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Cooking... or Rather, Not

My room mate Jessica and I have really worked out a great system.

She cooks.

She cleans.

I provide snark and entertainment…. And occasionally bring home flowers.

But the other night I fulfilled my Room Mate Good Deed for at least the month.

I came stumbling in drunk.. no wait, different story. I came home and found Jessica watching anime In the living room eating something that smelt terribly yummy. I headed into the kitchen to nuke myself something that would smell, well hopefully not terrible and would hopefully not taste horrible (you never know with microwave dinners, the fun of discovery if this would be another “mmm good” or a “oh gag!” is indeed part of the fun.)

For some reason I didn’t turn on the kitchen light… maybe I was being considerate to her movie, most likely I was being slightly lazy… but anyway, I entered the darkened kitchen and found this…..

Yep, my awesome room mate super cool cook extraordinaire had neglected to turn off the stove.

Its not that big of a deal, and it really is the first and only time she has ever done this in the entire ten months we have roomed together… but I did get to feel all smart and adult when I got to (only slightly) gloatingly point it out to her.

Then she asked me to turn it off for her…

… and I got to feel really really stupid as I clicked through the knobs trying to figure it out. Because even though we have lived here for ten months, I think I have used the stove a total of 4 times.

I don’t cook. I warm things up.

It works for me.

But in my defense, I have never left the microwave on.


Greyscale Territory said...

Hilarious post! I used to cook when the children were young, but now almost never! My partner does all the cooking thank goodness!

Dirk said...

Lovely story! Me and my wife both love to cook, so we're lucky I guess.

Robin said...

Too funny.

Mojo said...

Very cool shot! And a great story to go along with it.

maryt/theteach said...

Kay, great post - very funny! Those damn electric stoves - who can work them. I can't ! Happy Ruby Tuesday!

~Just Me~ said...


Anonymous said...

I left the fridge running once.... ;)

JayRod said...

But have you left uncooked chicken in the microwave . . . wait, that was me, well have you dropped food in the ovne while it is still . . . wait, me too, hmmmm, red wine on the ceiling???