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Mashed Potatoes Snoop Martha Style

Ahh Thanksgiving.

There really isn’t much I can add to all the blogs of people saying what they are thankful for.

I am thankful for many things.

Right this second, I am thankful for you tube.

In true Thanksgiving style we have the (clash) coming together of two cultures and the sharing of food.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good night!

Me Likes The Grammar Being Good, Yes

Ever had a love hate / relationship with a song? I do.

It's Diana King’s “Say A Little Prayer For You”

(Diana, not to be confused with Carol… don’t make me hurt you.)

I first heard this song in the movie “My Best Friend’s Wedding” (a movie I haven’t really decided if I like or just tolerate… but the soundtrack is one of my favorites, so there you go.)

Anyway, in the movie the song is sung in a restaurant and in true Hollywood movie style, everyone joins in, knows the words, and is capable of carrying a tune.

Note: This doesn’t happen in real life. Trust me. I have tried.


Of course on the soundtrack you also get the Diana King version:

(let it play while you keep reading)

And I have to say I like this song… for all the reasons the folks in the movie did… its fun to sing along with, its catchy, … and this morning I delighted my fellow train riders with my version of it (complete with hand gestures).


The grammar bugs me.

Would it have killed her to have said “I” instead of “me”?

“… before me put on me make-up…’

Gah! It makes me want to hurl something heavy up the air and then stand underneath it as it falls.

And I totally understand taking poetic license with songs, poems, etc… but what is the gain here? “I” and “me” take just as long to say so the rhyme scheme isn’t in danger…

It just seems like laziness or intentional bad grammar.

Steve Martin on bad grammar in songs:

Mmmm Food

I have said it before, and no one believes me.

My boss is trying to kil me.

Or, at the very least fatten me up.

Today’s case in point:

I love that she thinks of us, that she brings us food.

I love that she remembers that the cafĂ©’ is closed all this week (sending someone who shall remain nameless into a mild panic at the thought of actually having to plan ahead and go grocery shopping.)

But... This?

This is a chocolate muffin of death.

And I did actually plan ahead this week. I brought in this:

A bag of food.

Microwavable popcorn, granola bars, instant oatmeal, crackers, heat’n’eat pasta….

So, I’ll be fine.

But definitely looking forward to next week when Luiz and his amazing breakfast burritos will be back.

Wow, I write about food an awful lot.

Warm Red and Such

Ruby Tuesday!

Red red red…

Oh yes: Still Empty

"le sigh / sob!

In other not so bummed-out news of red… today was the first day it has been cold enough to warrant wearing a scarf for my morning walk to work. This is my favorite scarf, a gift from my former mother in law.

This week is Thanksgiving for those of us in the U S of A… and I know that there are probably many of you who thought there might be decorations or shots of cherry pies or cranberries or whatnot. And on other people’s blogs there probably are.

But here I want to remind all of my readers who will be celebrating Thanksgiving by visiting family or by spending tons of money at the sales on Friday of something very little… something very important…

That’s right folks, buckle up out there. Rain, holiday traffic, and booze laden maerriment don’t always mix all that well.

So enjoy the day, and drive safe.

Oh… and one more Red Thing for y’all.

Yep, my hair has finally been cured of the blondness and is happily back to its (mostly) natural shade of auburn.*

Have a great holiday everyone… I will still be posting this week so if you find the time, feel free to swing on by.

*(Auburn is a redish version of brown… and should NEVER be confussed with “brunette”)

Public Transportation is fun.

Remember this commercial?

How about this one?

Notice a theme?

Sometimes shoving food in either your mouth or someone else’s mouth is a good way to avoid saying the wrong thing.

I have been known, to say the wrong thing. Or, the wrong things. Or too many things altogether.

Some of my friends call this “lack of tact” others call it “one of those things we put up with” and still others run from the room screaming “Too Much Information!”

The thing is, it isn’t always my fault. When people ask me questions I tend to answer them. Sometimes ironically and full of intent to shock… but sometimes my brain doesn’t have time to come up with something witty and I blurt out the truth.

Sometimes there is no filter at all.

