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Random Reading

Oh wow….

A school suspends a kid because he has a mohawk (Rayhawk)… He isn’t a punk rocker, just a sports fan.

How in the world is having short spiky hair on a 12 year old something worthy of getting suspended for? Violation of dress code? Really?

Best line from the article is “No word if the administrators would have preferred [the kid] completely shaving his head so he looked like a neo-Nazi….”

Speaking of p/Punks though… since more and more of us donate and volunteer in slightly different ways… in fact some say it’s a sign of the new generation that we don’t just write a check and then go back to our normal lives… I thought I would pass on this cool way to help others:



Anndi said...

I guess I now know what to buy and donate to the local youth organization. I'M kind of ashamed I'd never thought of it considering how many pairs of socks my daughter goes through.

I've sen some of the stupid hairdos that adults sport.... and they picked on a faux-hawk? Jeez! It could have been worse.... it could have been a comb-over.

Chris said...

Faux-hawks must be stopped!