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Tokyo's Subway Joyness

Ok, I promised a blog about Japan and the subway system. Here it is.

Tokyo is huge… massively amazingly, huge. And so is the Subway system.

In one of the guide books the system is compared to a plate of spaghetti and I would have to agree. It isn’t that there are a lot of lines and a lot of stops and a lot of intersections…. It is that there are several different systems that all share lines and stops and intersections. There is the Metro which is different from the JR line which is different from the Transit line which is different from the line…. And it just goes on and on and on.

Thankfully there are conductors and ticket people (in easy to spot uniforms) that will help you. Thankfully there are signs in English (occasionally).

There are also subway stations that are the size of city blocks with shopping malls and thirteen stories of confusing building on top and six stories of shooshing whooshing trains underground.

Sometimes you would get off the train and just run for the nearest exit uncaring if it was in fact the South, the North, the Main, the East or any of the other seventeen different named exits… you just had to get out of the never ending hallways and corridors. In cases like this, it would take you about 5 minutes to get out… and then a good 20 minutes to half an hour to circle the building looking for something familiar.

You could also spend half an hour in the subway station looking for the right exit.

We got to the point where we were managing the system pretty decently by the end of 8 days. We still would occasionally have to stop, look around, retrace our steps, and make double and then triple sure we were about to get on the right train… but for the most part we were doing all right.

In fact, I was a little proud of us for managing as well as we did. The Maifan-San got really good at reading the maps and I got really good at flagging down conductors and pointing helplessly at the train.

Here we are on the train feeling that strange mix of pride and exhaustion.

Really though, the system, for all its complexity and hugeness, was a lot like the ramped up on steroid version of BART.

Except for the people.

All the many many many many people.

Now, I ride the Light Rail everyday and am not a new hand at the Silicon Valley’s public transportation system. I have been on my share of crowded busses and trains. I have been squeezed between people who hadn’t used Dial or any other form of cleaning product. I have been part of a mass of people all moving together on or off some form of transportation.

But nothing like Tokyo.

There were people, everywhere. And they all seemed to know exactly where they were going. They all walked really fast (staying to the left rather than the right like we do in the States) and they all marched with a seriousness of purpose and the blank drone like expressions of weary commuters. In other words, safety came in staying out of the way and trying not to get mowed down.

Here are a few delightful videos of the subway system in Tokyo…. (The third one is the best)

The first video is of us leaving Shinjuku Station.

Next we have us just a sec later at “our” intersection.

And lastly, proof that this is a culture that takes the idea of “maximum occupancy” to a whole new level of OMG.

25 Things

So I was tagged for the 25 Things Meme first by Steph, then James, then Jennifer, then Sophia…..

I guess they are supposed be interesting things, random sort of things, general sort of things. My head is in an odd place right now. The past few weeks have been really really dramatic… one of those weeks where your entire life changes and then changes again and you are left wondering how exactly you are going to find that sense of “normal” again.

I know, Time.

But while I wait and put off writing about it, here are my 25 Things that you might not know about me.

1. My right thumb is really really short compared to my left thumb.
2. I am currently wearing red nail polish on all my fingers but only 2 of my toes.
3. I love being massaged because it feels good but I hate being massaged because I have trust issues.
4. I am living paycheck to paycheck. Still.
5. I like commercials.
6. I weigh myself more often than I should.
7. There was a time when I thought I wanted to be a high powered business woman
8. I was an actual Avon Lady at one point in my life.
9. I interviewed for a job with the Psychic Friends Network
10. I kept a “dating diary” and gave cruel nicknames to the guys I didn’t like.
11. I cry at the movies without shame
12. I love long twisty roads
13. I almost always do my laundry on Thursday nights.
14. There is always an element of my life in every piece of fiction that I write.
15. I fill up notebooks with thoughts, ideas, dreams, rants…. And when they are full I throw them away and buy a new one.
16. I am hoping to get published this year and will send good karma to everyone who buys my book.
17. I hate sleeping alone.
18. I won a Foreign Language award for my knowledge of Italian… and I hardly remember any vocabulary
19. I have body issues
20. I love ordering room service.
21. I donate blood whenever I am not anemic
22. I have been a victim; I survived
23. I tend to play my music too loud.
24. I have a few nervous habits I keep trying to quit.
25. I believe in second chances

Ok… now it is your turn!

