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Thank You Arnold, Thank You Rob


According to the Associated Press, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says he will veto an $18 billion package of budget cuts and tax increases Democratic lawmakers pushed through the Legislature.

He said it didn’t do enough.

I would like to point out that sometimes, when you wait for the perfect day to go camping you end up waiting all summer and not getting to go at all.

Or… some other metaphor that isn’t so alien.

Seriously… there are some things in life worth waiting for… and then there are times when you ought to take what you can get.

In other news… I owe a huge debt to the magnificent Rob who talked me through setting up Firefox. This upgrade was due in part to this article and me finally caving to Jessica’s insistence that Internet Explorer is evil.

Rob also managed to (via Facebook chat by the way) take care of my Google problem.

What Google problem you might ask….

I typed in

And for some reason kept getting routed to this version of Google

Go ahead, click on it. Imagine my frustration.

After impressively helping me find a temporary fix to this annoying computer bug he also pointed me toward this article which almost made me want to revisit the glamour of drive in movies. Almost.

Speaking of movies…. Here is a video that is supposed to make us all feel uplifted and happy and “go get ‘em” and such but really just fills me with a sense of “wow… I watch too many movies”

Happy Friday!

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear. I can imagine just how frustrated you were with that google.

But now you'll see how much better the Blogger compose works with Firefox. I was really resistant to switching over and now I'm so glad I did.