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Update on Writing: As some of you know, I am working on an actual writing project. You know the kind where I actually finish writing something and submit it…. Yeah, one of those.

Which is why I am not blogging fiction as much… why I am not having as much of a social life…. And why I have taken down a few posts.

A few of the fiction pieces that were here on this blog were early drafts of things I am hoping to make beautiful and readable and awesome. I have left the beginnings of these up for your viewing pleasure, but if you are interested in reading the whole thing (in its glorious finalized version) then send me well wishes on getting them actually published.

Believe me, I will let you all know when/if that happens.

Update on Paul: (Faces on a Train): After a few more misses and a few myspace messages, he asked me out for coffee. I politely declined seeing as I spend my weekends with the man I am seeing (The Man) and Paul promptly disappeared. POOF! He was gone. Oh well,

Update on the diet:
Don’t ask.

Update on the Job Search: Things look good. My manager has requested that my contract be extended (again).

Thanks for reading!

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JayRod said...

On Paul: Everyone wants to have you, lucky Matthew.

On diets: they suck, just enjoy things and when pants don't fit, buy new pants.

On jobs: glad you have one, I still need one. Send me happy thgouths as I will once more throw myself out there in the hopes someone will want me to work for them.