of deconstruction… but at least I am self aware and make no claims to genius.

Coming Soon:

My review of:
Dog On It

Cliché isn’t always a bad thing.

Today’s Ruby Tuesday is kind of a cheat. My head is in a rather odd place right now.

Saturday was Valentine’s Day. I am a total sap and was thrilled to get to spend it with my Valentine.

Ain’t he a charmer?

Anyway, we were pretty low key, being the laid back and low key people that we are. But the important things were there.

We had ourselves a bit of this.

A bit of that.

And he made dinner… some of this.

There were also these.

And then to round out the evening we watched a few episodes of this.

Because nothing will make you glad to be part of your own kooky relationship faster than watching a pair of star crossed lovers solve crimes on a psychedelically set designed television show that takes all the good parts about living in the fifties and mixes in a sort of morbid depression… and then candy color coats the whole thing with charm and cavity inducing sweetness.

Later we washed our eyes and got back to our normal lives with an intellectual discussion about the biology of race.*

Good times.

*If you are interested, I plan to write about it at some point… in the meantime, check out Radio Lab’s podcast “Race” and feel free to let me know what you think.

What Happened to Monday?


It’s Tuesday isn’t it? Drat.

I am a bit verclempt at the moment… and yes, I know that isn’t a word but sound it out and you will know how I feel. It is a heady mix of thankful and annoyed and glad and scared… with a dash of eventual procrastination.

I had the odd experience of looking around my apartment today and trying to figure out if I had anything worth selling. You know, like on EBay or Craig’s List or amazon… or somewhere. It isn’t that money is that tight… yet. It is just that money is going to be that tight soon.

The answer, by the way, is no. Unless someone out there wants clothing from my mistaken days of trying to be fashionable, candles that are all partly burned, or dog eared copies of novels that I am too snooty to reread and too nostalgic to throw away….

There are other things, things like CDs that probably everyone already owns, DVDs that no one should own, and a few pieces of PutItTogetherYourself furniture that I could live without. There are shoes I never wear, cheap jewelry I can’t stand, and an entire box of picture frames without any pictures in them. A big box.

What it all adds up to is an apartment full of crap that I don’t really need, don’t really want, and don’t really know what to do with. I could just chuck it all… but that seems wrong, and in today’s era of EBay and Craig’s List and the hundreds of stories that start off or end with “So I bought it, sold it, found it online….’ Well it seems wasteful!

The thing is, I am going to be moving in May. I don’t know where. I might be living alone, I might not… the only thing I know with relative certainty is that in order to bribe my friends and family into helping me, I need to have downsized the assortment of stuff involved in the process. Plus, studio apartments, like my checking account, are only so big.

Anyway, besides the dawning realization that Why \Yes, This Is a Recession… I just wanted to check in with y’all.

It is Tuesday, I have a quick RT to post and then it will be back to writing non blog type stuff and putting the eventual melt down freak out off for a few more weeks.

Tales of Not-Quite Death

It is indeed Friday the 13th… time for Notes of the odd, or at the very least slightly morbid.

First off, a bit of local news: A local teen decided to kill himself in a manner popular in Japan , with internet bought chemicals. Unfortunately it affects anyone nearby and caused quite a bit of panic and drama for people all over the Silicon Valley yesterday. One of the hospitals had to shut down while officials figured out exactly what sort of chemical was being used and how dangerous it was for the public.

Call me morbidly old fashioned, but whatever happened to a belt and a fan? There have to be easier ways than ordering something online… Also, shouldn’t there be restrictions on stuff like this?

And just in case you think I am being overly callous, I do think the story is very sad…. But I am also a bit upset at the time energy and money that was wasted yesterday. Such a waste of resources.

Another not-quite death: An African television news Freudian slip that announced “Bush is dead” in a scrolling banner. It was only on screen for three seconds, but it was enough to make it news. Apparently, they were testing the banner scrolling technology… and for some reason “This is a test” wasn’t good enough.

Another bit of almost death news: The irresponsible twit who is now the happy mother of 14 not only has a website up where you can donate money but has also been receiving death threats.

Death threats bad, sending her money pretty bad as well.

And just in case you think that my sense of humor has somehow gone horribly ary, that I delight in snark, or that I am dark and twisty in unexplainable ways...

Here's proof!

Happy Friday the 13th!

(For any of you going out tonight, stay safe!)

Reasons For Cake

Happy Birthday Darwin!

In honor of the man who makes creationists cringe everywhere....

Here is a "mock" interview from Scientific America with the birthday boy. Note: His 'answers" are actual quotes from his writings, just organized in a question answer motif.

