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News, Notes, and Even a Photo

A grab bag of news and notes this afternoon.

First off, some exciting news regarding stem cell research.

Some good news regarding the environment… specifically President Obama and the CA plan to be more strict on fuel emissions.

(I am eagerly waiting for the patch or upgrade or whatnot to Microsoft Word that will allow “Obama” to not register as a misspelt word.)

Bad news in Iceland: The country’s government has collapsed.

Update on CA’s Prop 8 …. The cases are in and the hearing should start in March.

And lastly, because of the tremendously low birth rate in Japan, workers are being encouraged to make babies by being let off work early.

Speaking of Japan... here is a photo taken by your's truly! (More photos from my trip can be found on my Flickr page.... see the box to the right.)


Jay said...

I keep reading that "Iceland is the first gov't to be brought down by the financial crisis." I disagree. The republican control of the US gov't was the first to be brought down by the financial crisis.

I really don't understand why we have to wait so long before people's names like Obama and Blagojavich are put into the spell check thingy. There's really no reason why this can't be updated daily if they really wanted to.

And Camino is trying to tell me that "thingy" isn't a real word. That's silly.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving that photo. Totally loving that photo.

Mojo said...

You do realize that you can add "Obama" to your dictionary and it will breeze right through spell check, right?

And I too am totally loving that photo!