I don’t always have a candy bar or a granola bar on hand with which to shut myself up or even to provide a much needed moment for my brain to catch up and filter my mouth… so I have been trying to rely on the old “answer a question with a question” approach for dealing with inappropriate questions… or questions that I don’t want to answer.

“Why do you ask?” Is my favorite… because it is so versatile.

“How old are you?”
“Why do you ask?”

“Do you ride this train a lot?”
“Why do you ask?”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”
“Why do you ask?”

“What’s your five year plan?”
“Why do you ask?”

“Are you right with God?”
“Why do you ask?”

“Hey, I like the way you fill out that dress”

Of course there are situations where the better response is “Leave Me Alone”

Fiction Friday

I was recently directed to Wordsmith… a flash fiction monthly project for writer types.

Hey, I thought, I am a writer type! What’s flash fiction?

It is, I found out, short short short fiction.

Like the kind one could read here or here.

It is sort of like a vignette, sort of like a short story… and sort of fun to write.

“For sale, baby shoes, never worn” (How many of you know that quote without looking it up?)

So here is my first attempt at flash fiction….

(Now that the characters have been created, I sort of want to write an actual short story about them)

Call it a tease, a beginning,

Here was the inspiration point:

“There’s too much green” she said and laid the canvas down.

“Not really,” he was only slightly defensive and he picked it back up and lay it gently with the others.

She shrugged and walked to the window pulling aside the gingham red curtains and regarding the street below with an apathetic eye.

“My mother made those curtains,” he said to her back because he felt like something ought to be said.

She turned toward him and shrugged again, “We don’t have to talk.”

He nodded and pulled his glasses on gesturing to the stool.

With the ease of practice she shed her clothes, half heartily folding them in a pile. It wasn’t sexual, this removal of clothing, and it wasn’t enticing. She disrobed as she would at home in front of the chair, in front of an empty wall. That’s probably how she sees me, he thought, if she thinks of me at all.

Just a blank wall.

He rolled the charcoal between his fingertips and looked at her on the stool.

“It’s a magical forest, its clean and fresh.”

She blinked at him but said nothing.

He began to rub the charcoal on the paper taking a delight, as always, in the sound it made. Her form emerged.

“It has to be green. Otherwise what would be the point?”

She closed her eyes, shutting him out, and stretched out her arms catching the pose as if pulled from thin air and holding it as if frozen.

He didn’t bother to talk again, just caught her in the shadows and kept her half hidden.

Friday: My head hurts.

Day two of no coffee.

I am going to all kinds of fun to be around this weekend.

But Happy Friday anyway….

Yahoo… how do I love you…

First of all, this photo is all kinds of funny… the lame kind of funny, but still. Let me save you the hassle of clicking on the article… the reason “you” don’t have a girlfriend is because of the following 5 things:

You suck at eye contact
You have bad eating habits
You don’t clip your toe nails
You order food at restaurants like a “girl”
You have a fatalistic attitude about getting anywhere with women.

Ordering like a ‘girl”? Really?

Maybe you don’t have a girlfriend because you rely on yahoo to give you dating advice like “remember to clip your toe nails.”

The real crime here is that the other headline… the one about Einstein and science has to share space with this sort of relationship drivel.

More things to get you ready for the weekend:

For a different look at buying a house.. as in, maybe you shouldn’t ever really bother.

Jean Claude Van Damme… Sexist or just unaware of what is appropriate dialogue with a female reporter. Either way, -gag-

Cigarette companies market to teens? Well, that isn’t all that new… but cigarette packaging marketing to women in cute little purse packs.
(Because nothing says "hip" "trendy" and "sexy" like lung cancer, phlegm that can stop traffic, and the smell of eventual death.)

And lastly, am I the only one who think that this soup both looks and sounds disgusting?

Happy Friday

No More!

What’s wrong with this picture?

That’s right. It is empty. An empty coffee cup.

Why is it empty? Are we out of coffee?


Are we out of creamer?


Are the coffee makers broken?


And yet….

Hello, My name is Kay and I am an addict. I have built up an addiction to caffeine.

And yesterday my doctor told me in no uncertain terms that I have to stop.

Cold Turkey.

I have an allergy that can no longer be ignored.

No more coffee.