For a full look at all of Darwin's writings, visit this site.

And in case you thnk I forgot... Happy Birthday Lincoln!

And in a beautiful bit of symetry... here is an entertaining article by Rabbi Brad Hirschfield who compares Darwin to Lincoln, creationist "science" with slavery, and then brings in Prop 8 stuff just for kicks. Quote: "Of course, there is no moral equivalence between creationists and supporters of human slavery, but it is worth noting that in each case, people used/use religion and scriptural passages to justify their beliefs. " Awesome.

And speaking of Prop 8....

If you are so inclined, here is a place where you can add your name to the thousands? millions? who are working towards equality. Working Link!

And just a reminder: Ken Starr -- and the Prop 8 Legal Defense Fund -- filed legal briefs defending the constitutionality of Prop 8 and are attempting to forcibly divorce the 18,000 same-sex couples that were married in California last year.

The CA Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in this case on March 5, 2009, with a decision expected within the next 90 days.

The Courage Campaign has created a video called "Fidelity," with the permission of musician Regina Spektor, that puts a face to those 18,000 couples and all loving, committed couples seeking full equality under the law.

Valentines Day for these folks is going to be a bit bittersweet...

"Fidelity": Don't Divorce... from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.

And just to bring it full circle, here is an entertaining video from National Geographic that brings together science and romance.

(It won't let me embaed it, sorry!)

Happy Thursday everyone!
Go forth, eat cake!

Dog over Zombies

As I have mentioned before I am currently working on a Short Story Collection that should be getting published later this year.

Or rather, I was working on a Short Story Collection but for the last two months, I umm, haven’t been working on it as much as thinking about working on it.

Which means I have to get my rear in gear.

Also, Thanks to Jay and his ‘spam’ I am doing something sort of productive with my evenings besides troll the online job sites and think about my book. See the little box on the right (you might need to scroll down) advertising the book Dog On It. Well, just for putting that up on my blog the publisher sent me a free copy.

Interesting marketing technique to be sure and in my case I think it might work. I am going to read it and then write a bit about it and then maybe you all might decide to read it for yourselves. Or you will know to stay away from it. Either way.

Of course this means I have to stop reading what I had finally gotten around to starting:

… which is on loan from The Maifan-San. He is out in the field cataloguing old rock art depicting women’s genitals. So I don’t think he’ll mind. (Yes, the work of an archeologist is rarely dull.)

So far the book is okay… it is a mystery and despite my affection for Agatha Christie, Hamet, and Mosley… mysteries on the whole aren’t usually my thing. This story though has the twist of being from the point of view of the private eye’s dog Chet.

Interesting shtick to be sure… and so far (six chapters in) the “voice’ is a bit cliché but nonetheless mildly engaging. I will keep you posted.

Thank You Tangled Inter-Web

Over the past few weeks I have been lucky enough to have seen a side of the inter-webs that is truly wonderful.

It started with Lisa posting my blog link as part of Blog Amnesty Day (when you are supposed to highlight smaller blogs as a way of keeping this self surviving cycle of blog-i-ness a’turning. I had read about the idea over at Blue Girl and had even thought about doing it myself but let’s face it… all those marvelous blogs over on the right side of the screen are bigger than little’ol me. At least I think they are. Anyway, it was nice to be pointed out.

Then Sweet Relish (as I call her in my head), gave me my very first blog award.

I was blown away. I have been writing this blog since last March (yikes!) and even though I am not a big follower of the memes or the awards, it was super special to be given one especially one that is for blogs that the giver feels are:

invests and believes in PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes for self-aggrandizement!

This got me thinking about a few things. First off, about the line between strangers and friends. In this day and age it is common to “meet” people online. Whether by blogs, by MMOs, by communities or Meet Up Groups, or by dating/friendship/social networking sites… the way in which we create (and maintain) relationships has changed dramatically in the past five to ten years. I know that some people still resist that… “They aren’t your real friends unless you know them in real life” sort of thing. And on some level that is true. You don’t really KNOW someone until you have spent oodles of time with them and seen how they react to bad restaurant service, lost luggage, traffic, the loss of a phone charger cord…. But I think there can be friendships that start online, grow online, and maybe even stay online. I know I have had the emotional response of “friend” when I have read about So-and-So’s issues with her children, or So-and-So’s issues with her husband. I know that I worried about Del and the fires in Australia. I know that I could relate when Raven was having computer issues or when Robert took the plunge and opened a photo studio. So, yes, I might not KNOW you all on a deep intimate level, but I feel like I can call you my friends even if I only “know’ you the blog sense of the word.

