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Awww Nuts.

“Would you like some nuts?”

I glance up, eyes bleary from looking too long at spreadsheets full of numbers and long foreign addresses.


“Nuts,” she shakes the container a bit, its one of the paper bowls from the cafeteria that people use for oatmeal or soup. (I have one on my desk for pennies.) “I brought in nuts.”

Let me pause here and say that my boss is either trying to kill me or fatten me up. Maybe both. She is constantly bringing in things like fudge, “gooey butter cake”, or triple layer coffee cakes. She doesn’t eat any of it (she survives on a diet of coffee and raw veggies it seems) and the other gals in the office really only take polite nibbles. This leads to the leftovers hanging out on the communal table forgotten and rejected. Which leads to me grazing a bit every so often. Less in the last oh, six months or so since I have been trying to be better about eating healthy.

My boss is a very organized person who can’t tolerate waste. Leftovers are almost a personal affront. Without fail, she will bring the last piece of cake, the final doughnut, the dregs of the pudding over to my desk and offer it to me.

Apparently, I have, somewhere along the line, given the impression that I don’t get enough to eat. Which is silly considering that I eat both breakfast AND lunch almost every day. Oh, so maybe I have given her the impression that I LOVE to eat. Whatever.

I know it is her way of being nice… maybe it’s a maternal instinct thing to feed the young one of the office. But seriously? I can’t eat all these leftovers! Especially the ones that are chocolate seeing as I am allergic, something I have told her hundreds of times.

Back to today: “What kind of nuts?”

“”Almonds,” she beams down at me, “They’re pretty good.”

I look into the bowl and see:

… which doesn’t really make me all that excited.

“No, thanks, I’m good.”

“”They are good… I have a whole bunch.” She puts the bowl down on my desk and grins at me.

Apparently I won’t be able to get off that easy. I decide to take one for the team. It is, after all, just a nut.

“Are they normal almonds?” I have one in my hand now, it feels odd, rough, “I’m watching it this week; still need to be able to squeeze into my costume on Friday.”

“No, they’re dipped in dark chocolate. But you know, still, healthy.”

Awww Nuts.

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Anonymous said...

I think I like your boss......