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More Than Just The End of the Month

That’s right… it is the end of the month. Time to pay rent. Time to buy a new bus pass. Time to realize there are only56 days until Christmas.

But also…. Halloween!

Halloween, for some people, is a time to look back at those who we have lost in the past year. Whether they call it Samhain or Day of the Dead … to many this is a serious time to reflect on the impact the deceased have had on us.

RIP Grandpa Terzo. You are missed.

For others, it is all about the candy.

And for a few brave souls it is a time for dressing up and making a fool out of one’s self.

(As I did last year)

There are a lot of cliché things about Halloween… the witches, the gouls, the vampires… but today I wanted to give a little love to the Zombies.

Zombie: mostly dead brain enthusiast who has given up on materialistic needs and a well rounded diet and instead spends his or her time in the endless pursuit for brains. One has to admire this steadfastness of purpose.

But it raises an interesting question:

Why brains?

Is it because of the yummy and Scientifically Awesome Brain Cells? Or the fact that the word “BRAAAAAAIIIIIINS” is fun to moan at your victim? Could it be that our brains embody the idea of intellect and culture… and the zombies are just jealous?

Whatever the reason, in honor of Halloween and zombies everywhere (corporate zombies, political zombies, and even the flesh eating zombies in WoW….) Here are a few Things Worth Reading (Seeing)

Zombie Style!

Zombie Strippers! (the movie)

I cannot wait to someday play this Zombie Board Game

And of course... 5 Ways a Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen

And lastly I shall leave you with this, the best zombie video/song ever!
(safe for work)

Guaranteed to make you laugh!

Enjoy the day tomorrow everyone, Be safe!


Mojo said...

Uhhh... the I Can Haz Brainz one cracked me up but, the costume shot? Take me away officer, I confess. I did it!

Mojo said...

Oh. And about the "Braaaaiiiinz" thing. I believe that actually started with the 80's cult classic Return of the Living Dead. According to this piece of cinematic history, it apparently hurts (a lot) to be undead, and the only thing that eases the pain is noshing on a fresh cerebellum.

And you gotta believe a movie when its advertising tagline is: "They're back from the grave, and ready to party!"

This was also the masterpiece that gave us the line "Judy, if you love me... you'll let me eat your brain!!!"

Happy Birthday to your mom by the way. If I'd only known...

PS: Did I miss it, or did you leave out Rob/White Zombie?? Say it isn't so! The guy who gave us the "Living Dead Girl" and "Dead Girl Superstar" didn't make the list?? *sigh*... kids today...

Kay said...

Glad you liked the cop costume... I am a pirate wench this year!

Are you kidding? "More Human THan Human" is one of my all time fave songs!

I just went for the vido here because it is a bit "safer" for work and a few of my more "gentle" readers.

I really need to watch more zombie movies.

(Shaun of the Dead changed my life once....)

BPOTW said...

I never knew zombies wanted to eat brains. I had never heard of Samhain before either. I learn something new everyday!

Thanks for submitting your post!

Ralphd00d said...

Seeing the pic pf the candy corn made me think back earlier this week. I was listening to a talk radio show here int he Valley and they were naming off the top 5 things kids hate for Halloween.
5. Dum-Dums - MAn, I love these suckers!
4. Smarties - 'They're like dust" But man, that's like true sugar!
3. Candy Corn - where else can you get closer to sugar than these or pixie sticks?
2. I don't remember this one....
1. toothbrushes - I can understand this one

Three outta Five are like the best things... can you believe the kids nowadays?!?

Robin said...

Personally I'm partial to the Kingston Trio's Zombie Jamboree. An oldie, but definitely a goodie.

JayRod said...

But where is the picture of your costume this year???