Because for some of us, there is no really huge disparity between who you are online versus who you are in real life. Yes I might censor certain aspects and I might not tell my readers everything… in the same way though sometimes I feel I can be more honest about myself in the blog. And maybe I am idealistic and simple minded, but I have a feeling the same goes for a lot of you out there.

But that leads me to the next thing. I recently saw an anti “online bullying” ad that made the point “If you wouldn’t say it to their face, don’t say it online.”

This works on a very specific group of people, those who bully out of a place of “getting away with it” online. Those people who take over forums or message boards simply because they can and they get a rush out of being secretly mean. I don’t understand these people.

But there is another group, a group for whom that ad will have no meaning. Because, for some people there is no line… for some people, being a bully or a mean spirited ignoramus online is only natural because they are a bully in real life. Bullies didn’t all stay in the play yard of elementary school. Many of them grew up to be jackasses in real life. I have had the displeasure of working for a few, of dating a few, and of being run over by a few.*

Recently one such degenerate decided to comment on my post Loss; a post that was difficult enough to write and share.

The thing is… that not only did my new and old net buddies rally against the hate speak but several of those who took the time to call Anonymous out as a malicious misguided turd didn’t even know me.

That’s right… Lisa (who deserves her own award for sure) linked about the comment on her blog and strangers, people I have never met, people who don’t normally read my blog, people who have different backgrounds, political views, religious views, … showed up and then said wonderfully supporting things.

Overwhelmingly the responses to Loss have been wonderful. I have received emails, comments, and even a few phone calls that have reaffirmed my faith in this thing we call human decency.

The inter-web-world is a marvelous place and I feel lucky to be a part of it… and blessed to have made so many wonderful Online Friends.

So, thank you all.

*(I will write that blog post, I promise.)



I finally got the darn video that I was telling you about up on youtube… and well, here it is.

I know that it is long, I know the sound quality and the video quality leave a lot to be desired… and I know that it gets better around the 1:40 mark… but there you go.

I kind of like this whole video thing, I just wish my internet connection was more along the lines of a “sure thing’ and less of a “tease” so that uploading things could actually take place in a timely manner.

Anyway, I hope you’ll like it!

(And yes that is my ‘Whooo” at the end… The Maifan-San’s “Whoo” is much higher pitched and had to be edited out.)


Today’s topic:


Yes, you did read that right. I don’t usually write about sports… in fact the only time I think I have ever really written about any sort of sport was either to cheer on my beloved San Jose Sharks or to casually dismiss the merits of some other sport.

No, wait… this article (one of my first blogs actually) was about sports somewhat.

Today I want to continue that tradition and talk about why basketball, as a sport, is lame.

I could rant about the difference between Pro Sports and school sports (be they high school or college) and yes, there is a difference and yes that is an important aspect to any discussion regarding sports…that doesn’t really weigh in on today’s subject.

Basketball is lame.

Here is a sport where the sport has been taken out of the game almost completely. The whole point in basketball seems to be scoring… and scoring, and scoring again. It is almost like these players have never heard of defense.

Seriously… the scores are so high as to be laughable.

Regardless, I was content to just roll my eyes at basketball and go about my life…. But recent events have changed my mind.

You might have noticed that I like reading the news and occasionally passing on funny, interesting, odd stores to you, my good and faithful readers. In this quest over the last few weeks I have come across a few odd stories, strange stories, or just stories worthy of the groan and slightly bitter exclamation of “What is wrong with these people?”

And they all have to do with basketball.

First (well not first really but first on my list) we have a prime example of what I was talking about when I called basketball an exercise in vanity and a sorry excuse for anything team related. In other words, one of the high scoring basketball games where the sheer insanity of the scoring went above and beyond “excessive’ and into the realm of ‘case in point.’

How much athletisim is involved in this game? It looks like just jump and shoot and jump and shoot and run and jump and shoot…..

Anyway, the next basketball related annoyance comes to us in the guise of really bad sportsmanship or really bad coordination. Not really sure which one is worse. Here we have a toned top of his game well paid, well respected athlete who either can’t keep track of where his feet are… or purposely stomped on the face of another player. Yes. Stepped on his face.

I like violence in sports as much as any red blooded slightly deranged woman… I am a hockey fan after all and there is something primal and wonderful about watching the gloves come off and the then the shirts and then the pads… -Ahem- but this sort of “oops, my dad, was that your face?” stuff is just bad news all around.

And then we have this… which I think is a good combo of the above two types of lameness. What do you get when you cross a high scoring game with the potential for random cases of bad/weird taking responsibility for one’s actions?