News, Notes, and Even a Photo

A grab bag of news and notes this afternoon.

First off, some exciting news regarding stem cell research.

Some good news regarding the environment… specifically President Obama and the CA plan to be more strict on fuel emissions.

(I am eagerly waiting for the patch or upgrade or whatnot to Microsoft Word that will allow “Obama” to not register as a misspelt word.)

Bad news in Iceland: The country’s government has collapsed.

Update on CA’s Prop 8 …. The cases are in and the hearing should start in March.

And lastly, because of the tremendously low birth rate in Japan, workers are being encouraged to make babies by being let off work early.

Speaking of Japan... here is a photo taken by your's truly! (More photos from my trip can be found on my Flickr page.... see the box to the right.)

No Bull: All Ox

Happy Chinese New Year: Year of the Ox!

Yay for the Mighty Ox!

If you see photos of oxen and find yourself wondering "wait... isn't that a bull?" allow me to explain.

Oxen (singular ox) are bovines trained as draught animals. They are adult, castrated males. (So steers, not bulls) Oxen are used for ploughing, transport, hauling cargo, threshing grain by trampling, powering machines for grinding grain, irrigation or other purposes, and drawing carts and wagons.

They can pull more weight than horses and aren't injured as easily.

But you can still ride one if you are so inclined.

Happy Monday!

All Answers Have Questions (part one)

The world is full of questions. Recently I was invited to take part in yet another survey/study regarding bloggers. (Some of you might remember when I was interviewed before by Dr. Jesse Daniels (PhD) regarding “feminist bloggers”) This new study has to do with personality and blogging and I am finding the questions interesting and slightly “duh.”

Bloggers…. We are by definition a self selecting group of people who decide with specific intent to put some (or most, or all) aspects of our lives out in a public forum. Granted, there are news bloggers and TV Recap bloggers, and food bloggers, but this study is dealing more with the “personal” bloggers.

I write a personal blog. I might comment about politics, food, TV shows (not recently but still) and any number of things but this blog is primarily a personal blog full of my personal thoughts and feelings and rants about the world around me.

And for some reason y’all swing by here and read it. And that it just pretty darn cool.

Anyway, I just thought it was slightly ironic to be part of this study when, as mentioned last week, I am happily taking part in an interview meme from Mary The Teach (authoress of the wonderful Work of the Poet where Ruby Tuesday was born).

Also, I have opened up the floor for any questions that you, my gentle constant readers, might have. Or rather, I am going to finally get around to answering a handful of the questions that some of you have sent me over the past few months.

Today’s post is Part One of Getting To Know Kay: Questions from Mary.

Getting To Know Kay:
Part One
Questions From Mary.

1. How did it come about that you went to Japan recently?
I have been blessed with an amazing boyfriend who rather enjoys my company. He, along with some other friends, had been talking about going on a trip in part to simply go and in part to meet up with another friend who currently lives and works in Korea. It ended up being an early January trip to Tokyo. I was fortunate enough to be able to tag along and I had a wonderful time. (Photos are up on my Flickr page, check out the box to the right.)

2. What was the best thing that happened to you in Japan? And the strangest?
The best thing would have to be getting to travel again with The Maifan-San. Portland was great, our occasional day drips are always great… but Tokyo was fabulous. We got to walk, to talk, to see new and exciting things… and even though that all would have been great with other friends/family members, the fact that I was sharing it with him was amazing.
The strangest would be the overall “alien yet familiar” aspect of everything. It was a city, a big city, but still a city. Granted, not many cities are this big, this diverse, or have an Imperial Palace surrounded by a moat in the middle… but still. There were people everywhere but they were all going about their daily lives. The people on the trains for the most part seemed to be regular students and business people who were just living their lives. There were restaurants and coffee shops and homeless people… and then again there were places called “Snobbery” “Nudy Boy” and “The Ooze Charm Bar”.

