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Pick Up Sticks

I am easing my way back into life… wait no. I jumped back into working 9 and a half hour days and doing all those regular life things that simultaneously keep me sane and drive me nuts.

Besides not sleeping very well and hating the wake up call of O-Dark-Thirty, I am doing well.

Photos are coming soon… do you have any idea how long it takes to upload 600 photos? Several nights. (I went with Flickr, details coming soon)

Don’t worry, the blog isn’t going to “Turn Japanese” but there might be a slightly Vacation Stuff Type Theme going on for a bit. And I really will get back to reading all the great blogs over on my blog roll…. Promise!

One of the things I learned while on this trip was that my skills with the chopsticks are woefully inadequate. I did okay for the most part when picking up chunks of food…. But rice was a bit more difficult and noodles in broth were nearly impossible. One day we stopped in a little restaurant for lunch and I was starving… because I was almost always starving while in Tokyo (Seriously, I ate so much I thought I must have gained 10 pounds… thankfully the massive amounts of walking helped keep my weight stable, but honestly I think I ate my body weight in food over there.) Anyway, there we were at this restaurant and I am feeling faint with hunger and I order lunch and it turns out to be noodle-y soup and I cannot for the life of me get the noodles out of the bowl and into my mouth with my damn chopsticks.

Is there anything as frustrating as being hungry, to have food, but to be unable to get said food into your mouth? I almost cried.

And the thing is, I knew before we went that my skill with the chopsticks was more “silly white girl trying to spear her food” than actual ability… If only someone had showed me this handy little aide before we left…

A few days with that and I bet I would have been a pro.

Or at the very least have been able to brag about my “picking up chicks” prowess.

(It might be a fowl pun, but isn’t that why y’all love me?)


Anonymous said...

OK, so I am way too cheap to buy 'pick up chicks', but I am sure I can make my own version to encourage the monster to use chopsticks. Thanks

Jay said...

I probably would have just buried my face in the bowl and tried to eat the noodles that way.

Mojo said...

I've found hunger to be an excellent teacher. And motivator.

And I'd ask for your input on how you developed your picking up chicks prowess, but somehow I doubt the same techniques would work for me...

Besides, I don't have your legs. Which is good, because if I had 'em then you wouldn't... and as funny as you'd look with no legs, think what I'd look like with four?? Especially when two of them are shapely and smooth and lovely and the other two are old and furry.

Nope. Not a good look.

Welcome home! Missed you!

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

@My: I wouldn't buy them either... unless they made noises or said things like "ouch" or "don't drop me!" in little chicken voices. That would be rad!

@Jay: These places didn't really do the napkin thing.. so clean up would have been a mess. But I was tempted.

@Mojo:So many awesome images in my head now. (Notice I changed my profile pic to be one without the showing off of my legs) Missed you too!

maryt/theteach said...

Also Kay I think when trying to eat rice, the Japanese lift the bowl to their chin and shovel the rice into their mouth. Really! :)

I can't wait to see those pictures... :)

JayRod said...

I say make the wide end of the chopsticks into a shovel of sorts or if all else faisl, chose one had to be the "food touching" hand and they wipe it on your jeans when you are done (that's what they are for after all).