No more tea,

No more soda,

None for me.

And no more chocolate.

Le Sigh

Just an update:

If you haven’t heard by now the California Supreme Court (in a 6:1 decision) decided to hear the lawsuits that have been filed against Prop 8.

In case you are wondering what those lawsuits are.. what they are arguing, what they are trying to do…

At issue

1. Does Proposition 8 make such a far-reaching change to California's Constitution that it amounts to a constitutional revision, which requires a two- thirds vote of the Legislature to be placed on the ballot?

2. Does Prop. 8 violate the constitutional separation of powers by restricting judges' authority to protect the rights of same-sex couples?

3. If constitutional, does Prop. 8 invalidate the 18,000 same-sex marriages that took place in California between June 16, when the court's ruling legalizing gay and lesbian unions took effect, and the election?

In celebration of the Justices decision and in celebration that the time line is a few months and not a few years, a group of about 30 people gathered last night at City Hall.

Again the spirit was of hope, of a diverse community coming together, straight, gay, black white, same struggle same fight… protect love, gay or straight, protect love, repeal eight!

Lest We Don't Protest

“One two three four, we won’t take it anymore!”

“You gotta Fight, for your Right, to stuuuudy!”

“Gay Straight, Black White, Same Issues Same Fight!”

Over the years, I have attended many rallies, protests, sit ins, demonstrations, and instances of activist civil disobedience. I have been interviewed and photographed by the press (radio, television, and newspapers). I have been yelled at by the public and by cops. I have had things thrown at me, been insulted, and been spit on.

And without fail, someone always comes up to me either during the activity or in the next week and asks me why I bother. What’s the point?

Which are two very different things.

Why I bother: I protest, attend rallies, and willingly join in a community of like minded upset individuals because I think it is important to do so. Because it can be fun. Because it can be comforting to see others who feel the same way.

Because sometimes it works.

And that gets into the point… and in many cases, that IS the point. For most of the rallies and protests I take part in, the point is a combination of heightened awareness and call to action. Sometimes there is a bit of education and team building.

It is one of the ways that we can come together and say “you are not alone!”

On Saturday The Man and I, along with a few hundred others, gathered at City Hall in Santa Cruz. This gathering was what all rallies strive to be… optimistic, educational, community based, loud, and meaningful.

There was a series of speeches from community leaders reminding us that the fight isn’t over, telling us of precedent, showing us hope. Later, there was a group march to the clock tower with people singing, chanting, and waving at the passing cars that almost all honked in solidarity.

Of course there were a few “YES” on 8 people there… one man in particular who not only hid his face behind a mask but also raised his sign and hid when I tried to snap his picture. One has to wonder.. was he afraid of bad treatment at the hands of the people who’s rights he had mocked with his vote? Perhaps he was ashamed.

A few other highlights:

“Remember” we were told, “There are Christians on our side as well… there are people of faith that believe in equal rights.”

Cheers from the crowd.

“Remember,” we were told, “There are straight people on our side… this is not a gay only fight. Thank you to our straight friends!”

Cheers from the crowd.

“Remember,” they told us, “The judges who started this whole thing need our support. They might be Republican, but we can look past party lines and affiliations… they supported us, we must support them!”

Cheers from the crowd

“Remember,” they told us, “There are two precedents where the voters of CA voted to take away rights and both times it was overturned.”

Cheers from the crowd.

“Remember,” they told us, “You are angry, you are hurt… but let us not loose sight of our community and our goal. Don’t embrace anger and let it fester into bitterness… use your anger as a catalyst for change. Civil rights take time… but have faith on yourselves, have faith in your community, have faith in your fellow Californians… Can we attain equality?”

“Yes We Can.”


I had a great weekend… did you?

One of the best parts about the weekend is spending time with the Man… but another really really really great part about my weekends is the simple matter of…

Sleeping In.

Even if it is only to 8:00… it is worth it.

Because normally…

I don’t sleep in. I get up at 6:30 and leave my apartment at 6:47. I am just grateful that I am low maintenance enough to be able to pull that off. I am also grateful that I do get to sleep in to 6:40 and that I don’t have to get up any earlier.

Oh.. and grateful that because of daylight savings, I get morning views on my walk to work like this.

