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Guess where I'm going?

In less than a month, I will be able to add another thing to my list of “Cool Things I Got To Do In This Life Of Mine.”

Drum roll please…..

Thank you,

In January, The (Tall Good Looking Blond) Man and I will be traveling to Tokyo.

Yep, Tokyo… Japan!

Wow eh?
Wow indeed.

This totally eclipses the Portland Trip of September… after all this is not just a city I have never been ton before, but a City/Country/Continent that I have never been to before.

This will be my first time outside the US, my first plane trip longer than five hours…

Japan…. Wow.

I don’t know any Japanese words… I am lucky that my sushi place has things called “The Batman Roll’ and “The Happy Bag’ … the items with only Japanese words usually are accompanied with pictures. So besides, Dono Arigato Mister Roboto I will be at a loss.

I know nothing about the geography of Tokyo or Japan itself. It is an island… there is a big mountain called Mount Fugi…. and a creepy house in part of the city where a freaky curse will try to kill you. Other than that…

Oh wait, I read about
Geishas… and I have been following the adventures of Hiro and the
Death Note for a little while now.

Yep, I am a fountain of non-information. Which is just embarrassing.

And that should make this not just a mind blowing exciting and fun trip… but also an eye opening and educational trip. Which will just makes it all that much more fun and exciting.

That is my big news for right now… and probably for a while to come… because how do you top that?

Oh… and thankfully I got this a while back, hooray for an inkling that I might need it at some point.

And YAY for going to Japan!


Anthroslug said...

You know, when I lived in Santa Barbara, I could see Japan fromt he beach - it's not THAT far away.

Anonymous said...

You guys can take me with you... I don't eat much and I'll fit in a suitcase. Well, a very large suitcase anyway...

Jay said...


Everything I know about Japan I learned from Godzilla movies and wacky Japanese TV shows posted on YouTube.

I figure I'm pretty much an expert thanks to those. ;-)

Anthroslug said...

Jay - I will wish to study the wisdom you have accumulated before the long and ardous trek begins. Truly, one should not go to Asia without knowing of the menace posed by giant radioactive lizards, gargantuan intelligent moths, and sonic-weapon powered pterodactyls.

Unknown said...

Tokyo. There's an experience I'd love to read about. How exciting. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow - you are so lucky, Tokyo is amazing. I visited for a week in 2006 and like you I knew nothing of the country and next to no language other than random and impractical words. I survived and it was fantastic, I dearly want to return some time.

The highlights of my trip were Hurajuku where the kids dress in costume of a Sunday afternoon, Kamakura and the temples, actually it was all amazing.