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Be The Cause

I was a little worried about volunteering. To be honest, the idea of the phone bank kinda creeped me out. I hate telemarketers. I hate them like most people hate them, but I hate them special because at one point in my youth I was one.

Its true.

Don’t hate me because I was desperate and needed a job I could do at home.

Anyway, after trying (not that diligently or that successfully) to convince a few hundred old people that they NEEDED this particular prescription plan, I gave up, called it off and moved on. (To a much better gig at the Psychic Friends Network)*

Anyway! Back on topic.

I feel pretty strongly about Prop 8. For me, its not a gay issue, it’s a civil rights issue. People should be allowed to get married. To Who They Want. Period. I have friends who want to get married someday… some of them are gay. I don’t think they should have fewer rights because there is still a pervasive religious zeal to many of our laws. (Hello? Separation of Church and State?) I mean… okay, you think gay marriage is wrong because it goes against your religion. Fine. Don’t get married. But there is no reason that my rights or the rights of my best friend or my uncle or whoever should be impacted or dismissed based Solely on Your religious views. They are your views. Not mine.

And that I think is the issue. When the religious framework of one group impacts the daily lives of another group in such a negative manner than I don’t think we should sit idly by and allow it to happen.

Ok ok ok, I’ll stop with the preaching. Back to the topic:

Because I don’t have oodles of extra cash, I can’t give financially to the No On 8 campaign. But I can give my time.

(and it is a lot of time… it takes me 2 hours to get there and 2 hours to get home afterwards)

Which is what I did on Monday night. I went to the De Frank Center (The LGBT center here in San Jose) and joined my fellow volunteers (there were about 30 of us) and we called people.

We called and called and called.

“Hi! I’m Kay, a volunteer with No on 8, the Equality for All campaign. Have you heard about Prop 8?”

“How do you feel about same sex marriage?”

A lot of people were ambivalent or they just hung up. Some people were bitter and angry. A few people were happy to hear from us.

And that was all well and good. In fact the phone bank part was just fine… we weren’t harassing people, just asking where they stand and offering to answer any questions they might have had. (the recent ads by the opposition have been highly misleading)

What I really liked though, what I really got out of it was the sense of community that came with volunteering in the first place. Here were all these strangers that had come together with a unified goal. It warmed my heart.

It made me remember other volunteering projects I have been involved with. Sometimes just knowing that there are like minded people out there makes a difference. Sometimes working with them can impact others for good as well.

Volunteering was great. I plan on doing more of it. And I encourage you all to do it as well.

*You might think I am joking, and I am… sort of… another story for another blog on another day, Promise.

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JayRod said...

Good for you, Volutneering is a good thing. As much as republicans make fun of "Community Organizers", such people have to get people to give their time freely to accomplish a comon goal like the one you participated in. And yes, I recall the pyschic friends thing, add for the job didn't at all sound like what it was and I recall that is where we came up with our new card game.