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Horses and Singing about Grammar... but not Singing Horses (maybe next week)

It is Friday. I am off to spend the evening near the ocean and the rest of the weekend being productive and writing with The Man. I might take a few moments off to hang with the delightful Death Chic(k) and hopefully finish my ever elongating BlogRoll.

Thoughts for the weekend:

What kind of horse sticks her head in a tree? What kind of person … before cutting said horse free with a chainsaw, stops to take a photo?


And then there is this:


Anonymous said...

That video made me laugh... Especially at about 2:30.. I seriously LOLed at the guy dancing in the middle.

Dillo said...

I have friends that are sooo addicted to photography that they don't leave the house w/out camera. They'd take the pic of the horse.....Funny. I'll have to stop back in and investigate yer blog further later.....

Re the Boy Scouts....the standard is "To do my duty to God and my country..." And even though some, like your boyfriend, and myself, didn't always live up the the standard...If you are living for God, even if it's not Christ---the only true God), most religions have standards for sexual purity. So either stress the standard...or change the Scout Oath. That's what I'm sayin....

Thanks for stoppin by....

maryt/theteach said...

Ha! Kay, loved it! I give it a 10 and you can dance to it! Great! :)

Anonymous said...

I think the horse knew, just as most of us do, that it's almost always more fun stickin' our heads where they don't belong. . . even if we have to be rescued by someone with a chain saw than just standing around eating hay.

In the old days. . . before everyone had a camera all the time. . . we just had to live with the shame visited upon us by a few close friends and family. . . These days we still have the shame of course but we might get some adsense dough too. That's called progress.

And. Um.

The secret word (in comment moderation) for letting me type this comment is "sneltsil". . . and an anagram for "sneltsil" is "tell sins". . . holy cow.

Hope you're having a good day.

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

@Detroitus: Glad to hear it, maybe we should practice and so our own version next month in SF with the skepchicks :P

@Dillo: Ahh yes, I would agree… stress the code or change the code. Otherwise it seems a bit silly. I am trying not tbe one of those photo addicts, but everytime I don’t bring my camera with me, I wish I had…. Thus the joy of a camera phone!

@Mary: thanks for stoping by! I will have a Ruby Tuesday up this week, promise!

@Koe: I think you are right about the horse… The article did say that they couldn’t figure out why she had stuck her head in there…. In the old days I would sometimes embarrass myself in front of family and friends. No-a-days I blog about it and share it with the world. Because, why not? : )