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Good and Bad

Ruby Tuesday already? Indeed.

Ok, so because I am a tad lazy and (much more than) a tad behind in other projects you get a different sort of Ruby Tuesday this time around.

Two subjects: things that I like to be red… and things I really really don’t want to be red.

My eyes: Bad when red. Which can be hard to avoid seeing how I look at spreadsheets (both on and off the computer) all day at work and my laptop most the time when I am not at work. Even the TV shows and movies I watch tend to viewed on my laptop… which makes for a lot of screen time.

Starbucks… always good. Holiday flavored Starbucks drinks/ Even better!

If (no really it should say ‘when’) these little lights turn red… sadness and cursing ensues. I pay for my internet. I love my internet. Don’t deny my of my internet or I will call you and complain loudly, oh so very loudly, until you fix my internet.

The toaster. To be specific, the toaster getting all red hot and making toast. I love toast. LOVE it and besides woman cannot live on mochas alone (much as I may want to….) And yes this photo is hopelessly blurry… but I actually like the way it looks so much that I decided that I wouldn’t bother to retake it. Sometimes blurry is pretty. Don’t mock.

Moles and other random discolorations on my skin. We all have them… and they need to stay whatever color they come in as… a change to red means bad bad news. In my case, one such mole turned red while I was in high school and just to be on the safe side they decided to remove it… and because I was a wuss who hates pain and couldn’t be counted on to hold still while they did this to me, I had to be held down… oh, the mole in question? On the back of my neck. Seriously… that sort of bizarre nightmare inducing trauma does not go quietly into the nigh, let me tell you.

Power light… I had to move my surge-protector-multiple-plug-in thingy up on top of my desk so I would quit kicking it by accident and turning everything off. Because that really really really gets annoying after say the forth time in a span of 45 minutes.

Candles: now hear me out… some candles are supposed to be red… and some are supposed to be white… and if you accidentally put them in the same zippy bag when you move and then forget to unpack them, well they share the red experience and end up looking kind of crappy.

Other things that shouldn’t share the red experience? Any and all of my white clothing. I have plenty of red clothing thank you very much… some things need to stay white.

Yay for Apple and things being under warranty so that when they break or get confused or think you are trying to be a hacker or something, they can get fixed for free!

There you have it.. a mix-n-match version of Ruby Tuesday! Now, back to the short story grindstone.


Ralph said...

An eclectic collection of reds. the toaster reds are quite artistic. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Interesting red objects! You got me looking forward for Starbucks seasonal drinks!! :)
Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Yup, very interesting subjects for red!

If you get a chance, mine is, HERE. Happy RT!!

~Just Me Miranda~ said...

Nice pics, but omg, please don't tell me that the Christmas drinks are out at starbucks?

~Just Me Miranda~ said...

Nice pics, but please don't tell me that the starbucks Christmas drinks are coming out already?

Robin said...

Great take on the prompt!

I had to have a suspicious looking mole on my collarbone removed and biopsied years ago. I FLIPPED OUT when the surgeon came at me with a scalpel and started talking about stitches! I'd thought it was just a little zip zip with a scissors and done. Definitely trauma-inducing.

donna said...

that was fun !! thanks...
the toaster was cool.


Mojo said...

Very interesting spin on the theme! I laughed more than once. Maybe because I related (redeyes) a little too (pinkshirt) well to some of the (surgeprotector) stuff in it.

You crack me up girl.

But word verification and comment moderation? Who does that really?

Anndi said...

Red... for the poppy I wear on my heart (which is also red).


Kaylia Metcalfe said...

@Ralph: Thanks, yay for “artistic license” to be blurry!
@Napaboaniya and Just Me: Yes indeed… and this year there is a Thanksgiving one as well.. but it isn’t as good.
@Yen: I went, I saw, very nice!
@Robin: Ahh yes, so you understand. At least you could see it coming… I had to just lie there and WAIT for it! –shudder-
@Byhisgracealone: blessings to you as well, thank you for dropping by!
@Mojo: I knew I couldn’t be the only one who does that, lol.
The verification stuff is residual from the “omg I am being spammed like crazy” days. I took off the word verification but kept on the moderation, because sometimes still I get very rude or downright mean comments and I don’t feel like allowing them to bum anyone else out but myself.
@Anndi: Indeed, “happy” Veterans Day to you my sweet.

Anonymous said...

Fun ruby post Kay! Red eyes aren't the best for washing white with red :0)
Have a good red day...

Unknown said...

love the way you put your reds on!

enjoy the rest of the week! and hoping you'd avoid the reds on those darn things (except the starbucks!)

marLou said...

Funny post on reds things all around your home!

Anonymous said...

cute red eyes! Happy Ruby Tuesday..

Dianne said...

what a great series of photos and captions

really creative

JayRod said...

Forgot about when your hair is red (good) and red joints from pain (very bad).

Julie said...

Wow! you have quite a few "reds" in here! Good job! Ruby Tuesday is fun isn't it?

Catherine said...

A bright Ruby Tuesday, you 've studied many possibilities!
No red eyes, neither Starbuck here (we're used to strong coffee).
I share with you the fear of Red lights, never good, and even less the moles, 2 surgeries, thank you very much, I would have loved reading your post before mine turn REDDD!
Hope you have had a nice week-end.
Thabks to join the guestbook.
And see you for next Ruby Tuesday.