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Changing Sides

Just in case you think I have been too much of a downer Miss Cranky-Pants lately….

Great news!

California’s Attorney General Jerry Brown reversed his stance on the Prop 8 issue and urged the CA Supreme Court to invalidate it.

"There are certain rights that are not to be subject to popular votes, otherwise they are not fundamental rights," Brown said in an interview. "If every fundamental liberty can be stripped away by a majority vote, then it's not a fundamental liberty."

The Court will hear the case in March… and just in case you need something else to make you roll your eyes with slight contempt, The Pro Prop 8 legal team is being headed by Ken Star the lovable ignoramus who y’all might remember from the Clinton years.

The reversal of sides for Jerry brown is wonderful news. See… sometimes people can change their minds.

Thank you Mr. Brown… let’s hope that more people will recognize this civil rights issue for what it is.



Anonymous said...

That's fantastic!! Praise be to Quetzelcoatl! Good news at last...

dave said...

I always liked Jerry Brownn, except when I was a teenager and he was hangin' out with Linda Rondstant and I wasn't.
Civil rights issue indeed. Good for Jerry and good luck to all.
Acceptence is even a strange term to me. Implys I had my own private vote and said ''s ok.'
Tolerance is strange I might snap and take it all back some day.
Happy Holidays to you too Kay and that smiling bunch of folks you keep around you!

Unknown said...

This is indeed good news! Thanks for this post.

Nothing could make more sense to me than Brown's question of if every right were to be determined by popular vote.

I once read a study that concluded that if we were to try to pass the First Amendment now, by popular vote, it would not pass.

I'm enjoying your comments on my blog. Keep coming over! :-)

Mojo said...

Is this the former Governor Jerry Brown? I'm amazed he wasn't on this side of the argument already.

But I love his thoughts on fundamental liberty. I'll have to remember those.

And the idea of Ken Star heading up the Prop 8 team? All I can say is "typical". Who else would they get?

Makes perfect sense.