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Off We Go!!!!

We are all packed… we are all shopped up… we are all organized and situated.

We are ready for Tokyo.

Is Tokyo ready for us?

(Oh and by “we” I mean The Amazing Man and I.)

I might be updating my twitter while we are gone (see the Twitter feed to the right or follow me if you are so inclined) but other than that I will not be online or updating my blog until we get back.

Heck, even after we get back it might be a day before I recover, download all the photos, and post an update.

Anyway, Have a good next week or so…

I’ll catch you all on the flip side,
The dark side,
Of the moon,
The stars,
And the boys in the cars
Drive all night
Hold me tight
Everything will be all
Right as rain
There is no pain
Only poems that go
And flow
And don’t know
When to stop.

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