So there you go, a short and sweet Ruby Tuesday…. Now I am off to listen to my editor tell me all the things I need to do to turn my most recent series of words and sentences into a story worth reading.

Head Over

Warning: The following Adventure in Kay-ness deals slightly with my sex life. For all my family members or friends who don’t wish to know anything about this subject matter, I encourage you to come back to the blog later this week when I will be ranting about something safe and G rated… like shampoo.

As stated before, I am not the most graceful or suave gal on the block. Or the city. Perhaps even the county and surrounding areas. Today’s case in point is brought to you by a mixture of lust and sheer stupidity.

A while ago the guy I had been on and off again sleeping with made the mistake of leaving one of his tee shirts at my apartment. I found it the next morning as I was crawling under my bed looking for an errant shoe. It was one of his many college tee shirts, this one featuring a rather laid back banana slug having what appears to be a very Zen-like moment. Or maybe it's just stoned. Either way, it was one of his favorite shirts as illustrated by the fact that he wore it, like all the damn time. Being the smartass that I am, I decided not to tell him I had found it.

Instead, I embarked on a (mostly) subtle tease via email over the next few days. Referencing some popular outfits from the past (short skirts, cop costumes, you get the idea) and flat out telling him that on Friday he better come prepared for my next amazing “Take me now” outfit.

He seemed okay with that.

I had recently gone bra shopping and managed to get a few sets of nonpadded and yet still feminine and pretty bras with matching panties. (I hate bra shopping…. But that is an entry all its own) While at Fredricks, I had also picked up a new pair of black lace stockings with built-in black lace garter belt… but it was the bras and panties that I was excited about. Seriously, nice bras are hard to find.

So the plan was simple: I would answer the door in jeans and his tee shirt and underneath would be sporting a new bra and panty set. Sexy and yet laid back and comfy…. Plus the plan was to have dinner ready when he got here and there is nothing quite as unsexy as trying to do something mundane like serve chicken alfredo while sporting nothing but lingerie. At least I don’t think so. And knowing me… I would spill, and even if serving up yummy food in lingerie could be seen as sexy, spilling my dinner on myself probably isn’t.

After dinner, I would give him back his shirt and model the new attire. I was sure he would approve.

Simple plan yes? How, you might be asking yourself, could she have messed this up?

Friday night: He calls, on his way… I teasingly again reference the fact that I will be wearing something that he will want to remove post haste. I have this phone call while sitting at my desk having already done the massive clean-up-the-clutter and take-out-all-the-trash that usually happens as he is on his way over and had gotten ready… ie already in the jeans and tee shirt.

He drops the bomb: “Will be there soon, at home now, am changing into something special myself,.”

“What?’... Better question, “Why/”

“It seems only fair, you're dressing up for me….” And with that he hangs up and I go into mild panic mode.

It is one thing to tease about dressing sexy and then to answer the door in jeans and tee shirt (even with sexy black things underneath). It is totally different to answer the door in jeans if he is making an actual effort to dress up for me.

So… crap.

Ok ok Ok, I tell myself, you can do this… just pull out something sexy or naughty or something and forget the whole tee shirt idea. Pirate wench costume? Naughty schoolgirl skirt? Bondage babe? Slinky club hopping rave outfit? Pink lace baby doll? Is it time to break out the brand-new-tags-still-on-it corset that I have been secretly afraid to try to get myself into?

But… I really wanted to wear the tee shirt. I liked the idea… I actually like the shirt… and being slightly goofy and laid back about sex is so totally liberating and wonderful. Plus I think he will get kick out of seeing it.

But how to make wearing a tee shirt (a tee shirt made for a guy who is 50 pounds heavier than I am and almost a foot taller), how to make this baggy tee shirt look sexy?

I systematically reject a few basics… Not going to wear just the tee shirt… that shape will do nothing for my shape. Not going to tie it up or belt it down… Not going to just hold it… Think woman! You have like 30 minutes!

Ok, how about this… teeny tiny plaid skirt, stockings, garter belt, tall pointy boots, sexy bra and panties and big baggie tee shirt over it. We will just have to have sex before dinner. I can deal with that. (Actually, that might be more fun) Got a plan! Great!

