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Happy Birthday!!!

This weekend is Jia's birthday.

It is his 29th birthday, he is getting old, (heee) so originally we had thought big party, … sunset cruise around the bay… dinner at a fun restaurant…. Merry making by the light of hundreds of hunky sailors who have descended upon SF for fleet week and our enjoyment….

But no.

See the tickets are expensive and we are all broke. Some of us went on vacation this year. Some of us are saving up for moving in the not too distant future. Some of had unplanned medical bills pile up. Some of us are more interested in paying rent. Some of us had all those issues plus much much more.

So, the plan has changed.

Really, the important thing is to be with friends and loved ones and celebrate Jia… we can pretty much do that anywhere, but we wanted something special.

A restaurant where there is a thunderstorm every 30 minutes seems oddly appropriate.

Plus there will be animatronics animals.

And being on the wharf, there will still be plenty of sailor types rambling around. We hope.

I wasn’t involved in last year’s planning… he pretty much just said “My birthday dinner at BJ’s, be there” and after giggling like a 12 year old about the name of the place I grabbed myself a date and showed up. (this year I am date-less because The Man is out digging holes in the forest.)

We ate, we talked, later we had fruity cake and crappy beer back at Jia's and my date made freinds with my ex and I made plans to go dancing.

I have no idea what to expect this year, especially since our guest list keeps changing.

It might just be the two of us wandering the wharf and trying to ignore the fact that we are getting OLD.

Speaking of getting old... Baby O just turned 3.

(Insert "awwwwww" here)

And for a blast from the past... my former high school best friend Michael just had a birthday as well.

Also... Denise, Debbie, Julie, and Susie. Oh, and Kathy and Jo and Anndi.

All with early October birthdays.

Damn, that's a whole lot of winter time lovin'.

Happy Birthday to everyone! (and if I missed you... let me know!)

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Thanks babe!