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25 Things

So I was tagged for the 25 Things Meme first by Steph, then James, then Jennifer, then Sophia…..

I guess they are supposed be interesting things, random sort of things, general sort of things. My head is in an odd place right now. The past few weeks have been really really dramatic… one of those weeks where your entire life changes and then changes again and you are left wondering how exactly you are going to find that sense of “normal” again.

I know, Time.

But while I wait and put off writing about it, here are my 25 Things that you might not know about me.

1. My right thumb is really really short compared to my left thumb.
2. I am currently wearing red nail polish on all my fingers but only 2 of my toes.
3. I love being massaged because it feels good but I hate being massaged because I have trust issues.
4. I am living paycheck to paycheck. Still.
5. I like commercials.
6. I weigh myself more often than I should.
7. There was a time when I thought I wanted to be a high powered business woman
8. I was an actual Avon Lady at one point in my life.
9. I interviewed for a job with the Psychic Friends Network
10. I kept a “dating diary” and gave cruel nicknames to the guys I didn’t like.
11. I cry at the movies without shame
12. I love long twisty roads
13. I almost always do my laundry on Thursday nights.
14. There is always an element of my life in every piece of fiction that I write.
15. I fill up notebooks with thoughts, ideas, dreams, rants…. And when they are full I throw them away and buy a new one.
16. I am hoping to get published this year and will send good karma to everyone who buys my book.
17. I hate sleeping alone.
18. I won a Foreign Language award for my knowledge of Italian… and I hardly remember any vocabulary
19. I have body issues
20. I love ordering room service.
21. I donate blood whenever I am not anemic
22. I have been a victim; I survived
23. I tend to play my music too loud.
24. I have a few nervous habits I keep trying to quit.
25. I believe in second chances

Ok… now it is your turn!


lisahgolden said...

That is a great list. Me, too, on the twisty roads. As long as I'm driving.

Jay said...

You threw all those notebooks away? I bet they were full of all kinds of awesome!

I love room service too. It makes me feel rich. LOL