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Me Likes The Grammar Being Good, Yes

Ever had a love hate / relationship with a song? I do.

It's Diana King’s “Say A Little Prayer For You”

(Diana, not to be confused with Carol… don’t make me hurt you.)

I first heard this song in the movie “My Best Friend’s Wedding” (a movie I haven’t really decided if I like or just tolerate… but the soundtrack is one of my favorites, so there you go.)

Anyway, in the movie the song is sung in a restaurant and in true Hollywood movie style, everyone joins in, knows the words, and is capable of carrying a tune.

Note: This doesn’t happen in real life. Trust me. I have tried.


Of course on the soundtrack you also get the Diana King version:

(let it play while you keep reading)

And I have to say I like this song… for all the reasons the folks in the movie did… its fun to sing along with, its catchy, … and this morning I delighted my fellow train riders with my version of it (complete with hand gestures).


The grammar bugs me.

Would it have killed her to have said “I” instead of “me”?

“… before me put on me make-up…’

Gah! It makes me want to hurl something heavy up the air and then stand underneath it as it falls.

And I totally understand taking poetic license with songs, poems, etc… but what is the gain here? “I” and “me” take just as long to say so the rhyme scheme isn’t in danger…

It just seems like laziness or intentional bad grammar.

Steve Martin on bad grammar in songs:

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