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A Real Feeling

Recently, I visited the blog of Ry. He was an occasional commenter over at Skepchick (a blog that if you haven’t read yet, you really really should).

What I found, when I clicked on his name, was a blog dealing with death. Reading through the entries an image began to emerge… a man, right around my age, was dying of some medical condition and was writing about it… saying goodbye, keeping account, and working through the process of getting ready to die.

Sounds depressing yes? Well… it was… and yet it wasn’t. He had posts talking about all the good things he had been able to do with his life… posts dealing with the joy he had found in life…

It was thought provoking. It was well written.

It was, I found out recently, a hoax.

After Ry’s death and his grieving girlfriend’s final post I received an email from Ry directing me back to the blog where a video of him very much alive and well apologized for the performance art that his readers had been caught up in.

Performance art. O—kay.

The weird thing is that yes, I was emotionally wrapped up (a bit) in his death. I had told The Man that it was an odd feeling to feel bad about a stranger’s death. How then to feel about the stranger’s non-death?

I am not upset as much as curious…

Also… despite how much of it was fake, the general ideas were worthy (the idea that you can care about someone you don’t know, that life is fleeting, that life is precious, etc) In fact, I think the reason I am not upset is because I stumbled upon “something” on the net that made me think, that made me feel, that made me take a look at my own life and ask myself some questions. Despite the fact that the catalyst for my actions was a hoax (art, whatever) my actions and the results of my actions are still valid. (Hmmm so did the ends justify the means?)

I have no shame is saying that I bought it hook line and sinker. I am still wide eyed and innocent sometimes… and I wouldn’t trade that in for anything.

Occasionally I get duped, but I am okay with that.

So thank you Ry… because all in all, this was indeed very interesting.

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