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And now for something else....

I am thrilled that Obama won.. and morally horrified by my fellow Californians who chose bigotry over common sense.

BUT… instead of complaining or commiserating… I instead will get back to the reason so many of you bother to click over here.

An amusing story!

A few weeks ago I was in San Francisco hanging out with the delightful Stacy. The weather was clear, the streets were full of the usual colorful characters…

We headed to Japan Town for some shopping and spent time in an adorable mall. I wish I had taken photos, the place was amazingly designed and decorated.

And they had a Dollar store.

Let me just say… I love Dollar Stores. You can find some of the weirdest stuff there… and this was a Japanese Dollar Store… sot he possibilities were endless!

After spending time looking at the mini cups and plates, the random muffin holders and straws and stickers and some odd shaped things that it was impossible to know for certain what we were looking at… we headed to the front of the store.

“I’m thirsty,” I told Stacy. She waved me towards the fridge cooler and I ran over and grabbed a bottle of water off the top shelf.

Outside I opened it up and took a huge swig… of what was definitely NOT water.

It looked like water.. it was clear. The label was dark blue with white writing.. like so many of the bottled water companies do….

And yet.

Closer inspection of the bottle showed me this:

Yes, you read that right.

Mmmm Mmm!

Lesson: Actually read the labels of things you buy.. especially in Japanese Dollar Stores.

Post Script: Stacy by the way had noticed what it was that I had been mindlessly purchasing. She told me she just thought I was “hard core” and had passed it off as one of those wacky things that make me so much fun.

Little did she know.

Oh… and because I know you are all curious, it tasted like lemon lime water.


Mojo said...

Well at least it didn't taste like sweat. I guess that's something.

I'm just as appalled at some of my neighbors for their attitude towards the new President. I'm sure that some of them had other reasons for voting the way they did, but I know the people of this state well enough to know that a great many of them voted for McCain because, "They call it the 'White House' for a reason!"

At least in CA you had a decisive majority. Here in NC, they still haven't called it one way or the other because there were fewer than 20,000 votes between the two. I can only take comfort in the fact that those 20,000 votes went Obama's way.

That said, we did manage to get rid of Liz Dole, so I'm calling it a win.

Kaylia Metcalfe said...


Yes, I was pleased to read that Hagan had beat Dole.... primarily because of this fiasco.

One can only continue to hope that things continue to change for the better.

I have faith.

Robin said...

Okay, serious ick factor on the sweat thing *shudder*.

As for the politics, Prop 8 cast a long shadow over the day's joy.

Jeff B said...

I'm both glad that Obama won and that all of the campaigning is over. We had a Senate race here that was about as nasty as the come.

Bottled sweat. . . now why didn't I come up with that?

Anonymous said...

Wow... You drank sweat. That's intense, but what in the hell is a pocar?

Anonymous said...

I was in Japan 2 years ago and as I speak absolutely no Japanese I would try random items from the convenience stores. I loved Pocari and I remember thinking it was water also. I loved the taste and it was amazingly refreshing in Tokyo's stifling heat and humidity. Even better than Pocari was Mieji chocolate, Mieji Black was my favourite. I may have to visit the city soon to see if I can find some Mieji and Pocari!

Hooray for the election results.

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

Robin: Indeed… it didn’t taste that bad, but aso, after forcing a few friends to try it, the half empty bottle is sitting with pride on top of my TV… I can’t quite bring myself to finish it or throw it away….

Jeff B: Makes you wonder eh?

Jeff: Intense… or Hard Core!!??!! And… I have no idea.

Myrelish: I can see how ii would be good in the right circumstances… and I am so glad to know I am not the only one! If by “the ciry” you mean SF… heck yes come on over!

Dianne said...

the new credo of the privleged class?

"let them drink sweat"

Lordy, lordy, lordy ...

I'm so upset about Prop 8 and the bigots in FL/AZ/AR as well.

Luis said...

The sweat thing is actually not that bad tasting they have it here in Korea, and its basically an asian "Gatoraide". Pocari actually means god or great one or someothing like that I don't remember. Its just one of the many quirky thing ye find in Korea and the rest of this side of the world.

JayRod said...

What most disturbed me was that you grabbed a bottle with the word sweat on it and drank it.

As for the election, yippie for change, and /cry for the conservatives who believe anything the Utah Mormons can scare them into believing.