Ok… so here is the short skirt… the boots… the bra and panty set…. Where the heck are the stockings?

I look, I look, I look again. Nothing. Nada Zilch. I pull everything out of the lingerie drawer. Nope.

This is stupid, I tell myself, I just bought a brand new pair, I could wear another pair… but I need to know what happened to the new pair, and besides, they are so pretty, and new... And they will march what I am wearing.. and they are neeeeeew! And I want to wear them!

Like you do whenever you lose something, I backtrack. “Ok, first I took the bras our of the Fredrick’s bag… then I tried them on again, then I put them away….. then I took out the trash….”

Oh crap.

Quickly, I pull on my jeans and slip into my sandals and head out into the dark parking lot. This isn’t gross, I tell myself, the stockings are in a cardboard box thingy in a bag that is in another bag that is sitting in the dumpster which really is just a big green box. It was almost totally empty when I took the trash out before so it's not like I won’t know which bag of trash I am about to go rummaging through.

Our complex keeps its dumpsters in these little enclosed gated areas. I pull open the door and enter the dumpster lair. It smells really bad out here despite the fact that the dumpster is almost completely empty. The top of the dumpster, by the way, hits me at just about two inches lower than my collarbone. So, yeah, kinda high.

Trying not to think about what I am doing, I stand up on my tip toes and reach down into the big green box of horrible smells.

And of course, can reach nothing.

I try again, and again, and even give a futile try in climbing up the side of the damn thing… no dice.

There is a small ledge that runs against the edge of the gated area… I grab onto the dumpster and pull with all my might and after several attempts manage to inch the beast closer to the ledge so I can add a whole whopping two inches to my reach.

At this point, I am getting worried about the time, about falling in, and about the smell. I don’t want him to hug me hello, comment on the outfit and then pass out from the stench. And I am still wearing his tee shirt.

Simple solution, no? Take off the shirt.

I do this and carefully fold it and place it on the top of the gated wall (not on the ground or anywhere near the dumpster) I am still a bit concerned about the smell getting on my bra, but I have a spare of upstairs… so really… without my concern for his shirt, I am now newly optimistic.

Perched on my tip topes up on the ledge, I am leaning, leaning, leaning in, arm outstretched, fingertips grazing the edge of the plastic bag….

The gate opens.

A middle-aged woman in a sweatshirt does, what under other circumstances, would have been a delightfully funny double take and then stars open-mouthed at me.

Topless, lace bra styling, dumpster diving me.

There are no words, but I try anyway;


She blinks.

I try again, “I…’

She stops me with an upraised hand. Then, she carefully slides herself around to the other side of the dumpster and, her eyes never leaving mine, she drops her bag of trash in. Still staring, still with the upraised hand of “please don’t talk to me” she grapevines back around the dumpster and carefully closes the gate behind her.

Then she breaks into a run, and I, still almost upside down and still unable to reach the trash bag, listen to her run off into the night.

I decide to forget the stockings. Let's just call it a twenty buck lesson in being more careful when you take out the trash.


Yes, I have been a bit quiet this week.

I haven’t been feeling well and I have been super busy being all sorts of prolific (short story style)… in my continued quest to keep my editor happy, my mind limber, and my future bright.

Tonight I head to Santa Cruz for the weekend where there will be wandering strange roads, warm (late November!) weather, a rally/protest, and hopefully the viewing of the new James Bond movie.

Sorry this week was a bit, err weak… come back next week for topics like:

Lest I protest too much: Why do people protest… and why you should care
How much information is too much information?
Ways to make your neighbors fear you,
The Importance of the “Just Right” Shampoo.

Until then, be good… and enjoy the following:

The Weight of A Month

Just over a month ago I wrote this post.

Time to check in.

I weighed myself this morning and was surprised to see 132. So, a bit of weight loss… and at the very least, a lack of gaining which is really what I was going for.

I have been trying to be better about eating real food… and despite the occasional lapse and “oh no, I forgot to eat dinner tonight” for the most part I think I am doing pretty well.

Yesterday I ate a lot of fruit, some cheese, some granola/yogurt, pork fried rice, and half a chicken burrito… oh and a mocha and a large cup of coffee because I am, after all, an addict.

