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10 Years

My 10 year high school reunion is tomorrow night. I won’t be attending due to a myriad of reasons one of which was that I thought (up until yesterday) that I was going to be out of town tomorrow night.

Now that I know I could have actually bought the ticket and gone there is a part of me that wishes I had done so. Most of me, however, is okay with the fact that I won’t be there in the Chicken Coop drinking overpriced wine and looking around the room trying to remember names and anecdotes.

But because I am me… I pulled out a list of the things that I have done in the last ten years (plus a few months) since I graduated from High School.

Since the spring of 1998, I ….

moved 11 times
went to college, (3 of them to be exact)
changed my major from English to Sociology to Business to Film and back to English again
got a degree (BA in English)
got married,
got divorced,
wrote some, read some, saw many movies
had a variety of jobs including everything from retail, food service, selling avon, to working in marketing, fraud investigation, and now general admin and auditing
had three gym memberships
had 4 personal email addresses
started playing WoW and got addicted
stopped playing WoW (am relieved)
started drinking in earnest
quit drinking in earnest
met some very cool people
been mugged 3 times
was introduced to such things as: coffee (mochas for the win), Buffy, punk music, backgammon, intimacy, myspace, video games, downloading music, yoga, table top games, itunes, paganism, skepticism, atheism, voting, porn, David Lodge, paying rent, physical therapy, internet forums, vibrators, television (and cable!) artistic photography, cooking, new types of dancing, data entry, riding in small planes, doing my taxes, blogging
lost a few friends along the way
been to 3 funerals
been to 10 weddings.. (was in 5 of them)
made my peace with the past
traveled for work and for family and best of all for myself
went vegetarian for a bit
gained 35 pounds… lost 35 pounds
got myself into a bit of debt
made a movie
lived in a rented room, lived with a significant other, lived with a friend, lived alone
lost my religion, found something better
had awesome horrible dramatic interesting dating experiences
had all sorts of madcap adventures with friends and by myself (public transportation is oh so fun)
met some goals, did not meet other goals
reconnected with my sisters
changed my name (legally!)
watched a dear pet die
threw some awesome parties… with hats, with masks, with 7 courses of Italian food, with scavenger hunts, with music and dancing and laughter and best of all friends
was in a car accident, was on the scene right after one as well
was hit by a car (while on the sidewalk) (multiple times)
slept in some weird places
got all feminist and radical and protest-y
simmered down (somewhat)
got hurt (physically and emotionally)

Obviously that isn’t everything… but it gives you a taste and me a fun walk down memory lane.

I cannot wait to see what the next ten years of my life will bring me.


Ralphd00d said...

Heh! Could you explain a bit more about the "artistic photography"?

And who the hell is David Lodge?

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

I will leave the explanation to “artistic photography” to your imagination… but you are probably on the right track.

As for David Lodge, he is a brilliant British author whom I adore.

Anndi said...

I think that list would make an excellent meme...

Got hit by a car while on the sidewalk MULTIPLE times???

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

Meme away :)

Yes, and I think that I will be blogging about it in the not to distant future,

Because... seriously, it sucks to get hit by a car. It really really sucks.