This game where a team won with a score of 100+ to nothing (nothing!) and then felt bad about it.

Wait a sec… why did they feel bad? Was it unsportsmanlike to continue to dominate in a game that is set up for just such a score? (No, I think it is unsportsmanlike to step on someone’s face, but that’s just me.) Best part about this story? The coach was fired because it wasn’t the Christian thing to do.. to keep playing a game that they were winning.

Now don’t worry… I am not ranting about this as some form of Anti-Christian blurb. I have nothing against Christians… there are some mighty fine ones out there (a few even read this blog and have made themselves known in mostly positive ways). I just think that the school official’s definition of what is and isn’t Christian-like behavior leaves a bit to be desired.

The funny thing is that I used to play basketball when I was much younger/smaller. We are talking 4th, 5th, and 6th grade here… a time of glasses strapped to the head and bruises on the knees. Back in the long long ago: a time of a teeny tiny (now nonexistent) Lutheran school and its basketball team of a whooping 7 players. I was on that team… that team that hardly ever won, no, let’s be honest… I don’t think we ever won. But we tried and occasionally we scored. We took turns fouling out and chanting from the bench. We played hard…. And even though we were never beat by over 100 points…. we were pretty dismal.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that should some hoop related miracle had occurred and we had started beating our opponents, no “good neighbor routine” would have kept us from continuing to play.

I would post an embarrassing photo of my in my basteball jersey but my scanner has decided to join the long list of household items that find it fun to spontanisouly stop working.

Anyway, thus endeth the basketball rant… except this postscript.

I am dating the Maifan-San aka Anthroslug who is a graduate of Santa Cruz University a college that prides itself on fairies in the forests, redwood trees, lack of fraternities*, and artistic hippy types. I wish I had gone there but I satisfy myself with dating The Maifan-San, visiting the campus whenever I get the chance, and proudly wearing my Slug Shirt to bed more often than is probably attractive. One of the things that the Maifan-San and several of his fellow alumni have remarked upon is the school’s lack of emphasis on sports. Imagine then, if you will, my amusement when I did a search for basketball stores to add to this blog and found this article about the Santa Cruz University Basketball team.

Basketball: it’s everywhere you want to be. But really, woudn’t you rather be watching hockey?

*This might have changed, but for a long time it was one of the things that was special about Santa Cruz University.

Red to Eat, Drink, and Wear

Yes indeed it is time again for a photo featuring a bit of red for this week’s edition of Ruby Tuesday.

I wish I could delight you with pretty photos of red sunsets or gorgeous rd flowers or bizarre and strangely alluring red somethings of some sort but alas, it has been a pretty typical week over here in Kay-land.

Typical means eating healthy dinners such as this:

Yes, I know.. that isn’t healthy at all. Well, you have a point and I think I will leave it at that.

Yes mother, I do eat better sometimes… most noticeably on the weekends when The Maifan-San not only reminds me to eat but also has this endearing habit of actually cooking food for me.

For example, the other weekend we decided to celebrate the middle of winter with an outdoor barbeque.

If you ever wonder why I love living here, read that last sentence again.

Ok, but where is the red, you are asking yourself?

Not only did The Maifan-San provide me with manly cooked meat products and mango,

But there was also this bit of “Mmmm’

I do enjoy me some of that.

And apparently when I have had myself three of these things I lose track of my camera and end up taking such "artistic" shots as this

Or maybe this.

And then someone takes my camera away from me and turns it against me.

(Insert your own joke here.)

I promise, what I was saying was very important and really they should have been taking notes instead of taking photos.

Anyway, I am wearing red and drinking red and thus ends my Ruby Tuesday rant for the night.

Happy Tuesday!

Private Parts, Man Caves, and an Incredulous O!

It is Friday! I had a blog all planned out to write last night, it was witty, it was kind, it was complimentary to my readers and to a few other bloggers out there in this wide wide web world of ours… But I went out for Thai food with a dear friend and then hung out with another friend (after a mini Light Rail Adventure), talked writing shop (potential project), and then watched a really really really good movie.

More on the later.

In case you are having a good morning, here are a few fun things with which to start your day:

Sometimes science is beyond cool. Sometimes it is kind of freaky. This kidney removal through what we normally consider private orifices, is… well… a bit on the freaky side of things.

Proof that sexism can go both ways. A Man Room. Are you kidding me? It is “the one and only place in the house where [the] wife allows [the husband] to display or keep things that would be immediately packed up or put away if left in any other room for even a second” I call Lame.

