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A Little Cowboy Prayer

Ok… before I fly off to the land of the rising sun…

… I used to have a thing for cowboys. Something about the jeans and hats and Darlin’ and… well… yeah. (I have since transferred my cowboy yearnings to archeologists because not only do they also wear jeans and hats and work outside in the dirt and such but they also tend to be super smart and damn good in bed.)

… I also had (ok, still have) a little thing (ok a decent sized thing) for musicians.

… What I don’t have a thing for and have never had a thing for are cheaters, liars, lowlifes, etc.

And this song sort of kind of puts all that together and even seems to attempt to fix some of the original’s bad grammar… or at the very least you are so distracted by the boys in the hats and nearly naked girls that you just don’t care… or maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, Enjoy!

… and for some reason it is unable to be embedded… but Blue Girl has it on her blog so y’all can go here and check it out.

(Blue Girl, by the way is a blog y’all should be reading anyway… very very groovy stuff over there.)


Meg said...

Tell Tokyo I said Konichiwa. I used to live there for two years.

Happy Travels!!

Robert said...

Well my comment here really has nothing to do with this post. Just sayin hi and thanks for your continued comments to my very infrequent posts. I hope you are doing well. Best wishes for a very happy new year.

Con Safos said...

Have fun in Tokyo. I used to have a thing for cowgirls. It was always about the boots for me.

JayRod said...

I just love the guy shaking the stick, ever bad with more than 5 people always seems to have a lazy backup singer who has a useless instrument like this, remember the flag guy in gym class heroes?