3. Do you have brothers or sisters? Tell us something special about your family.
I am blessed with two sisters. Gina who is a senior in high school and will depart for Humboldt State in the fall and Kristen who is a sophomore at Berkeley . These two women are hugely important to me. I can’t tell you how many times I have used them as my inspiration and motivation. It has been such a blessing to watch them grow from squalling infants to the gorgeous and intelligent women that they are now. Both of them have very distinct personalities and I cherish any and all time I get to spend with them.
Something special about my family is choice. My parents both chose to be my parents… in some dramatic and also more conventional ways. I wasn’t the easiest teen/young woman to deal with (shocker right?) but they have consistently shown that they love me, support me, and value me as a person. There have been times when I wouldn’t have blamed them had they washed their hands and bid me adieu, however they continue to keep choosing to be not just my parents but also my cheering squad and my friends.

4. Tell us about the person you met who is the inspiration for your next short story.
He was just some random guy bumming change from people near the pharmacy. For the rest, I will have to refer you to the book once it is finished :P

5. I understand you want to become a writer. Have you studied writing? What made you want to become a writer?
I have studied writing, taking part in many workshops and also getting a BA in English (creative writing emphasis).
And more importantly I read a lot and I write a lot and I constantly try to write better.
I don’t really know where it came from… I have always loved reading, in escaping to another world. Making up my own stories came from there… and in some ways I feel writing chose me rather than the other way around. I get ideas and if they don’t get written out my head feels like it will explode. Writing is a passion, a hobby, a de-stresser, and just plain fun. Someday I hope to write “something worth reading” and I think it would be marvelous to get paid to write or to get paid for my writing but even if that never happens, I will always write because I love it.

Thanks Mary!
(There is still time to send in your questions for Part Two: Questions from Readers either in the comments or via an email to


As referenced a few times in the last few months, I am lucky enough to have two sisters. Two little sisters. Two taller-than-I-am but still forever my little sisters.

Gina (the “baby” sister) turned 18 last month and yesterday Kristen turned 20.

(Yes, for all of you out there doing math in your head, I am a fair bit older than both of them… )

Kristen was my first little sister and she will always hold a special place in my heart.

I wasn’t really looking forward to having a little sister if you want the truth. I was slightly annoyed by the sudden appearance of a garbage can in my bedroom one afternoon.

“What’s that?” I shouted at my mother who’s expanding belly had been a point of mystery and slight trepidation over the past few months. I had been told that a baby was coming, I had been told that I would be lucky enough to be a big sister, I had even been present at some of my mother’s more dramatic moments of morning sickness and while I was in the third grade and thus had a vague notion of what was to come, it hadn’t really sunk in quite yet.

“What’s what/” My mother was preoccupied with her belly and all the normal nesting things that mothers-to-be are, I think she was needle pointing or sewing something in her rocking chair during this conversation. I was standing in my bedroom and glaring at the new thing that didn’t match anything else.

“The garbage pail in My Room!” I shouted back, I had to shout (she was in the living room) but I added the higher volume pitch at the end because I wanted her to know that the movement of any new items into my room was subject to discussion. This was more than just my dad’s winter coat living in my closet… this was bright blue and looked mildly threatening sitting under the window.

Her response from the living room: “Oh, that. It’s just the diaper pail.”

Could there have been a worse answer? I practically flew down the hall and stood panting in front of her.

“The WHAT?”

“The diaper pail. For the baby’s diapers.”

“But…” I was flabbergasted and disgusted, “We are going to keep them? In my room?”

