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I know almost nothing about football or football drafts.

What I do know is that some players get drafted and then they get to go and play “pro”.

I also know that this college football player named Cody who is hoping to “go pro” at some point in the future has a girlfriend who thought it would be funny to post a Facebook update saying “Cody is going pro!” and get everyone excited over nothing.


What bothers me… what bothers me a whole heck of a lot is the following line in the article about this boring-slow-news-day-who-cares article.

“Cody's junior college background suggests he's not exactly the bookish type, anyway.”

What the hell?

Ummm excuse me? Where the hell do you get off saying that those of us who went to junior college/community college aren’t bookish? I garun-freakin-tee you that I read more books in 2008 than the writer of this bogusly insensitive line: Matt Hinton.

Matt Hinton: I hereby award you for the first annual “Don’t Be Such an Idiot” award.

This trophy is given to you by this Proud-To-Be Community College Transfer State School College Graduate.


Anthroslug said...

I also went to a community college, and went on to get a Masters degree and have the faculty in charge of a PhD program in England try to recruit me.

For that matter, my MA advisor - Dr. Michael Glassow, one of the most respected research archaeologists in North America, also went to a community college. So did several other faculty members from my graduate school - a school that routinely ranks as a top research facility in my particular subject, and which has turned out some of the best most influential archaeologists working today.

Jay said...

The guy who wrote that article is probably a snob who went to a private college. Jerk. haha

Anonymous said...

Hey I spent two wonderful years at a community college. I consider myself slightly 'bookish'. But then, the obvious lack of intelligence required to be a CC student is bound to manifest itself in some way. Hell, i DID get a B+ in my math class this quarter..


JayRod said...

The top 5% like to look down on those of us who can't afford private school. But now they need our tax money or else they are in trouble, isn't life funny sometimes?