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Maine-ly Good News

Good news!

Legislation was introduced today in Maine that would
“define civil marriage in Maine law as the legal union of two people. It would also remove an amendment--added back in 1997--the specifically banned same sex marriage in Maine."

Good Job Maine! Here’s hoping that this goes through and our country can take another step towards equality.

(Sending happy hopeful thoughts over to you Miss Weldable Cookies)


Anndi said...

That? Is a very good thing.

Dawn Fortune said...

thank you very much for the hat tip. I have been asked by the editor of the local weekly paper to write a guest column for next week. I am excited at the opportunity. I do so love to see my name in print!

Jeff B said...

First of all, welcome back.

We've (wife and I) hosted several Japanese students over the years,but have never had the opportunity to travel to Japan yet. I'll bet it was a blast.


Equality. . . it seems more and more elusive in a world that wants to be less tolerant of others, but there is still hope.

Meg said...

Yes, here's to equality. Except for kids. These young ones that I live with have too many darn rights as it is. ;)

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

@Anndi: Indeed

@Dawn: Anytime :)

@Jeff: So true... but hope is a powerful tool, as is anger. It was a blast being there and it was my first trip outside of the states... what a begining eh?

@PHFL: /agree As my friend J would say "cages and leashes for all!"

Robin said...

Isn't it wonderful (and WAY overdue)? I was thrilled when Dawn posted about it.

It isn't equality if it isn't open to EVERYONE.

Robin said...

Well, except for the kids. We can keep them chained up in the basement ;-). Wait a minute, I don't have a basement... Drat.

maryt/theteach said...

Welcome back, Kay! Atta way, Maine!