My mother rolled her eyes at me. “No, we’ll empty it when it gets full. And it’s the baby’s room too now.”

And that is when it dawned on me: My life was never going to be the same.

Thankfully I had calmed down a bit before the crib, the dresser, and all the other baby things invaded. Although still worried about more unforeseen impacts on my life, I was looking forward to the baby.

And then she came.

She arrived on a Monday morning while I was taking a spelling test. Apparently she arrived a touch too fast for anyone to come get me from school and save me from the spelling test, but I have since forgiven her.

She was… beautiful. Perfect in every way. She had teeny tiny little hands and teeny tiny little toes and her eyes were huge and blue. I remember the first time she fell asleep while I was holding her and my mother told me that babies know when they are safe and that she must trust me an awful lot in order to fall asleep like that. Now-a-days I wonder if my mother slipped her something but at the time I was thrilled that the baby trusted me and I fell in love with her completely.

She was loud. She was needy. She took over everything. She cried. A lot. When she got older she followed me around everywhere and called me “Min-A-Me”

She drove me nuts.

And I am so glad she is my sister.

Over the years I have watched her deal with being shy, deal with the pressures of being immensely bright, and deal with being the “middle” child. I have watched her grow up into the self assured dynamic and beautiful woman that she is today. I am so very blessed that she is in my life.

It is an odd thing… having a little sister changed my life in unimaginable ways. I can’t think about love or loyalty or depth of feeling or protectiveness or hope without thinking about her. And it used to just be a semi-maternal feeling… but it has grown and changed and I happily count Kristen among my closest friends. I know I can call her and cry about life and that she will be there for me. I actually think at times that she is the big sister… she never ceases to amaze me with her poise and her ability to think things through. I know I have leaned on her perhaps unfairly over the years and I am so very honored that she has not only allowed me this luxury but also that she continues to not hold some of my bratty adolescent moments against me.

A few years ago, it must have been 2000 or 2001, I caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye as she walked through the room. She had her hair up and a look of determination on her face… and in that instant though she was still a teenager I saw her older. I saw her mature and capable and sophisticated. I saw her as a confidant and a friend and I knew that she was going to be one hell of an amazing woman when she finished growing up.

So, Kristen… I want to thank you for being my sister and I want to apologize for stealing your baby doll and hiding it under the bed. I want to apologize for flicking peas at you during dinner. I want to apologize for telling you that cleaning up dog poop was the price of admission into my pillow fort and for tying you to the swing set. And all the other big sister things I did to you that you somehow managed to live through and not hate me for.

I love you Kiddo. Thank you for being my first little sister.

Ask The Kay

Mary The Teach has sent me a few interview questions (part of a meme/thing she has going on) and I will have my answers posted soon.

I thought this might be a good time to open up the floor though if any of you, my gentle constant readers, have questions of your own.

And yes, I know several of you have already asked me questions via the comments or my email ( and I have promised to answer them in a future blog. Well that blog is coming.

So, if you have any burning question for me, let me know and I will do my best to answer it.

Update and RT

Good morning gentle readers.

Thank you for the support and concern… I am fine, just been very busy dealing with life and all its glory.

--Speaking of life and glory… 125 of my 600+ photos from the Japan trip are up on my Flickr (see the box to the right) Enjoy!--

I should be back to regular blogging in the next few days, here are a few things to look forward to:

Japan: The Subway System in all its majesty and awesomeness. (With Video Proof!)

Japan: Foods that make you go “huh? And then “mmmm”

Birds: They are indeed evil. I can prove it.

Kristen: My first “baby” sister has herself a birthday and I get all sorts of sappy.

Charity Work and Charity Money: when to give and when to serve.

In the meantime, please enjoy these photos from a semi recent trip to Fort Point San Francisco.

And yes, they are slightly red…. Making them an appropriate Ruby Tuesday post… unfortunately a macro shot was not in the cards for this week but I think Mary and the rest of you RT-ers will forgive me.