Disturbing vagina news of a different variety: 8 babies via in vitro to an unemployed mother of 6. What bothers me the most here is the idea that she was able to get this procedure done. Shouldn’t there be limits or oversight or someone saying “No!” (And again, gay couples and sinlge parent families are being given crap and not allowed to adopt already in existence children while this lady gets to have 15 and continue to drain resources? Something isn’t right.)

Oh look good news! Tons of books (even a few good ones) are going to be available for me to read on my iphone while standing in line. Of course, I could just go to the library and get my own copy…. But umm, this must be better. Its all newfangled and tech savy. Or something.

And lastly:
"What do you think a stimulus is?" Obama asked incredulously. "It’s spending — that's the whole point! Seriously.”

Happy Friday!

Bad O!


Mr. Obama,

I know no one is perfect and I know that this won’t be the last time I will be disappointed in your choices.

But seriously?


Not Safe To Cross

If you are going to be a jackass and pull your big ugly SUV out into the crosswalk while I am legally IN it, then I am going to call you… a jackass.

But see, then I am going to walk behind your big ugly SUV and continue on my way.

Oh, and I will only just say “Jackass”, I won’t shout it or add my own bit of style and flair with hand gestures.

See, I have grown. As a person. As a pedestrian.

Or maybe I am older now and I have learned something called ‘self preservation.”

About a year and a half ago I was walking home from work and was legally in the crosswalk when a (different) jackass in a low riding sports car type vehicle decided I wasn’t walking fast enough for him.

See he was one of those Very Important Drivers (VDs) who get frustrated when, while waiting their turn to turn right on red, they have to put up with us pedestrian folk who only get the fifteen seconds to walk through the crosswalk.

So he revved his engine at me and then inched forward.

While I was walking in front of his car.

And I oh so gracefully twitched away from his front bumper and then continued on my way feeling satisfied with life. That could have been the end of the story.

Except… well… no.

I did gracefully twitch away from his headlights (not on, by the way… it was afternoon and thus visibility was mighty high) but then I turned and faced him. I made eye contact.

He revved his engine again and made a shooing motion with his hand.

Let me remind you that I am legally in the crosswalk in the middle of the afternoon. He is trying to make a right turn on red…. He could make this right turn on green, or red, or yellow, or any darn color… all he has to do is wait until there are no people in the crosswalk. Seriously, another three seconds at most and he will be able to rush off to wherever.

In other words, there is absolutely no reason to rev or shoo or any of this noise.

I kicked his car.

Actually, to be precise, I kicked the front bumper of his car while flipping him off and using some very unladylike language.
And then I finished my crosswalk walk and reached the corner ready to continue on my way home satisfied with the state of the world.

(I guess I should point out here that I was not rocking the Butch Kiss Ass Biker Jacket but was actually wearing a dress, a sweater, and a pair of tall heels. Let me also remind you, my gentle constant readers, that I am a rather average (slightly short) female who wears glasses and is about as intimidating as any middle class white girl in a dress –floral print- and heels can be: Not Very.)

I got a tad up the street and glanced back. The guy had made his blessed right turn on red and then had pulled into the bike lane, flipped on his hazard lights, and was getting out of his car.

He was a big guy. He wasn’t smiling.

“Hey!” Or something like that… not sure exactly what he said because I had turned and was now walking quickly away.

“Hey, B---h, come back here!” Because that is a command that women fall all over themselves to obey. I was now scampering up the street… have you ever scampered in heels? It is a bit difficult. I glanced back and he is following me. He sees me looking and then he breaks into a run.

Let me pause here to say that 1. I hate running… I think it is a horrible experience that no one should ever have to do unless they are in danger. And 2. I can do a lot of things in heels: win drill competitions, dance like you would not believe, balance with stuff on my head… but I cannot run in heels worth any sort of product.

I slipped my heels off, scooped them up and ran like crazy.

He chassed me for three blocks yelling the whole while and all I could think of between “I hate running!” and “ I really hate running barefoot” was that for a guy who couldn’t stand to wait the three seconds for someone to walk through a crosswalk he suddenly didn’t seem to be in as much of a hurry.

Really though the experience really freaked me out… I am not a good runner and I think only the fact that I knew the streets better than he did and that I had a head start keeps this story in the “funny” column and out of the “horrible” column.

So tonight I kept my feet in check and just muttered the one insult at the jackass in his SUV.

Because I am all mature like that.

And tonight’s heels don’t slip off.

Confessions of a (SQUEAL)

Ready for a rant?

It has been a while I know, but here goes. Stay with me… it will be worth it.

