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Mmmm Food

I have said it before, and no one believes me.

My boss is trying to kil me.

Or, at the very least fatten me up.

Today’s case in point:

I love that she thinks of us, that she brings us food.

I love that she remembers that the café’ is closed all this week (sending someone who shall remain nameless into a mild panic at the thought of actually having to plan ahead and go grocery shopping.)

But... This?

This is a chocolate muffin of death.

And I did actually plan ahead this week. I brought in this:

A bag of food.

Microwavable popcorn, granola bars, instant oatmeal, crackers, heat’n’eat pasta….

So, I’ll be fine.

But definitely looking forward to next week when Luiz and his amazing breakfast burritos will be back.

Wow, I write about food an awful lot.


Dianne said...

that is one monster muffin!!

it's probably just as good/or bad for you and some of the processed stuff so don't worry too much

Mojo said...

Hey you can walk off that muffin on the way to the bus stop. You're young, vital, all that stuff. And when you get to be my age, you can just cease to give a shit. So it's all good!

Anthroslug said...

I suspect that the problem is less with it being a bigmuffin, and more with it being chocolate.

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

@Dianne: So true, and exactly what I told myself as I at my oatmeal.

@Mojo and Anthroslug: I am a big lover of the carbs… but Anthroslug is right, it is the chocolate that would make me sick.

Catherine said...

Kay, here my answer in return to your comment :

I know you since 1 or 2 episodes of Ruby Tuesday. We couldn't meet one another other than around a Red color! You're enthusiastic so is your blog. I noticed immediately your "I'm not you , you're not me ...." profile. All was said with these words about your personality . You write with humor , even if I don't agree with you on every thing. But, as you said, I'm not you either, and I'm a little bit open-minded French woman, it means much more "opened" on American basis, no!?.