My Mother Ate a Lot of Tuna

I saw This Article on NPR’s website this morning that basically talked about a study that tried to say that a woman can affect the gender of her unborn child by what she eats while pregnant.


Let’s flash back to grade school/jr high/high school/whenever you got Sex Ed for a moment… There is this thing called the Egg. It is introduced to a thing called a Sperm. The egg is an X, the Sperm is either an X or a Y. Two Xs and the resulting baby is a Girl, an X and a Y and the baby is a boy.

It is a bit more complicated (see below) but for most intents and purposes the biological sex of the fetus happens at the biological level (hormones, etc).

Not at the social/ locational/ dietary/ environmental levels such as what Mom is eating for breakfast.

Funnyily enough while looking up the technical terms for the (see below) educational aspect of this rant I came across another example of stupidity.

From the site (where "birth is a natural process not a medical procedure") I found this internet quiz that you could take that would tell you the gender of your unborn baby. An online test mind you... not any of the medically relevant sort of things... you know, with doctors or trained professions....

There were a whole bunch of questions regarding urine color, shape of tummy, sleeping patterns... and then these darling questions that made me want to band my head against something wooden and scream.

The Dad-to-be is
gaining weight right along with me.
is not gaining weight.

My mother's hair color is
not gray (natural or dyed).

My age at the time of conception was:
Conception took place in the month of....

Hang a thread with a needle over your belly. The thread moves
in circles.
from side to side.

If someone asks you to show them your hands, you:
Show them palm up.
Show them palm down.

How do you pick up a mug?
Body of the mug.

Now wait... before you just assume that these questions have NOTHING to do with ANYTHING, here is the explanations:

Dad-to-be hasn't been gaining weight along with Mom-to-be, so it will be a girl.The maternal grandmother doesn't have gray hair (dyed or natural), so a girl will be born.Since the sum of the mother's age at conception and the number of the month of conception is an odd number, it will be a girl.A needle on a thread held over you belly moves from side-to-side, so it will be a girl.You show them the palm of your hand, so it's a girl.You use the handle, so it's a boy.

The site also had advice on fertility and feeding the baby but I didn’t want to vomit on my keyboard….

Things like this make me seriously doubt my future ability to write fiction... because I can't make crap like this up. (Some lame thread of rational thought that my parents had implanted or something -Thanks Mom!)

"Grr Arg!"

I know I know I know that having babies is a great wonderful natural thing... (even if it is sort of kind of like a medical procedure.... sometimes) but there are times when I think there ought to be some sort of a test beforehand. (Heck, you need a license to drive, to fish, to hunt to get married.... ) I kid (mostly) but sometimes I really wonder about people.

Ok time to take a breath, eat some soup, try to ignore the pounding Harvey Danger song in the back of my mind*, and get back to work.


The See Below Section

At 4 weeks of age the fetus undergoes the Development of wolffian ducts

In both the male and the female the Wolffian duct develops in to the trigone of urinary bladder, a part of the bladder wall. However, further development differentiates between the sexes in the development of the urinary and reproductive organs.

Male development

In a male, it develops into a system of connected organs between the testis and the prostate, namely the rete testis, the efferent ducts, the epididymis, the vas deferens,and the seminal vesicle. The prostate forms from the urogenital sinus.
For this it is critical that the ducts are exposed to testosterone during embryogenesis. Testosterone binds to and activates androgen receptor, affecting intracellular signals and modifying the expression of numerous genes.[1]
In the mature male, the function of this system is to store and mature sperm, and provide accessory semen fluid.

Female development

In the female, in the absence of testosterone support, the Wolffian ducts regresses, and inclusions may persist. The epoophoron and Skene's glands may be present. Also, lateral to the wall of the vagina a Gartner's duct or cyst could develop as a remnant.

