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Say It Ain't So, Mr. O!

A few things this very very cold morning:

First off, as you may have read (like, everywhere) the program for Obama’s Inauguration has been set. Aretha Franklin will sing. Yo-Yo Ma will play.

And Rick Warren will invocate.

Who is Rick Warren? He is the evangelical pastor giving Billy Graham a run for his tithe money. He is Pro Life, Anti Gay Marriage, and Anti Stem Cell Research… he is, after all a Southern Baptist California Preacher Man.

Now… I know Obama himself is a God Fearing individual… the majority of American people wouldn’t have it any other way. I also know that in order to reach across the asile and make friends with the McCain/Palin supporters a certain bit of pandering to the far right is to be expected. And really… it isn’t that having a pastor present, a well known and in may circles respected pastor at that take part in the Inauguration bothers me. Because let’s face it… the majority of Americans are religious and even if I think it is in slightly poor taste, it makes a sort of political sense.

Or does it?

Warren was very vocally for Prop 8 and the “gay agenda” (as many pastors and religious figures are.)

The LGBT community overwhelmingly voted for Obama.

And they are not really happy as it is right now.

Just saying.

Lastly… I found this gem from the News Tribune:

And early this month, Warren took his annual civil forum on health to Washington, D.C., where he gave President George W. Bush the first-ever International Medal of Peace for the president's work on combating global HIV/AIDS.

Again, I see what O! is doing… and again a certain bit of pandering is to be expected… but that doesn’t make it any less bothersome and disappointing.



Jay said...

I'm disappointed in the Warren thing too. I don't see Warren as a uniter at all. He's a very divisive, hate-spewing, jerk.

And I disagree that there is any reason or need to pander to the "Noah's flood created the Grand Canyon and there never were any dinosaurs and if there were they walked the earth along with man less than 6,000 years ago" crowd.

There are dozens and dozens of "Christian leaders" who Obama could have asked to give the invocation. He didn't have to go straight for a hate-monger.

Lynnea said...

Yeah. Jay is right. I don't get it. Why not someone obscure? You know, without any political skeletons or public leanings. Maybe someone who is an outstanding example of community service. After all, that would do a lot of good in encouraging the service Obama is promoting. I really respect Obama, but this one I don't get.