Thanks for all the well wishes and optimistic thoughts!

Good and Bad

Ruby Tuesday already? Indeed.

Ok, so because I am a tad lazy and (much more than) a tad behind in other projects you get a different sort of Ruby Tuesday this time around.

Two subjects: things that I like to be red… and things I really really don’t want to be red.

My eyes: Bad when red. Which can be hard to avoid seeing how I look at spreadsheets (both on and off the computer) all day at work and my laptop most the time when I am not at work. Even the TV shows and movies I watch tend to viewed on my laptop… which makes for a lot of screen time.

Starbucks… always good. Holiday flavored Starbucks drinks/ Even better!

If (no really it should say ‘when’) these little lights turn red… sadness and cursing ensues. I pay for my internet. I love my internet. Don’t deny my of my internet or I will call you and complain loudly, oh so very loudly, until you fix my internet.

The toaster. To be specific, the toaster getting all red hot and making toast. I love toast. LOVE it and besides woman cannot live on mochas alone (much as I may want to….) And yes this photo is hopelessly blurry… but I actually like the way it looks so much that I decided that I wouldn’t bother to retake it. Sometimes blurry is pretty. Don’t mock.

Moles and other random discolorations on my skin. We all have them… and they need to stay whatever color they come in as… a change to red means bad bad news. In my case, one such mole turned red while I was in high school and just to be on the safe side they decided to remove it… and because I was a wuss who hates pain and couldn’t be counted on to hold still while they did this to me, I had to be held down… oh, the mole in question? On the back of my neck. Seriously… that sort of bizarre nightmare inducing trauma does not go quietly into the nigh, let me tell you.

Power light… I had to move my surge-protector-multiple-plug-in thingy up on top of my desk so I would quit kicking it by accident and turning everything off. Because that really really really gets annoying after say the forth time in a span of 45 minutes.

Candles: now hear me out… some candles are supposed to be red… and some are supposed to be white… and if you accidentally put them in the same zippy bag when you move and then forget to unpack them, well they share the red experience and end up looking kind of crappy.

Other things that shouldn’t share the red experience? Any and all of my white clothing. I have plenty of red clothing thank you very much… some things need to stay white.

Yay for Apple and things being under warranty so that when they break or get confused or think you are trying to be a hacker or something, they can get fixed for free!

There you have it.. a mix-n-match version of Ruby Tuesday! Now, back to the short story grindstone.

Monday's are made for mochas.

Congratulations to J-Bug, Big T, and Baby O who will be welcoming a new member to their family sometime in June. I am so thrilled for all of you!

In other happy news, my beloved San Jose Sharks put on a fine show on Saturday night… defeating the Dallas Stars.

It was The Man’s first hockey game and he was lucky enough to see a fight, a 28-seconds-to-go-in-the-game-winning-goal and even some empty net action. Sorry Jay and Chris, but hockey beats football every time :) Oh... and Mojo, I WILL be watching Tuesday’s game… hope your Predators can bring it :P

I had another one of those Kay-style adventures that makes Jessica shake her head and mumble things about committing me… will hopefully find the time to tell you all about it soon.

In the meantime:
When shopping carts refuse to leave home.

And today’s prize for “well,… duh!” headlines goes to my very own San Jose Mercury News for this gem: “Crime study finds link between violence and gangs”

And lastly, just an update:

11/6/08; the County of Santa Clara filed a lawsuit with San Francisco and Los Angeles that petitions the California Supreme Court to direct State officials to refrain from implementing, enforcing or applying Proposition 8.

The lawsuit asserts that: "the California Constitution does not allow a bare majority of voters to divest a minority group of rights conferred by the equal protection clause. The 1911 Amendment to the California Constitution creating the initiative process provides that, while initiatives can amend the Constitution to help further its purpose, initiatives cannot be used to revise its basic structure, which includes the notion of equality. Thus, Proposition 8 is not a valid constitutional amendment."

It will be interesting to watch this whole thing continue to unfold.

Very cool

Look what just came in the mail.

Its official; I now have permission to leave the country.

How awesome is that?

Are you kidding me?