Mark got me into watching Supernatural… which is a silly campy TV show that has this insane ability to make me laugh so hard I cry. If you doubt me, you try dealing with the suicidal teddy bear or the Dean vs Cat sequence, because honestly… actual tears and then hiccups.

(You don’t even need the sound)

Seriously, watch it both ways and then tell me that isn’t pretty darn funny… No? Oh. Well. Umm…

Maybe I need help.

Regardless, I was watching an episode tonight online (Online: Where all good TV viewing happens) and the CW website kept advertising the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic” or CAS also known as The Most Annoying Thing to be Advertised EVER.

Maybe it was just that the CW website was having fun with the volume setting so that the show needed to be at 100 in order to be heard over the washer but the commercial for this insipid movie (complete with three, THREE ear piercing female squeals) could have been fine being at say… 25. Of course my volume control was in a playful mood and didn’t want me to be able to adjust it so I got the three (THREE!) squeals at maximum volume every single time.

There were four commercials breaks in the show… and on each break they played the preview for this move twice. Twice, Not once… but twice… and each time there were (you guessed it) THREE bloody squeals.

My head, how it hurts.

What makes the whole thing worse than the horrible sounds that the commercial contained is what it was actually trying to sell.

This movie makes me want to go on a rampage of carnage.
Bloody bloody carnage.
(Raul would be screaming ‘GOOOORRRE!” if only he were real)*

Let me explain: The movie is called “Confessions of a Shopaholic” and the poster pictures a young woman with bags and bags of stuff looking slightly more manic than a hyper active wiener dog on speed.

The premise seems to be (from what I can gather between squeals of such painful shrillness that it hurts me deep inside just remembering them) is that this girl R. is unique, funny, quirky, and the object of lust for a man with bad hair and an accent that makes you wonder what the hell happened to England.

Oh, and she likes to shop, is obsessed with shopping, and seems to be lonely (but just for a millisecond) and oh yes, did I mention quirky and loud?

The only bit of a personality that is shown to us in this preview is that she is catty, needy, klutzy,… oh wait I meant quirky…. And that this guy is into her. (Although we don’t really see why.)

And that is supposed to make us want to rush out on Valentines Day and shell out ten bucks.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for romance (even if I think it should happen a bit more organically and not on a Hallmark moment of forced sentimentalism) and I don’t even have that huge of a problem with romantic comedies. I tend to find them silly and unrealistic… but the same can be true for most sci fi. (most… I still believe that Adama will save us all and that warp drive will happen… shut up.)

But if there is going to be a Rom Com for this year, this 2009, this moment in time when banks are freaking out, thousands of people are losing their jobs every week and millions of people are on unemployment….could it maybe NOT be a movie that seems to be flaunting the idea of mass consumerism?

Maybe I’m wrong.. maybe our heroine (gag) learns a valuable lesson about materialism and the movie ends with a cliché montage of the happy couple clipping coupons and hawking her designer crap on ebay.

But I rather doubt it.

And just in case you are waiting for the youtube embedded video of the preview I was forced to endure over and over and over again… well nope. See, I love you all each and every one of you (except Anonymous who shall remain nameless as well as spineless), and I just wouldn’t do that to you.

Honestly, I just can’t bring myself to type it in to any search box. I have a sneaky suspicion that my computer will think less of me.

*If any of you actually get that joke color me shocked, sorry, and ready to shower you with baked goods.

Almost 50 years ago, but still....

On Feb 3rd 1959 a small private plane took off from Clear Lake, Iowa bound for Fargo, N.D. It never made its destination.

When that plane crashed, it claimed the lives of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, J.P. "Big Bopper" Richardson and the pilot, Roger Peterson. Three of Rock and Roll's most promising performers were gone. As Don McLean wrote in his classic music parable, American Pie, (annotated) it was "the day the music died."

Performing in concert was very profitable, and Buddy Holly needed the money it provided. "The Winter Dance Party Tour" was planned to cover 24 cities in a short 3 week time frame (January 23 - February 15) and Holly would be the biggest headliner. Waylon Jennings, a friend from Lubbock, Texas and Tommy Allsup would go as backup musicians.

Ritchie Valens, probably the hottest of the artists at the time, The Big Bopper, and Dion and the Belmonts would round out the list of performers.

The tour bus developed heating problems. It was so cold onboard that reportedly one of the drummers developed frostbite riding in it. When they arrived at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa, they were cold, tired and disgusted.

Buddy Holly had had enough of the unheated bus and decided to charter a plane for himself and his guys. At least he could get some laundry done before the next performance!