Human prenatal sexual differentiation in Fetal age(weeks)
Sex differentiating events

0 weeks
Inactivation of one X chromosome

4 weeks
Development of wolffian ducts

5 weeks
Migration of primordial germ cells in the undifferentiated gonad

6 weeks
Development of müllerian ducts
Differentiation of seminiferous tubules

8 weeks
Regression of müllerian ducts in male fetus

8 weeks
Appearance of Leydig cells. First synthesis of testosterone

9 weeks
Total regression of müllerian ducts. Loss of sensitivity of müllerian ducts in the female fetus

9 weeks
First meiotic prophase in oogonia

10 weeks
Beginning of masculinization of external genitalia

10 weeks
Beginning of regression of wolffian ducts in the female fetus

12 weeks
Fetal testis is in the internal inguinal ring

12-14 weeks
Male penile urethra is completed

14 weeks
Appearance of first spermatogonia

16 weeks
Appearance of first ovarian follicles

17 weeks
Numerous Leydig cells. Peak of testosterone secretion

20 weeks
Regression of Leydig cells. Diminished testosterone secretion

24 weeks
First multilayered ovarian follicles. Canalisation of the vagina

28 weeks
Cessation of oogonia multiplication

28 weeks
Descent of testis

*Ten Internet Brownie Points if you can guess the song.

Maine-ly Good News

Good news!

Legislation was introduced today in Maine that would
“define civil marriage in Maine law as the legal union of two people. It would also remove an amendment--added back in 1997--the specifically banned same sex marriage in Maine."

Good Job Maine! Here’s hoping that this goes through and our country can take another step towards equality.

(Sending happy hopeful thoughts over to you Miss Weldable Cookies)

Pick Up Sticks

I am easing my way back into life… wait no. I jumped back into working 9 and a half hour days and doing all those regular life things that simultaneously keep me sane and drive me nuts.

Besides not sleeping very well and hating the wake up call of O-Dark-Thirty, I am doing well.

Photos are coming soon… do you have any idea how long it takes to upload 600 photos? Several nights. (I went with Flickr, details coming soon)

Don’t worry, the blog isn’t going to “Turn Japanese” but there might be a slightly Vacation Stuff Type Theme going on for a bit. And I really will get back to reading all the great blogs over on my blog roll…. Promise!

One of the things I learned while on this trip was that my skills with the chopsticks are woefully inadequate. I did okay for the most part when picking up chunks of food…. But rice was a bit more difficult and noodles in broth were nearly impossible. One day we stopped in a little restaurant for lunch and I was starving… because I was almost always starving while in Tokyo (Seriously, I ate so much I thought I must have gained 10 pounds… thankfully the massive amounts of walking helped keep my weight stable, but honestly I think I ate my body weight in food over there.) Anyway, there we were at this restaurant and I am feeling faint with hunger and I order lunch and it turns out to be noodle-y soup and I cannot for the life of me get the noodles out of the bowl and into my mouth with my damn chopsticks.

Is there anything as frustrating as being hungry, to have food, but to be unable to get said food into your mouth? I almost cried.

And the thing is, I knew before we went that my skill with the chopsticks was more “silly white girl trying to spear her food” than actual ability… If only someone had showed me this handy little aide before we left…

A few days with that and I bet I would have been a pro.

Or at the very least have been able to brag about my “picking up chicks” prowess.

(It might be a fowl pun, but isn’t that why y’all love me?)


I have returned…. And returned Victorious!

I ate raw fish, I navigated the many different Subway lines, I squealed with manic female glee at a pop skat band, I shopped, I went inside the belly of a Buddha, I visited shrines and temples and got yelled at by a guard, I learned a few words in Japanese, I took over 600 photos, I sang karaoke, I drank sake, I ordered mystery food, I bowed a whole bunch of times, and I totally had the adventure of a lifetime.

