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You Tube Bless Us, Everyone!

Well yes, it is indeed time for the winter holidays.

Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, Solstice….

For your viewing pleasure I have put together a few happy, silly, pretty, and downright hilarious videos… or rather I took half an hour on you tube and found a few happy, silly, pretty, and downright hilarious videos.

This first one is something I heard on the radio years ago when I was a kid… I remember my mother chocking on her eggnog while listening to it. I found it via you tube and while there is no picture, the sounds of Steve Martin is a delight. (Rated PG 13)

This next short video is to remind you of all the years when you dressed up in your Sunday Best and preformed like the trained monkey that you were. I was happily part of many a school Christmas pageant…. I even played the part of the Virgin Mary way back in 3rd grade… stop laughing, I was adorable! Anyway, since there is (thankfully) no video or readily assessable photo evidence of my years of being angelic (once with a green halo) you will all have to settle with this treat. (Rated “Awwwwww” Be Warned, this might make you coo.)

It wouldn’t be a holiday in my family’s house without someone singing. Or rather… all of us singing. Sometimes we even tried to sing on key. Sometimes we even sang the same song. Sometimes. Ahhh happy loud memories…. Again, because I love my family and would like to keep them loving me, you all don’t get to see any of that action. Instead here are some mighty pretty women doing some mighty pretty singing. (Rated E for everyone who wants to be reminded that making a joyful noise can involve actual good singing and does not need to involve causing one’s father to hide his head and beg for it to just STOP!)

Another singing tid bit. Because there is no time like the holidays to poke gentle fun at authority. (Rated S for Silly)

The internet is full of people who have too much time on their hands. Not us bloggers. Not at all. But those other people who make stop animation or photoshop random things into old Star Trek photos. I love these people. Without their tireless attention to campiness we wouldn’t have videos like this. Most of these shots are rather lame but there are a few that look not only realistic but also as if we interrupted the intrepid crew of the Enterprise in the midst of something decidedly, well… a bit risqué. What do we learn from these photos? Don’t mess with Kirk when it comes to cookies. (Rated T…. as in the only people this is going to entertain are self proclaimed Trekies who like twitter alarmingly as their minds fill up with new “inside” jokes.)

Ok this one is for all the stoners out there… or the former stoners.. or the people who used to hang out with the stoners because lets face it, those cats were funny as hell when they got going. I have no idea where the audio comes from for this.. but you haven’t really had the Holiday Experience until some drunken frat boy does his rendition of this classic… and you realize that it sounds exactly the same as the original! (Rated S because really, this is for a niche group of my readers… and they know who they are.)

Back to the Safe For The Whole Family. John Denver and the Muppets were a staple in the Former In Law Family’s Christmas Celebration. There is something so quaint and sweet about this combination. No snark here, just a happy moment of nostalgia for Denver and Kermit. (Rated N for Necessary)

But the best version of the 12 Days of Christmas is this one. I might be juvenile but this makes me laugh every time. I always wanted to date a Canadian man so that I could follow these gift giving ideas. (note to The Man… if you dress up like a Mountie, this will be your prize.) (Rated MNY for Maybe Next Year)

Lastly we have Kay’s Christmas Crushes.. Then and Now.

Then: New Kids on the Block… who all grew up to be fine looking men… even my personal favorite Donnie.

Now: Jon Stewart and Stephen Collbert. Enough said.

Whew! Thank you for joining me on this video homage to the holidays!

Whatever you celebrate this time of year, do it with gumption and flair!


Anonymous said...

These are a riot! Great finds!

I wish you all the best of the season!

Dianne said...

You Rock!!

what a collection

I have such a crush on Jon Stewart ;)

JayRod said...

Where was swiss colony beef loaf?