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Warm and Happy Thoughts

Life has been pretty darn great the last few days….

With the addition of this...

...and this...

...into my life, there really is no room to complain.

(Thank you to my folks and Jessica!)

The space heater couldn’t have come at a better time… the fact that it has been mighty might cold here the last few weeks coupled with the fact that the heater in my bedroom is a no-go and the heater in the living room does little more than heat a tiny potion of the living room while making the sound of a small jet engine plane during take off and causing the floor and thing things upstairs to vibrate at an alarming rate.

So, space heater equals joy.

And the camera is delightful as well. I am still figuring out how it works….

… but I am enjoying taking such riveting photos as

What I ate for lunch!

See… the close up is dynamite!

Off to go ice skating on some rooftop in SF… because why not?

Happy Solstice everyone!


Jay said...

Does the rooftop ice rink have a wall around it? A net? Cause that would be pretty hard core ice skating if it didn't.

I don't have a space heater, but I love my electric blanket. It's going to get down to TWO degrees here tonight!

Anonymous said...

Kay - nice camera . . excellent photos of broccoli - which is not known as the most photogenic of vegetables. And if there was ever an appliance that was named in the height of human overconfidence it is: "space" "heater." I mean "space" is about 25 billion light years across and although it looks like you've got a good one there, I don't think they're feeling the warmth on a planet orbiting alpha centauri. We had about a foot of snow here in the last 2 days - ice skating on a roof sounds. . . dangerous.

Anonymous said...

What you had for lunch IS indeed riveting!

Just wait... I started off with an Easy Share too. And now I'm on my second DSLR upgrade and have two lenses on the way! (rubs hands together as she recruits fellow photographers)

Anonymous said...

Yay for gifts! The photography can become addictive. We got MathMan a camera for his trip to the Inauguration and I don't think he's put it down yet. I almost rolled over onto in bed last night.

Mojo said...

Broccoli good!

I think this is the camera my younger son has. He's been pretty pleased with it from what I can tell. But DCup's right... they can be habit forming. Before you know it you'll have a backpack full of gear and spend your free time salivating over the stuff you can't afford at

Oh wait... that's me. Nevermind.