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Friday: My head hurts.

Day two of no coffee.

I am going to all kinds of fun to be around this weekend.

But Happy Friday anyway….

Yahoo… how do I love you…

First of all, this photo is all kinds of funny… the lame kind of funny, but still. Let me save you the hassle of clicking on the article… the reason “you” don’t have a girlfriend is because of the following 5 things:

You suck at eye contact
You have bad eating habits
You don’t clip your toe nails
You order food at restaurants like a “girl”
You have a fatalistic attitude about getting anywhere with women.

Ordering like a ‘girl”? Really?

Maybe you don’t have a girlfriend because you rely on yahoo to give you dating advice like “remember to clip your toe nails.”

The real crime here is that the other headline… the one about Einstein and science has to share space with this sort of relationship drivel.

More things to get you ready for the weekend:

For a different look at buying a house.. as in, maybe you shouldn’t ever really bother.

Jean Claude Van Damme… Sexist or just unaware of what is appropriate dialogue with a female reporter. Either way, -gag-

Cigarette companies market to teens? Well, that isn’t all that new… but cigarette packaging marketing to women in cute little purse packs.
(Because nothing says "hip" "trendy" and "sexy" like lung cancer, phlegm that can stop traffic, and the smell of eventual death.)

And lastly, am I the only one who think that this soup both looks and sounds disgusting?

Happy Friday


Jeremy Rice said...

Three things.

One: I find Yahoo! to generally be targeted (well) toward the young teen community. It's time to head over to Google. : )

Two (related): That relativity article was also rather poorly written. Straw-man, but: "the mass of gluons is zero and the mass of quarks is only five percent. Where, therefore, is the missing 95 percent?" Mass of quarks is five percent? Five percent of what?!?

Silly writing aside: I'd like to know what this theory does for dark matter. If "missing mass" can actually be accounted for by energy, does that make dark matter moot?

Three: What would you say are the top-five, all-time, off-putting male dating faux-pas?

Unknown said...

Coffee is good. You're weird.

Van Damme was always a very strange dude.

Cigarette companies started to market specifically to women back in the 50s and 60s. Hardly any women smoked, but then they made Virgina Slims with Menthol and man, women love that stuff.

I'm not big on sweet potatoes, but I kinda like squash soups if they're done right. Easy to make too.

The dating stuff is like spot on. I'm very good at eye contact. It's probably my best dating skill. Intensenity is the key. Finishing their food is also a big plus. You can help them watch their weight. So, it's probably better to order a like a girl because you're going to be eating her food as well anyway. Also women really like to talk about marriage, kids and how many dates you should wait before going all the way. Best to get all that stuff right out there. Confidence is key. You should probably go right ahead and state that you don't really intend on striking out. But also maybe try the "There's Something About Mary" approach so you're not too eager. Sex is like getting a loan. If you need the money, you probably won't be getting it.

I need to go and trim my toenails. Thanks for the reminder.

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

1. Google doesn’t provide usch interesting blog fodder though!
2. I am still reading my copy of “Brief history Of Time” that Anthroslug bought me… I have no idea what a quark is, but I am hoping to “get it” at some point.
… and I don’t think it makes it moot… just different. But again, I don’t really “get it” all yet.

3. What a wonderful question.. and what a trippy journey down memory lane as I think about some of the my worst dates ever…. I think this might get a blog post all its very own but off the top of my head? Don’t flirt with the waitress, Don’t only pretend to pay attention, Don’t throw a hissy fit when I buy the coffee, Do have an opinion of your own, and lastly please don’t take my picture and then send it to your mom on our first date.

Mojo said...

Oh I can top all five of those in one sentence.

Don't try to convert me to Buddhism on the first date.



It's not that I object to Buddhism -- or Buddhists -- I don't. Not any more than any other organized religion anyway. But really, isn't that jumping the gun a little?

Maybe it's just me.

Jeremy Rice said...

I believe that should absolutely get a blog post of its own.

Anonymous said...

Ever been to Yahoo "Answers"? [shudders]

Anndi said...

Why would you quit coffee?

The soup looks like something my dog threw up this morning.

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

@Mojo: Heee… but why not? Never to early to convert! :P

@JRice: /agree…

@Kimbo: Yahoo Answers is truly a sign of the end of days.

@Anndi: I know right? Ew!