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Bloody Worth It

Yesterday, in the middle of buying winter boots (a pair of sensible ones and a pair of rockin’ sexy ones), buying winter skirts (see the same characteristics as above), fighting with my credit card company (“Yes I am me… no I have no idea what my saving account number is off the top of my head and no I have no clue as to what my favorite childhood toy was when you asked me back in 2003!”), arguing with the sales girl at Victoria’s Secret (“I don’t want a padded bra! Don’t you sell anything that isn’t padded AND isn’t ugly?”)… in the middle of all that the blood bank called me.

Because my blood is awesome.

I told her I was planning on donating early next month after a steady diet of spinach and burgers. She told me that there is a shortage right now and they would love it if I could donate this week… like tomorrow.

This morning for breakfast I force fed myself sausage and bacon with my eggs. For lunch there was spinach salad. For afternoon snack there was granola and nuts and raisins. I ate more today than the last three days put together it feels like.

And then after work, feeling oh so very bloated, I headed down to the blood bank. I am actually lucky.. it take a little less than an hour to get there from my office... just a hop skip and jump... or in my case, a walk, train ride, walk and then I am there. Ready! Willing! Hopefully not anemic!

The visit started off like normal… I arrive, read the material (again), give my information several times to several different people, answer questions about my health (again) have my tempreture taken, my pulse taken, my blood pressure taken… and then they do a finger stick to make sure I have enough iron in my blood to donate. This is the tricky part; my number has to be over 12 or they send me home.

Oh yeah…. 13.5! That is my all time high! Which means two things. My “healthier diet since I decided to try to eat healthy has actually been working and also I get to donate blood!

I like to donate blood. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel helpful. I strongly recommend that everyone go out there and donate… because, what do you have to loose? (Except a bit of blood.)

After the finger test they send you off to another room where someone else checks your vitals and asks you again for your name and other information. Then comes the finding of your vein, the cleaning, the iodine, the needle, the squeezing of the little ball, and eventually the “all done!” which is always followed by the cookies and juice.

One should always, always always eat cookies and drink juice after giving blood.

If you don’t sit there long enough, or eat enough, or drink enough… you wind up almost passing out on the Light Rail, sitting down on the sidewalk at random points on your way home, your head in your lap trying to talk yourself into not puking, and eventually passing out on the living room floor only to be awaken forty minutes later when your room mate comes in, turns on the light, and almost screams in surprise at finding your prone pale body on the carpet totally blocking her path.


Back on topic. No matter what your political alligence is, no matter how much you can donate money-wise to causes big or little, no matter if you are too busy to run or walk or climb mountains for the cure of something or other… almost all of us can donate blood. Every two seconds, someone needs blood and only about 5% of the US population donates on a regular basis. That’s just pathetic. It doesn’t hurt that much, it doesn’t take that much time, and it is so very very worthy.

Seriously, Donate!.

As long as you eat the cookies, you’ll be glad you did.

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