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Mmm Mmm Good!

Hey look! A Ruby Tuesday entry!

This is the fridge in my office. Yes that office.

There are five of us in the department… and if your counting skills are up to date you will see that there are five different red capped bottles of creamer in our fridge.

The natural conclusion is that we each have our own and we don’t share… but actually we each bring one in.. and then we all share. Which is not only nice, but also extremely yummy.

Every morning I brew a pot of Starbucks coffee and then add a healthy dose of some sort of flavored creamer.

Ok, so maybe it isn’t healthy… and maybe I drink too much of it... but damn, is it good!

Plus, I like to think that our shared coffee creamer is a symbol of how people from different walks of life, different political backgrounds, different religious affiliations can come together and share in the joy, the rapture, the supreme yumminess of flavored coffee!


Pia K said...

That looks yummy, and what a pretty latte heart too. Have a good RT!

Anonymous said... I dunno why LJ won't let you do it...I sent myself an anonymous on...and I used open ID to send u this.... your compy already dispises my work? *sniff*.

Dianne said...

the latte heart is lovely

and the fridge photo is very creative

socialworkeratheart said...

so what's your fave flavor?

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

I think the vanilla chai is way up there on my list. Which is odd, because I normally hate chai with a passion that I usually save for reckless drivers and people who insist on dressing their dogs up in frilly costumes. (Sorry Stacy)