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Gamers, Science, Bras, and More!

Its Thursday... blogs everywhere are talking about politics (I did!) and people everywhere are wishing it was tomorrow already.

Here are a few things to make you smile... or at least think.

No matter how bad your day goes today, just think... you could have been in a meeting with your boss's boss talking about your furure at the company when your bra decided to be dramatic and snap. Litterally SNAP goes the right strap... and down goes the right boob. Also, it hurt... and the bra is beyond repair. I guess I should have noticed it was fraying. Upside? I get to go bra shopping!

Gamers Beware! Aparently being quick on the draw in game can make you a bit too quick on the draw in more real life and intimate settings as well.

Wal-Mart is trying to kill us. Well no, but they are selling water that isn't all that pure.

McCain's campaign promises to keep science funding. (This is a good thing)

Why Science is not only important, but Downright Cool!

From the article:

The invention of the incandescent bulb created the pattern for home lighting: Our light sources are small and bright. Maybe there are a few in the center of the ceiling, and a few in the corners of the room. Because they're too bright to look at, they need to be reflected and diffused with lamp-shades and frosted glass. OLEDs could overturn all that, with broad, diffuse light sources bathing rooms in a gentle glow. Photographers go to great lengths to diffuse the illumination they use when shooting portraits, because they know we look our best in soft light. The big glowing sheets could also make light sources out of everyday things. GE imagines putting OLEDs on the inside of window blinds -- pull them down, light them up, and you have light streaming from the window, even at night. You could even make OLED wallpaper, since the material is flexible.

In other news: The Man has returned safe and sound (yay!), Vader might start blogging again, and someday soon I will have an actual BlogRoll up and running.

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