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Spice it Up... Sometimes

It is so nice to see the “Peace” blogs filling up my BlogRoll…. If I wasn’t allergic to most Memes (in this case allergic means “can’t find the time for”) I would have participated. But since I didn’t… umm.. Yay Peace! Give Peace a Chance! And Peas… give peas a chance too, they are good for you and fun to eat. Oh, and while you are at it… give Tofu a chance! Seriously, that stuff is good!

And you know what makes tofu even better? Spices! Sauces! Things that have a bunch of different flavors!

In other words… variety.

Variety itself is a funny concept. There are some things that need it, run on it, are simply not at all fun without it while other things are (in my opinion) simply better being routine.


Last night I spent some time ripping music from CDs and importing the songs into my iTunes (fixed the weird color problem by the way, just a setting in Vista…. Grrr Vista). I ripped Dean Martin, Shakira, and then Sarah Brighton. Mmmmm eclectic taste in music….

Yesterday I spent a good portion of my time debating about such things as gay marriage and poverty… and also wrote about the bottle of sweat. Because really… nothing says well rounded person like admitting that I bought a bottle of sweat while closely examining a political process with people who disagree with you.

See… variety is a good thing! And it can be an essential part of understanding your fellow society members. I daily interact with people who disagree with me on a variety of subjects and people who have vastly different tastes in things than my own refined palate. (And with the exception of those of you who still cling to the notion that rap is a form of music, I support your wildly amusing sense of taste.) I am ocasionaly mystified by these folks who don’t share my view of the world… many times frustrated when I can’t understand… but mostly I am thankful to be able to interact with them, to be able to find some sort of common ground, to be able to learn and grow as a person.

But there are some area where variety just isn’t really worth it.

Leave my popcorn alone damnit.. it doesn’t need your cheese, your caramel, your extra butter… (ick!) it just needs to be worshiped as the nearly perfect food that it is!

Also… fashion.

My dear friends Jackie and Leah once held a sort of impromptu intervention for me to discuss the lack of color variety in my wardrobe.

Seems all I was wearing was black, red, and dark blue (jeans)

They practically forced me into garments of green and pink and white and even an ill fated brown.

I have since gone back to my ways of mostly red, black, blue… with the occasional white and green thrown in for good measure because there is something comforting in knowing which colors I look decent in… and something really nice about the whole mix and match style of lazy fashion choices.

Monday: black tee shirt,
Tuesday: (new from Mervyns) green sweater
Wed: red sweater
Thursday black and red sweater set

Everyday so far: jeans and black boots

I am a creature of habit. I am soooo very much okay with that.

And for a fun spin ‘round the net to check out a variety of blogs about peace… check out my BlogRoll before people start posting about other things.


Mojo said...

I'm so down with your fashion choices! (After all, red white and black? Much preferred over teal and ... well, teal and anything actually.) Waaaay back in the early days of my blogging "career" I posted an article called something like "Dress Codes Blow. Or: Basic Black, There's a Reason it's a Classic". and in that post I chronicled how I had "been sent to the Principal's Office (read the HR Department)" for wearing jeans on "casual" Friday. Mind you, these were nice enough jeans, and black, not blue. And it was Friday, which had been "casual" for as long as I could remember. Not to mention I had been sporting these same jeans every Friday (and often on other days) for ... well, for years.

But apparently some of my colleagues had abused the lack of dress code enforcement even more than I had... and others of my colleagues (those who could turn a lump of coal into a diamond with their asses) had finally taken umbrage at these abuses. And so it came to pass that an edict was issued from On High, but it was issued while I was at a week-long training class out of town. In other words, I didn't get the memo (though in fairness, it probably wouldn't have mattered).

Then, as is the custom in large, inertia-laden organizations, we had not one, but two meetings to discuss this very important issue. By the end of the first one (the same Friday I was busted by the Fashion Police) I was pretty well disgusted at the colossal waste of time this was turning into. So before the second, larger meeting (scheduled for the following Monday with the entire division) I had a weekend to assemble my new "uniforms".

Yes I did. I visited the local discount store and bought five identical solid black dress shirts, five identical pairs of solid black cargo pants, a couple of econo packs of black dress socks and (bonus!) a black leather jacket (made by Columbia no less!) that wasn't part of the original plan, but it was on sale for under $100 and who could pass that up??

And every workday since, I have worn this uniform to the office. In the second "divisional" meeting I stood up and modeled it for our vice president and got her to verbally sign off on it in front of a room full of witnesses.

It really simplifies my life by an order of magnitude... no decisions about what to wear to work, just grab the next uniform in line in the closet and go. Just like the army.

And if anybody don' like it... screw 'em.

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

Oh wow... well better you than me, it would drive me nuts to have an actual uniform.

(As I sit here in my red sweater and black skirt...)

Actually this makes me think of a possible future blog... about the time when I single handedly forced a dress code to be created at not one but two places of business.

maryt/theteach said...

Yes, Kay, I will give peas a chance... I've always hated them! :)

JayRod said...

Talk of tofu makes me want Sushi, damn you!!!

As for clothes, you know my fashion sense is non-existant, yet I think you have always looked good in what you wear. I think people telling you to change styles is a way of them wanting you to look like them, and not be the individual that you are.