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Town Hall Meeting!

My notes while watching the debate (town meeting style!)

What would your main priorities be? In what order?
McCain: Everything, at once, (optimistic, sure… but realistic?)
Obama: Energy, health care, education.

Sacrifices what would you like us to do?
M: nothing, we can do it! (optimistic)
O: energy… how can you use less?

On the onset McCain was doing better, but as it went on, he lost it…. He came off as slightly smarmy and again there was that folksy feeling that I actually find condescending and very annoying.

Obama got better as it went on… both of them hated the time constraints… how is this diff from a regular debate?

Obama, Entitlements: lets do it, have lots of other stuff to do, in my first term
McCain: it isn’t hard, we will find a way

McCain highlights his ability to reach across the aisle… again. But we have made it 46 mins without the word Maverick, so there that. Doesn’t always answer the question… ok, to be fair they both do this, but by my count McCain’s lack of answers is dwarfing Obama’s

Argue mostly about taxes… Obama will give you a tax break or will raise your taxes depending on who you listen to. His plan actually sounds good and he does respond to McCain’s problems with his tax plan. And voting records…. Did you vote yes on that? Well yeah, but this is why… Did you vote no? Yes, and here’s why…..

McCain: nuclear energy
Obama has mentioned clean coal a few times, which is a total crock… this worries me actually. Also talks about nuclear as well as solar and wind. (Ahhh, wind farms… I spent a very romantic evening once on a wind farm… more on that later,)

Tom has to KEEP asking them to keep it short.

McCain’s “my friends’ should have been the drinking game for tonight… also maybe “pork barrel spending” Oh and why does it bother me that he keeps pointing at Obama…. It might be dramatic but it looks childish and rude.

Health insurance: Obama had some actual practical ideas… preventative research, medical records on the computer so as to say money. Make it easier to purchase.
McCain jumps on the wagon for medical records online and being efficient…. But still the difference is that McCain will give you the 5K money and highlights that small business owners might get fined if they don’t provide insurance. As a person without medical insurance because of the cost, I think I would rather have the options and who needs to be able to go across state lines? Do people really want to do that/ Why? Won’t that cause more problems? Obama compares that to banking… and look where that got us?

Health care: privilege, right, responsibility… McCain says a responsibility. Obama says it s a right for everyone. (Brings in his dead mother) Obama knocks off his points one by one… totally wins the health care point.

I feel bad for the camera people… these guys keep moving around something crazy and we keep seeing the back of their heads….

McCain thanks each and every person who asks a question. Its polite.

McCain just called America a country of peacemakers. Ironically, he didn’t chock on his words. Again, with the optimism.

Do people really like this pandering? Yes, Americans are super great wonderful perfect awesome… bla bla bla bla

Anyone else find the concept of America’s most precious commodity being American blood kind of a creepy thought… unsettling to be sure.

Oooo now the mud is getting slug… The whole “speak softly and carry a big stick’ kinda bit McCain in the ass… plus he just interrupted Obama while Obama was making the point that McCain isn’t this aster mature old wise man and he (Obama) is just a wet behind the ears newb… let me reiterate, McCain interrupted and tried to make a joke.

There has to be a difference between not telegraphing your punches and being able to make us believe that you actually have a plan.

Does the Georgia / Russia thing remind anyone of the Kuwait / Iraq thing oh, about 18 years ago?

Is Russia an Evil Empire? :
Obama: They behaved in an evil manner.
McCain rambled on a bit but his answer was essentially “Maybe”

What don’t you know, and how will you learn it.
Obama connects to his wife, talks about unexpected challenges, then talked about what he does know…. Family story, food stamps, average means, but he succeeded, and he is glad of his opportunities, wants to pass on that American dream to the next generation. We need fundamental change.
McCain doesn’t know what is going to happen in the world, but he has served the country… oh, here is his family story (both candidates had for the most part single mothers… interesting….) He speaks about camaraderie and he sees himself as a steady hand and wants to continue to serve.

Well, okay so I am not unbiased… but yeah I would have to say that McCain started off stronger but lost it a bit and that again substance wins out and Obama will be getting my vote.

Enjoy the rest of your evening!


Ralphd00d said...

Ya know, sometimes I love reading your insights here.

Other times I don't.

I know this makes you butt hurt, butt oh well.

Be back tomorrow, or next chance I get!

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

Heh, that's ok dOOd, if we agreed on everything, the world would be highly "blah"

Anndi said...

Well said.. written.. you know.

kristen_lee said...

Nice summary - thanks!

Clean coal is actually a legitimate idea. The idea is to capture and store the CO2 gas underground in cavities or in salt water, a process called sequestration. It is believed that the gas will stay underground for thousands of years. Not a perfect solution, but better than the current situation. Google the term "FutureGen" for more info.

"Clean coal conversion" is also an option. Coal is reacted with water, and the resulting Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide are used to create energy.

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

My problem with "clean coal" is the word "clean"... I guess it would make me happier if it was "cleaner".... I am working on a more invasive look at this and other types of energy.... look for it next week sometime.

JayRod said...

I watch this debate and got to wondering, when was the last time they actually debated? It has been a while. I have been watching televised debates since 1992 and they seem to be less and less debate and more and more reciting their campain promises. This just gets old. I have watched all three "debates" so far and will watch the fourth next week, but honestly, they do not impress me.

Oh and, I agree with you Kay, McCain avoids the questions more often and much more quickly (lack of a segway), where as Obama attempt to answer quickly so he can talk about his promises.

Edge to Obama for being able to sit down and be quiet when it wasn't his turn, where as McCain couldn't sit still (old man wandering jokes all over) and wanted to interrupt Obama a few times.