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Monday's are made for mochas.

Congratulations to J-Bug, Big T, and Baby O who will be welcoming a new member to their family sometime in June. I am so thrilled for all of you!

In other happy news, my beloved San Jose Sharks put on a fine show on Saturday night… defeating the Dallas Stars.

It was The Man’s first hockey game and he was lucky enough to see a fight, a 28-seconds-to-go-in-the-game-winning-goal and even some empty net action. Sorry Jay and Chris, but hockey beats football every time :) Oh... and Mojo, I WILL be watching Tuesday’s game… hope your Predators can bring it :P

I had another one of those Kay-style adventures that makes Jessica shake her head and mumble things about committing me… will hopefully find the time to tell you all about it soon.

In the meantime:
When shopping carts refuse to leave home.

And today’s prize for “well,… duh!” headlines goes to my very own San Jose Mercury News for this gem: “Crime study finds link between violence and gangs”

And lastly, just an update:

11/6/08; the County of Santa Clara filed a lawsuit with San Francisco and Los Angeles that petitions the California Supreme Court to direct State officials to refrain from implementing, enforcing or applying Proposition 8.

The lawsuit asserts that: "the California Constitution does not allow a bare majority of voters to divest a minority group of rights conferred by the equal protection clause. The 1911 Amendment to the California Constitution creating the initiative process provides that, while initiatives can amend the Constitution to help further its purpose, initiatives cannot be used to revise its basic structure, which includes the notion of equality. Thus, Proposition 8 is not a valid constitutional amendment."

It will be interesting to watch this whole thing continue to unfold.


Mojo said...

My Predators?? Who cares about a bunch of prehistoric cats? Beat them all you want. Beat 'em like rented mules for all I care. Now my Hurricanes will bring it any time you wanna drop the puck. Or the gloves. *wink*

Right church, wrong pew Kay... the Predators are in Tennessee. That's just next door.

Mojo said...

Oh, and I got so worked up about being affiliated with the wrong hockey team that I forgot to give my props to Santa Clara County. A lot of people I know are going to be watching that development very closely. And this could be an important step in that process.

So good on ya Santa Clara Co.!

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

Yikes you are so right! lol, not sure why those wires got crossed...

Was really looking forward to rubbing in the win....

Damn, just checked, tickets to tuesday night's game for only 22 bucks... Darn the Man for being in the field this week....

Anthroslug said...

Indeed, darn me.

By the way - I went to a hockey game on Saturday night, and I woke up this morning with a mullet. Why didn't you warn me that hockey hair was contagious?

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

You know I only “darn” you in the most loving way.

And why would I warn you about the onset of Hockey Hair? I figured this way you can entertain the field crew. Besides, what man doesn’t look incredibly funny, errrr I mean “good’ with a mullet?

But if you start to develop Hockey Teeth, we might have to have a talk.

Anthroslug said...

My front teeth just fell out.

JayRod said...

Yippie for Hockey!!!
I'm not surprised that a lawsuit has been flied since there are alot of people in CA with alot of money who didn't want Prop 8 to pass and they are still willing to spend that money to get it removed from the books.