So I was so distracted with what Californian’s were doing to the constitution, I almost missed what the crazy people in Arkansas were up to on Tuesday.

Being Twits

If you live in Arkansas , you cannot adopt or foster a child if you are not part of a heterosexual marriage. So not only do gay couples not get to adopt… but no single parents either.

No single parents. Because single parent households must be defunct in some way. Kids brought up with one parent will obviously grow up to be delinquent members of society, living off of welfare and participating in unsavory life style choices.

Like this man who was raised without his father.

Spice it Up... Sometimes

It is so nice to see the “Peace” blogs filling up my BlogRoll…. If I wasn’t allergic to most Memes (in this case allergic means “can’t find the time for”) I would have participated. But since I didn’t… umm.. Yay Peace! Give Peace a Chance! And Peas… give peas a chance too, they are good for you and fun to eat. Oh, and while you are at it… give Tofu a chance! Seriously, that stuff is good!

And you know what makes tofu even better? Spices! Sauces! Things that have a bunch of different flavors!

In other words… variety.

Variety itself is a funny concept. There are some things that need it, run on it, are simply not at all fun without it while other things are (in my opinion) simply better being routine.


Last night I spent some time ripping music from CDs and importing the songs into my iTunes (fixed the weird color problem by the way, just a setting in Vista…. Grrr Vista). I ripped Dean Martin, Shakira, and then Sarah Brighton. Mmmmm eclectic taste in music….

Yesterday I spent a good portion of my time debating about such things as gay marriage and poverty… and also wrote about the bottle of sweat. Because really… nothing says well rounded person like admitting that I bought a bottle of sweat while closely examining a political process with people who disagree with you.

See… variety is a good thing! And it can be an essential part of understanding your fellow society members. I daily interact with people who disagree with me on a variety of subjects and people who have vastly different tastes in things than my own refined palate. (And with the exception of those of you who still cling to the notion that rap is a form of music, I support your wildly amusing sense of taste.) I am ocasionaly mystified by these folks who don’t share my view of the world… many times frustrated when I can’t understand… but mostly I am thankful to be able to interact with them, to be able to find some sort of common ground, to be able to learn and grow as a person.

But there are some area where variety just isn’t really worth it.

Leave my popcorn alone damnit.. it doesn’t need your cheese, your caramel, your extra butter… (ick!) it just needs to be worshiped as the nearly perfect food that it is!

Also… fashion.

My dear friends Jackie and Leah once held a sort of impromptu intervention for me to discuss the lack of color variety in my wardrobe.

Seems all I was wearing was black, red, and dark blue (jeans)

They practically forced me into garments of green and pink and white and even an ill fated brown.

I have since gone back to my ways of mostly red, black, blue… with the occasional white and green thrown in for good measure because there is something comforting in knowing which colors I look decent in… and something really nice about the whole mix and match style of lazy fashion choices.

Monday: black tee shirt,
Tuesday: (new from Mervyns) green sweater
Wed: red sweater
Thursday black and red sweater set

Everyday so far: jeans and black boots

I am a creature of habit. I am soooo very much okay with that.

And for a fun spin ‘round the net to check out a variety of blogs about peace… check out my BlogRoll before people start posting about other things.

And now for something else....

I am thrilled that Obama won.. and morally horrified by my fellow Californians who chose bigotry over common sense.

BUT… instead of complaining or commiserating… I instead will get back to the reason so many of you bother to click over here.

An amusing story!

A few weeks ago I was in San Francisco hanging out with the delightful Stacy. The weather was clear, the streets were full of the usual colorful characters…

We headed to Japan Town for some shopping and spent time in an adorable mall. I wish I had taken photos, the place was amazingly designed and decorated.

And they had a Dollar store.

Let me just say… I love Dollar Stores. You can find some of the weirdest stuff there… and this was a Japanese Dollar Store… sot he possibilities were endless!

After spending time looking at the mini cups and plates, the random muffin holders and straws and stickers and some odd shaped things that it was impossible to know for certain what we were looking at… we headed to the front of the store.

“I’m thirsty,” I told Stacy. She waved me towards the fridge cooler and I ran over and grabbed a bottle of water off the top shelf.

