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Warm Red and Such

Ruby Tuesday!

Red red red…

Oh yes: Still Empty

"le sigh / sob!

In other not so bummed-out news of red… today was the first day it has been cold enough to warrant wearing a scarf for my morning walk to work. This is my favorite scarf, a gift from my former mother in law.

This week is Thanksgiving for those of us in the U S of A… and I know that there are probably many of you who thought there might be decorations or shots of cherry pies or cranberries or whatnot. And on other people’s blogs there probably are.

But here I want to remind all of my readers who will be celebrating Thanksgiving by visiting family or by spending tons of money at the sales on Friday of something very little… something very important…

That’s right folks, buckle up out there. Rain, holiday traffic, and booze laden maerriment don’t always mix all that well.

So enjoy the day, and drive safe.

Oh… and one more Red Thing for y’all.

Yep, my hair has finally been cured of the blondness and is happily back to its (mostly) natural shade of auburn.*

Have a great holiday everyone… I will still be posting this week so if you find the time, feel free to swing on by.

*(Auburn is a redish version of brown… and should NEVER be confussed with “brunette”)


Anonymous said...

Here in NY state you have to wear a seat belt or get a ticket..Love your hair color..

Anonymous said...

I love your red hair and your coffee mug:) Enjoy your Thanksgiving and be safe!~


Pia K said...

That's a lovely cheer me up colour mug and since I'm a big fan of most everything Scottish I of course think that's one fine scarf:) Have a good RT!

Anndi said...

Great selection of things red!

I would quit the caffeine out of solidarity but then I'd make every one I know miserable. I know because I did quit caffeine during pregnancy and by the end of the first week everyone was begging me to have some. ;)

Have a safe and peaceful Thanksgiving little sister.


P.S. If you want the badge, it's yours :)

Anil P said...

The mug is earthy :)

Ralph said...

If it is chilly, you could use that red bowl and fill it with warm soup.

Your hair is a lovely shade of red, and a change from the prevalent is nice looking, indeed!

Happy Thanksgiving and Ruby Tuesday!

Dianne said...

your hair is beautiful!

have a great holiday

Mojo said...

With such lovely hair why did you ever want to change it? Oh well... you had your reasons I guess.

Love the new profile pic BTW.

Oh, and good on ya for your seat belt promotion. I guess it's the law in most (if not all) states now, but just because it's the law doesn't mean people do it. Because people, in my experience, ain't all that bright. So when somebody so unutterably cool as yourself makes the point, it carries some clout. Thanks for that.

I'm still bummed for you about the caffeine thing. Many I'd be so dysfunctional by now. I swear I would.

Anthroslug said...

So, then, I'll have to start hitting the coffee shops alone, I suppose...

But, then, there's herbal tea...

Catherine said...

I've dreamt during so many years to get that hair color! That's a good idea to get it back. Perfect for Ruby tuesday. Brunette, here, means black hair.

And seat belts, for sure must be buckled up. I'm the one who makes the law in the car. And engine won't start without hearing the "clic" of that red button.

Happy Thanksgiving

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

@Rambling Woods: Thanks! It is the law here too… but people “forget” allt he time.

@Yen: I love them both too… I just with there was something besides wter in the mug…

@Pia: Yes, I love the scrf, it is pretty close to the tartan of the “Metcalfe” clan as well so yay!

@Anndi: I will take that badge! Woot! And I think I have done pretty well at not turning into ubberbitch… so far…

@Ani: Earthy indeed and after the crash of last night, the only one I hav left.

@Ralph: Thanks! Mmm soup… good idea. And yes, I was getting tired of the blond.

@Dianne: You as well!

@Mojo: It sort of became blond with the sun (and a bit of faded dye) very happy to have it back to a more natural color. Yes, seat belts = good. I am really really good about remembering, unless I am in Mark’s old car, for some reason no one even thought about seat belts in that thing. No idea why.

@Antroslug: not alone.. you will just have to get used to seeing me stare longing at your mocha. Oh right, herbal tea, need to look into that.

@Catherine: Good for you for making your passengers behave! I have never had black hair, I think it look all sorts of UGLY, happy to be back to my auburn :)