I am home, recovering and getting ready for work in the morning… my body has no idea what time it is. I will post more later… I will visit all the lovely blogs I missed so much… I will catch up on the news and the Shark’s scores, I will upload the photos…. All of that and more…. But later…

… later…

Safe. Happy. Tired.

Thank you to George: It was super nice to meet you,
Thank you to The Stack-Pat-Attack; It was amazing to hang out with you both over there, and

A HUGE THANK YOU to the Maifan-San himself for the chance to get a my first passport stamp and for bringing me along on such a wonderful trip.


A Little Cowboy Prayer

Ok… before I fly off to the land of the rising sun…

… I used to have a thing for cowboys. Something about the jeans and hats and Darlin’ and… well… yeah. (I have since transferred my cowboy yearnings to archeologists because not only do they also wear jeans and hats and work outside in the dirt and such but they also tend to be super smart and damn good in bed.)

… I also had (ok, still have) a little thing (ok a decent sized thing) for musicians.

… What I don’t have a thing for and have never had a thing for are cheaters, liars, lowlifes, etc.

And this song sort of kind of puts all that together and even seems to attempt to fix some of the original’s bad grammar… or at the very least you are so distracted by the boys in the hats and nearly naked girls that you just don’t care… or maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, Enjoy!

… and for some reason it is unable to be embedded… but Blue Girl has it on her blog so y’all can go here and check it out.

(Blue Girl, by the way is a blog y’all should be reading anyway… very very groovy stuff over there.)

Off We Go!!!!

We are all packed… we are all shopped up… we are all organized and situated.

We are ready for Tokyo.

Is Tokyo ready for us?

(Oh and by “we” I mean The Amazing Man and I.)

I might be updating my twitter while we are gone (see the Twitter feed to the right or follow me if you are so inclined) but other than that I will not be online or updating my blog until we get back.

Heck, even after we get back it might be a day before I recover, download all the photos, and post an update.

Anyway, Have a good next week or so…

I’ll catch you all on the flip side,
The dark side,
Of the moon,
The stars,
And the boys in the cars
Drive all night
Hold me tight
Everything will be all
Right as rain
There is no pain
Only poems that go
And flow
And don’t know
When to stop.

Happy New Year’s Everyone!

Last night we rang in the New Year with a laid back party type gathering. Jessica and I did some last minute shopping at the dollar store and the Fremont Food Max and viola! A party happened!

She made the most amazing meatballs… they had jelly and chili sauce and something else.. I don’t know, I was busy making brownies that turned out to be cookies… but whatever it was that she put in them, it was amazing. Yes, amazing… I’ll say it again.. Amazing!

We also had cookies, cookies, colorful rice krispie treats, cookies, veggies, chips, cookies… You know what, hang on a sec.

Mmm cookies….

(Yes Mom, I am eating cookies in bed. Don’t worry, the bed is all naked because I am in process of doing 5 loads of laundry, one of which is a load of my sheets. It is taking forever by the way… you know how long it takes to dry flannel sheets? I’ll give you a hint: Forever.)

Ahem… there were also mini tacos, pinwheel type BLTs, candy necklaces, wine, and pie… and cookies. There might have been more but I was too busy enjoying the wine and the cookies and the meatballs to notice.

Anyway, contrary to the way it looks I was going to write about more than food. Really.

I have some of the greatest friends ever. Between Jessica and her meatballs, Mark, Stacy, Patrick, Jeff, Gina, Kristen, Kenneth, Matthew… and heck let’s throw in Brad since he made a tiny sort of cameo. You all helped make last night great.

For those of you on my Facebook Friend List, photos are up… go forth and laugh at us seeing how many people we could jam onto a Twister board

Oh, and before anyone asks… the theme of last night’s shin dig was PJs… At one point we realized that all the gals were in their pajamas, but the guys were not. That all changed after a floor show by Patrick that will haunt my dreams, err I mean live on in infamy along with his mad skills at Trivial Pursuit.

I hope you all had a great evening as well… Cheers to the year that was and cheers to the year that is!