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Lesson Learned


Apparently the universe,
the spaghetti monster,
the cheese man,
or whoever/whatever is in charge up there read my hubris laden “bring it on!” blog post where I pretty much said that I was a fan of the unexpected.

It heard… it laughed… and my iPhone died.

The internet also crashed spectacularly but after an hour of major bitching I was able to get at least that back up and running.

The iPhone on the other hand is still dead.

Dead and mocking.

I spent over two hours trying to fix it last night… and (wait for it)… another two hours on the phone with tech support this morning. I was seriously on the phone with them at 5:30 AM and it was after 7 when they pretty much threw up their hands and told me to bring my phone into my nearest Apple store.

My nearest Apple store? HA!

So, after work today I get to brave the impending rain, the darkened skies, the voting crowds, and the south San Jose Light Rail system for a two hour trek to Oakridge.

It is odd… I spent a good portion of my life without a cell phone… and yet I feel so totally vulnerable and cut off today. Note to self: purchase a cheap back up phone for emergencies… and somewhere write down people’s numbers and contact information.

Further note to self: Do Not Tempt Fate.


Mojo said...

That'll teach ya.

Anthroslug said...

Yeah, rather like the time that I decided to announce that I wanted "more adventure in my life" - and two months later found myself hiking through 125 degree weather and driving on canyon roads that crumbled behind us as we moved along.

Don't tempt the universe.

On the other hand, I also recall a time when I had neither a cell phone nor internet, and now both have become integrated into my life (the cell phone less so - I frequently turn mine off), and it's difficult to conceive of a time when I did not use both, though that time is not far in the past.

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

Cell phones... turn OFF ??????

JayRod said...

I let my cell phone battery die recently =(

But then recharged it as soon as I realized it.