That night at the Surf Ballroom was magical as the fans went wild over the performers.

Jiles P. Richardson, known as The Big Bopper to his fans, was a Texas D.J. who found recording success and fame in 1958 with the song Chantilly Lace.

Richie Valenzuela was only 16 years old when Del-Fi record producer, Bob Keane, discovered the Pacoima, California singer. Keane rearranged his name to Ritchie Valens, and in 1958 they recorded Come On, Let's Go. Far more successful was the song Valens wrote for his girlfriend, Donna, and its flip side, La Bamba, a Rock and Roll version of an old Mexican standard. This earned the teenager an appearance on American Bandstand and the prospect of continued popularity.

Charles Hardin "Buddy" Holley (changed to Holly due to a misspelling on a contract) and his band, The Crickets, had a number one hit in 1957 with the tune That'll Be The Day. This success was follwed by Peggy Sue and an appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. By 1959, Holly had decided to move in a new direction. He and the Crickets parted company. Holly married Maria Elena Santiago and moved to New York with the hope of concentrating on song writing and producing.

Dwyer Flying Service got the charter. $36 per person for a single engine Beechcraft Bonanza.

Waylon Jennings gave his seat up to Richardson, who was running a fever and had trouble fitting his stocky frame comfortably into the bus seats.

When Holly learned that Jennings wasn't going to fly, he said, "Well, I hope your old bus freezes up." Jennings responded, "Well, I hope your plane crashes." This friendly banter of friends would haunt Jennings for years.

Allsup told Valens, I'll flip you for the remaining seat. On the toss of a coin, Valens won the seat and Allsup the rest of his life.

The plane took off a little after 1 A.M. from Clear Lake and never got far from the airport before it crashed, killing all onboard.

A cold N.E wind immediately gave way to a snow which drastically reduced visibility. The ground was already blanketed in white. The pilot may have been inexperienced with the instrumentation.

One wing hit the ground and the small plane corkscrewed over and over. The three young stars were thrown clear of the plane, leaving only pilot Roger Peterson inside.

Over the years there has been much speculation as to whether a shot was fired inside the plane which disabled or killed the pilot. Logic suggests that encased in a sea of white snow, with only white below, Peterson just flew the plane into the ground.

Tommy Allsup would one day open a club named "The Head's Up Saloon," a tribute to the coin toss that saved his life.

Waylon Jennings would become a hugely popular Country singer.


The band played and it was great!

For the Ruby Tuesday entry this week I am inviting you all to flash back to one of my marvelous Tokyo adventures….

I have told you before about Shinjuku station, the main subway station that we were near. I have even told you that it was huge and full of stores and restaurants and fancy lights….

Today I am going to tell you about the band.

On our last night in Tokyo, The Maifan-San and I were tooling around enjoying the lights, the people, and in general thinking ourselves pretty cool for seeing so many nifty things in the city.

We turned the corner around the station and found this;

Yes, that’s right… a Japanese Big Band playing Japanese Big Band music.

In a word, awesome!!!!

The sound quality isn’t all that great but here is a video of them playing. And yes, the song is rather long...****

Now these guys really knew how to put on a show… and how often do you get to see stuff like this?

I was so enamored with them that I shelled out 100 yen (about 10 bucks) for a CD...

,,,and then even went all hyper school girl on them and got them to sign it for me.

The CD is amazing by the way, a lot of fun to listen to and a great thing to have on in the background during a quiet breakfast of scrambled eggs and blueberry muffins. (Sometimes I love my life.)

Anyway, I have played it a zillion times since we came back and think it is my favorite souvenir from Tokyo.

So, there you have it. Happy RT everyone.

*** After three hours (2 nights in a row) of attempting to upload the video to youtube, I gave up and went to bed. If anyone can give me advice on how to upload a longish video to youtube…. It will earn you a whole bunch of internet good will.


January 2009 has ended. This month and what took place in it will hold a special place in my thoughts for years to come.

I started the month off with a New Year’s Eve party with friends and sisters. I followed that up with an amazing trip to Tokyo with The Maifan-San and The Stack-Pat-Attack.

Both of these things, in their own way, were relaxing, high energy, fun, and happy. Good ways to start the month, good ways to start the year.

The second half of the month, however, was different.

On January 16th, Matthew and I found out that I was pregnant.

On January 20th, we found out that there might be complications.

On January 23rd the suspicions of the doctor were confirmed: I was going to miscarry.

January 29th; our Clinical/Chemical pregnancy began its end.

This process lasted through the 1st of February. It was... painful.

