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Somethings are better bought.

Oh good grief… is it Tuesday already?

That means.. it’s time for Ruby Tuesday! And even if my entry is pathetic, lame, err.. later than everyone else’s.. well, it is still Tuesday for a bit yet eh?

Today’s edition of RT is all abut the yummy good forms of icing, and the gross bad forms of icing.. aka Store Bought Vs Sister Made.

Really… home made things tend to be better… but in the case of icin, ummm, not so much.

Examples of store bought icing.

And then this is what you get when you mix sugary goop, a microwave, my sister Kristen, cold water, and high pitched giggling.

Looks… well, yeah, it looks pretty gross.

And it tasted all sorts of nasty too.

Oh well… live and learn!

I just realized this is my final RT for 2008… a big THANK YOU to Mary for setting the whole thing up and for all you kind wonderful people who click over here once a week.



Dianne said...

I think the poor little red icing creature is cute lol

I love icing! I want to invent cupcakes that are more icing , less cake

have a good new year

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

That's too funny! Maybe you need a better recipe - like this one.

Happy New Year! :D

Unknown said...

Ha! The weird cookie looks like modern art! Do ya think I look at too much of it, or what? ;-)

Happy New Year, Kay!

Jeff B said...

This is some sort of psychiatrists icing blot test isn't it?

Okay, I see a little red duck. Hmmm, what does that say about me?

Laura said...

Yummy post!

Ralph said...

As the say, goop really is goop...But the holiday M&Ms in red are usually a fine substitute for red goop, and the cookie and candy combo tasted fine. I'm sure...

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

i'm with you there! lol! happy New Year Kay!

Anonymous said...

looks so sweet, I love cookie too, happy new year to you..


Robin said...

I saw the red duck too. Would it be awful to say that it looks like one of those cartoon images of a flattened duck after it's been run over?

Don't feel too badly, my last attempt at royal icing was Disastrous (and yes, I'm using a capital D on purpose, it was that bad).

Mojo said...

damn, woman.

Pia K said...

No friend of frosting, at all, am I - but the rest looks yum. Happy New Year from Sweden (with lots of frosting but on the ground)!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your 'icing challenges' but learning is always a good thing.
Hugs and blessings,

In My Opinion said...

Haha. Your icing looks like the kind we got to use at our friends house the other day. She had all the kids over to decorate gingerbread men for Santa...all I can say is the blue was really messy. It tasted good though.