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Sleeping Upright

I have been having a great week. I guess that makes since, it was my birthday and nothing makes you feel wonderfully special quite like having people remember you and go out of their way to be nice to you.

And the gifts.

I haven’t been writing as much lately for a myriad of reasons. First off, I have been trying to focus on my “other” writing due to deadlines and such. Also, I have been super busy.

And then there is the sleepiness.

The lack-of-caffeine-inspired-headaches have been getting progressively better. I only seem to get them in the late afternoon early evenings now, and they only last for about 3-4 hours. On the whole, that is livable. The new problem is that I am tired. All the time. Even after a full wonderful night of sleep. Tired.

Which really isn’t that big of a deal, because there are often things to do, people to talke to, life to live and being tired doesn’t really affect anything.

Until it does.

On Friday night I stopped at the mall on my way home from work to get my nails done. It was my birthday after all, and I have a whole slew of holiday parties to attend, so getting my nails done seemed like a good idea. I have gone to this shop before and while their insistent Hard Selling is very annoying, I know I can get in and out with minimal cost and in about 45 mins. I got there at 4:30.

I left at5:45 and by the time I had gotten back to the LR station I had missed my train and had to wait for the 6:15 train… getting me home at 6:40.

Did I mention that we had dinner plans at 7?

Take two parts parents, one part younger sibling, add in one part boyfriend and two parts best friend. Mix in a small hole in the wall type Chinese restaurant, Friday night traffic, and the insanity, err ”fun” of rush hour freeway driving… and you get me frantically calling everyone apologizing for running late while I try to untangle myself from my clothes and take the world’s fastest shower.

Why, you may ask did it take an hour and fifteen minutes to get my nails done? It didn’t.

It took about 40 minutes… and then I fell asleep in the pedicure chair and they let me sleep for over half an hour.

That isn’t all that bad right? I mean, it is a pedicure chair and for those of you unenlightened souls, the pedicure chair typically is a massage chair that is running your back and your neck in wonderfully relaxing ways while a nice lady washes, lotions, and massages your feet and lower legs. All in all very nice. I am sure I am not the first person to drift off in the chair.

However… this is me and I am a very unattractive sleeper. I drool. I snore. I sometimes thrash about slightly. I mumble… sometime I talk outright. At one level of REM I will tell you anything you want to know.. the filter of ”too much information’ gets turned off and I will happily tell you exactly what I thought of your last haircut if asked. I have been known to react badly (violently) to being awaken suddenly

All good reasons for me to be picky about who I sleep not only with, but in front of. When I suddenly sat up, wide awake, hair fuzzy, glasses half falling off, totally disoriented and panicked… the nice ladies of the nail shop had the good grace to laugh loudly and pat me on the head. “We let you sleep!’ they told me happily. “We watch you. You’re funny girl!”

Do you tip extra for the nap?

Anyway, that was Friday. On Saturday we had a fun filled time in San Francisco eating yummy Italian food and then visiting Fort Point. Later I was the highly paid escort of the divine Jessica to a holiday party complete with several white wine spritzers and some mighty fine, if overly rum-ified cocktails.

And now I am drinking the liquid version of apple pie in a Starbucks and trying to put the finishing touches on a short story that will hopefully be considered “good” by my editor.

I might not be bloging as much in the next few weeks… what with the holidays, the working late to afford the holidays, the social engagements, and the strange need to sleep a full 8 hours each night.

Oh… and in honor of today being Pearl Harbor Day, here is a photo I took at Fort Point.

Peace y’all!


Jay said...

I can't believe they just let you sleep there for more than an hour! I would have "accidentally" dropped something just to wake you up. haha

Anonymous said...

The headaches from caffeine deprivation do disappear, eventually or is it that they just become a part of your new 'normal' that you don't notice them anymore. I hope your new normal starts some time really soon. As for the tiredness - nanna naps work for me!

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

@Jay Well at least I would have known not to tip you.
@Myrelsih: normal has arrived. I am almost headache free. Almost.