(A Clinical pregnancy is a Chemical pregnancy that lasts longer than 5 weeks. A Chemical pregnancy is what happens when there is fertilization but no implementation. I was 7 weeks along at the point of miscarriage.)

My doctor assured me that there was nothing that could be done… that these things just sometimes happen, and that this shouldn’t affect any future fertility.

That should give me comfort.

It somehow doesn’t.

It is a funny thing to have your life turned upside down and then a week later have it turned upside down again. The logical outcome would be that after two such 180 degree shifts, you should be right back where you started.

Somehow, no.

Honestly, the idea of having a child at some point in my future was (and still is?) something I was putting off thinking about until the magic age of 30. I figured that around 30 I would take a look at my life, at my goals both met and not met yet), my current relationship status and partner, my finances, my living arrangements, etc… and then I would consider the question of “someday possibly having kid(s).”

I felt confident that at that point I would either decide that I wanted to have kid(s) eventually and would go about getting myself, my life, my everything ready for that. Or I would decide that I wasn’t going to have kids and I would go about working on other goals.

I have always known that I am not the kind of person who needs to have kids to be happy or feel complete. In the same way, I don’t think I need to get married (again) to feel fulfilled. I do want a long term committed stable relationship… I just figure that the details of that will work themselves out.

That all being said, I was (and will be again) religiously devoted to taking the “No-Baby-Pill” every night like clockwork. To my knowledge I have not missed a dosage in the last 8 years. It is part of my routine, it is part of my life, and I had the utmost faith in its ability to keep my life on track.

Apparently not.

The last few weeks have been dramatic, heart wrenching, sleepless, uncomfortable, and stressful. What a way to start the new year eh?

The silver lining in this whole thing is that The Maifan-San and I are closer than before; that we have a renewed sense of value attached to both our relationship and our life styles of independence. We are both also very lucky to have some mighty fine friends and family members who were supportive and compassionate.

But we are both still sad. We both still feel the sense of loss.

So, I am glad that January has come to a close. It is February now… and I am optimistic for the future. We have some very nice plans for the upcoming weeks/months… homecomings, day trips, weekend trips, time with friends, other people’s weddings, other people’s new babies, the continuance of our hobbies and the joy of working on goals.

Despite this loss, I still feel blessed.

News: Puppies Are Cute and CNN Needs a Time-Out

Yesterday The Maifan-San and I spent a fairly relaxing day driving around and visiting other people's pets.

Stop One: Berkeley. Erin, Jennifer, three cats, and what apeared to be a dozen fish.

Step Two: San Francisco. Dave, Eva, three cats, a cat-like dog, a bearded dragon lizard, and a fake carnivorous plant. (The real one died and will be replaced soon I think.)

We also got to see SF in sillouette during sunset (gorgous) and eat breakfast at my favorite Campbell diner. All in all, a rather nice day.

We managed to avoid all dealings with the football game because let's face it... who needs football when you could watch this instead.

(Above: link for this year. Below: Video from last year)

Plus... everyone knows the nly real reason to watch is for the comercials and thanks to sites like this one, I can watch the "best" ones online the next day.

However, it would be un-American to not be touched in some way by this big silly pig skin game of war and thanks to Jay's tweets I was kept abreast.

And upon returning home, I recieved the following email:

From: CNN Breaking News
Sent: Sunday, February 1, 2009 11:18:01 AM
Subject: CNN Breaking News

-- Pittsburgh Steelers win Super Bowl XLIII; Steelers 27, Cardinals 23.

It was a defining moment in history, and now you can own it...

I call LAME on CNN for using the same method of "Breaking News" that anounced such things as "Obama is sworn in" and "Israel invades Gaza" to tell me the score of a football game.

I mean... really? REALLY? Why is that breaking news? Anyone who cares about the game is either watching it or listening to it or will find a way to find out the score.

Really, when did news become so mainstream? When did celebrity gossip count? Why do more people know more about the starting line up of American Idol than the President's cabinet?

When did "entertainment" become news?

And no, I'm not just annoyed because I am willing to bet a whole slew of baked goods that when my beloved Sharks win the Stanley Cup you better believe CNN will be all sorts of quiet.

Well, okay... maybe just a tad.


Wack Grammar Smack

You all know I have a low tolerance for crappy grammar. I have ranted about it when it shows up in otherwise good songs and I have ranted a tad louder when it is used as a pathetic bid for humor in relation to photoshoped photos of cats.

Meg from Prefers Her Fantasy Life posted this Sistersalad video and I just had to share it.

Happy Monday... Happy New Month!