Outside I opened it up and took a huge swig… of what was definitely NOT water.

It looked like water.. it was clear. The label was dark blue with white writing.. like so many of the bottled water companies do….

And yet.

Closer inspection of the bottle showed me this:

Yes, you read that right.

Mmmm Mmm!

Lesson: Actually read the labels of things you buy.. especially in Japanese Dollar Stores.

Post Script: Stacy by the way had noticed what it was that I had been mindlessly purchasing. She told me she just thought I was “hard core” and had passed it off as one of those wacky things that make me so much fun.

Little did she know.

Oh… and because I know you are all curious, it tasted like lemon lime water.

Lesson Learned


Apparently the universe,
the spaghetti monster,
the cheese man,
or whoever/whatever is in charge up there read my hubris laden “bring it on!” blog post where I pretty much said that I was a fan of the unexpected.

It heard… it laughed… and my iPhone died.

The internet also crashed spectacularly but after an hour of major bitching I was able to get at least that back up and running.

The iPhone on the other hand is still dead.

Dead and mocking.

I spent over two hours trying to fix it last night… and (wait for it)… another two hours on the phone with tech support this morning. I was seriously on the phone with them at 5:30 AM and it was after 7 when they pretty much threw up their hands and told me to bring my phone into my nearest Apple store.

My nearest Apple store? HA!

So, after work today I get to brave the impending rain, the darkened skies, the voting crowds, and the south San Jose Light Rail system for a two hour trek to Oakridge.

It is odd… I spent a good portion of my life without a cell phone… and yet I feel so totally vulnerable and cut off today. Note to self: purchase a cheap back up phone for emergencies… and somewhere write down people’s numbers and contact information.

Further note to self: Do Not Tempt Fate.

Cute... or Just Creepy?

Ruby Tuesday!

Ok ok ok… I will have flowers in my Ruby Tuesday… at least this one time.

Sometimes the photos are cute… sometimes they feel slightly stalker-ish and creepy. You decide.

We took a break from the rainy weather and went to Monterey for the afternoon on Sunday where I saw these very pretty red flowers on the roof of the Hilton.

… and here is the slightly creepy counterpart.

There was also the red brick courtyard… and this photo is bad because I was trying to be all sneaky and take it without anyone noticing. Woot for candid photography yes?

And this is the same red brick area but from up on a balchony watching two children play.

Lastly, we stopped at Casa De Fruita for some dried fruit fun and to buy some fruity flavored wine (Jessica and I plan on trying the blackberry wine sometime next week). This is what greeted us when we pulled in.

Demonic and creepy yes? (The pumpkin, not the man)

It gets better.

Or worse, depending on how you look at it… I tried not to look at it for long.

I mean really… why would this make you want to pull off the road and pay too much for dried fruit? Who falls for that?

Oh, right.

Anyway, I think they went beyond the scope of even possible cute with those two.

And now I have scarred you for life.

Happy Tuesday!

New Month Fun

Hello all… I hope you had a great weekend! I spent mine being lazy and spending time with The Man who was lucky enough to get sent home early from the forest.

And taking really nifty photos.

Mmmm nifty…..

Anyway, this wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t wax slightly poetic about something and find a profound meaning in something arbitrary right?

So here goes;

I was planning on one type of weekend… and was lucky enough to have my plans changed for me. Sometimes it isn’t what you plan or what you are looking forward to that makes you happy… it is the surprise and unexpected.

Other recent unexpected and yet nice surprises?

Mervyns is going out of business due to what is rumored to be a hostile takeover by corporate raiders. Which means that stuff is on SALE!!!!!!!

Supernatural: (the TV Show) is cheesy and campy and yet thrilling and oh so fun… and I owe my newest television obsession to Mark.

Although sometimes we have the unexpected and annoying… such as the fact that my iTunes has decided to turn itself bright eye searing pink and I cannot seem to find a way to make it go back to normal.

Also.. the brand new sky lights that are in my office sprung a few leaks over the rainy weekend.

This shouldn’t tickle my funny bone.

And yet...

The lesson in all this, of course, is that while the unexpected isn’t always good… it is always interesting.

So, keep it coming!