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. My Take on the Take On Me Version of American Politics

Back by popular demand!!!

aka I was writing a different blog and had a request.

(Don’t worry, I will post a non-politics blog for everyone else)

Yes they are both different… yes they have different priorities… yes they are both using their time and energy to say just what they think you want to hear.

McCain loves the word “repudiate” and Obama has said the word “Look” over and over again… there should be a drinking game for that one!

Oooo yes Acorn, bad bad news. I have often wondered about when we will be changing the way we vote to avoid this type of problem. (I also wonder about the electoral college, but I digress.)

Ahhh yes, the bitterness in the campaign trail. But your supporters called me fat! Well, your supporters are all hicks and liars! Blech

I know that I am biased.. but wow. Obama is a decent public speaker, he doesn’t rush his words, he speaks clearly… and best of all… he doesn’t interrupt McCain. McCain keeps jumping in.

No wait.. Obama interrupts too… the difference is in how they react when they get interrupted… McCain kinda looses steam, Obama just keeps going.

“My campaign is about a brighter future…. And I won’t raise taxes!”

I have to say it again… optimistic, but realistic?

Lets compare VPs… oh man, do we even need to bother? Biden or Palin… who would you rather have dinner with? Who would you rather represent you? Who would you rather be soooo close to the seat of power?

“Americans have gotten to know Sarah Palin, they know she is a role model to women… she is a reformer…” Wait… she is a role model for which women? Where? She is McCain’s breath of fresh air. No honey, that’s not fresh anything… her ideas are old and her politics are stale. Yes she understands special needs… more than anyone McCain knows (he needs to get out more)

Obama calls her a capable politician. Indeed.

McCain: Biden has made foreign policy mistakes. All I can say is hindsight is 20/20.

It seems like the quibble over taxes and the pork barrel spending is the min issue… that is the one that McCain keeps bringing up. Over and over again.

We must reduce our independence on foreign oil. Who hasn’t promised that?

McCain calls attention to some of the vagueness and “political speak” of Obama. Point McCain

Example of McCain being fiest: “Maybe you need to travel down there and then you will understand it…”

Example of Obama dealing with the feistiness: “Well actually, I DO know what I am talking about…” (you can almost hear him want to add, “you ignorant twit”)

McCain just compared Obama to Herbert Hoover. Ouch! (and really not quite right)

Yes yes, Health care is a big deal. Its horrible. It sucks. Can we please move on? You BOTH want to put health care records online. Well, duh. Everything goes online… wait did he just say that employees should reward people for joining gyms? Only if they pay for them and don’t trap them in a horribly evil contract.
Like stupid Bally's did to me.

Joe Plumber: Where are you? Do you have a myspace page? Cuz we should totally hang out sometime. (Oh, here he is)

Ooo some back and forth Obama; “Like I have already said… “ McCain needs to either turn up his hearing aid (yes low ageist blow) or listen to his opponent. Oh, right, I’m an optimist.

And yes, again… I don’t want the health care credit. Anyone out there like myself not have insurance due to cost? I don’t want 5 grand earmarked for insurance. I want normal reliable coverage. Could just be me.

More about Joe. Joe Sixpack is now Joe Plumber. Interesting upward mobility there doncha think?

Roe V Wade: and the coming need to replace Supreme Court justices

(Can I just interject that The Man aka Anthroslug brought this issue up to me almost a year ago. I hope he blogs about it soon.)

McCain: I think Roe V Wade was a bad decision, it should rest with the states, Judges should be judged on qualifications not ideologies. I would consider qualifications when nominating … someone who has supported RvW would not meet those qualifications.

Obama: Judges should provide fairness and justice to the people, it is a moral issue, but there are good people on both sides, women should make the decision, quotes right to privacy, says it shouldn’t be on the state level, rights like this and 1st amendment should be federal, he will look for judges with good record, intellect, and real world expierence.

Equal Pay for Equal Work: guess who was on which side.

McCain: “I don’t know how you align yourself with the extreme…’ /really? He just said that. Wow. Ironic much?

Obama wants there to be exceptions for the safety of the mother…. But supports the ban on late term abortions.

Obama reaches for the common ground… lets avoid unplanned pregnancies… lets provide sex ed. (Genius) Says: “no one is pro abortion”

But McCain comes right back “there are pro abortion women in America” avoids the idea of sex ed. Trumps compassion and courage.

US is full of dummies. (Are they named Joe?)*

Obama: recruit an army of new teachers in math and science and give them higher pay and more support. Lets make college affordable. (Hear Hear) 4,000 bucks a year credit for students who do community service (Awesome!!!! Sign me up!) And oh yes, parents need to be involved.

McCain: education is a civil rights issue, we have already have equal access to schools (we do?) He is trumping choice and competition… charter schools, reward teachers, give parents the choice to send kids to the schools of choice. Money isn’t the answer. Troops for teachers… people can come back from military service and go straight into teaching, no need for certification or schooling (Wait… what???)

Obama: focus on early childhood and yay for charter schools. Oh, they also agree to boot the bad teachers. Who wouldn’t agree to that… really, is anyone going to say “well, no, bad teachers are people too, let them keep teaching” This seems like a “duh” moment to me.

McCain: vouchers work in DC… so that people have same choices as you and your wife and me and Cindy (does he know Obama’s wife’s name? Twice now he has called her ‘your wife”) Can I just point out that DC has got to be a bad bad model for anything? It is tiny, it is out of touch… I mean, think abut who lives there. Now, if he said the state of Vermont made vouchers work… well, sure ok. Now he brings in autism and Sarah and the precious children. Heartstrings being pulled.

Does the superintendent in DC support vouchers of charters… because wow there were some snippy little bitchiness just now. Oh, well… it will be all over Yahoo tomorrow.

McCain gets a little dig in… but his attempt at sarcasm just rings as sad.

Closing statements:

McCain “My friends!” (I was waiting for it) Record of reform, healthcare should be affordable, education should be available for everyone, stop the spending that is robbing the children of the future. Can you trust us? You can trust me to be a careful steward of the taxes. Whole life serving the nation. Long line of McCains… let me continue to serve.

Obama: Thank you everyone. America is going through tough times, current administration has failed us, the biggest risk we could take is to adopt the same policies and politics… we need change and he is the guy for that. Fundamental decency and generosity for the American people, we need to invest in ourselves, tax cuts for middle class, health care, education, energy research, lets grown the middle class, Its not easy, its not quick, and we need to come together in a spirit of sacrifice and responsibility. I promise to work tirelessly on your behalf and on the behalf of your children.

The end!

“Go vote now, it will make you feel big and strong"

McCain tells Obama good job. I agree.

Oh wait, the talking head just labeled Joe Plumber the spokesperson for the demographic.

Brokaw just named Joe the winner. Seriously.

*Sorry my real Joe, just couldn’t resist after all the six pack and plumber jokes.

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