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More Than Just The End of the Month

That’s right… it is the end of the month. Time to pay rent. Time to buy a new bus pass. Time to realize there are only56 days until Christmas.

But also…. Halloween!

Halloween, for some people, is a time to look back at those who we have lost in the past year. Whether they call it Samhain or Day of the Dead … to many this is a serious time to reflect on the impact the deceased have had on us.

RIP Grandpa Terzo. You are missed.

For others, it is all about the candy.

And for a few brave souls it is a time for dressing up and making a fool out of one’s self.

(As I did last year)

There are a lot of clichĂ© things about Halloween… the witches, the gouls, the vampires… but today I wanted to give a little love to the Zombies.

Zombie: mostly dead brain enthusiast who has given up on materialistic needs and a well rounded diet and instead spends his or her time in the endless pursuit for brains. One has to admire this steadfastness of purpose.

But it raises an interesting question:

Why brains?

Is it because of the yummy and Scientifically Awesome Brain Cells? Or the fact that the word “BRAAAAAAIIIIIINS” is fun to moan at your victim? Could it be that our brains embody the idea of intellect and culture… and the zombies are just jealous?

Whatever the reason, in honor of Halloween and zombies everywhere (corporate zombies, political zombies, and even the flesh eating zombies in WoW….) Here are a few Things Worth Reading (Seeing)

Zombie Style!

Zombie Strippers! (the movie)

I cannot wait to someday play this Zombie Board Game

And of course... 5 Ways a Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen

And lastly I shall leave you with this, the best zombie video/song ever!
(safe for work)

Guaranteed to make you laugh!

Enjoy the day tomorrow everyone, Be safe!

Something to look forward to....

Do you know what exciting things are coming our direction?

Well, there is the election where people from all over the country get to weigh in and help shape our future. Sure.

There is my darling mother’s birthday. (and if I get my act together, there will be a post about that tomorrow morning.)

Halloween! Oh yes, with the dressing up and the eating of candy! You all don’t want to see my costume do you? You do? Well, stick around!

And there is Day Light Savings! Whoo hoo! I know you are all as pumped up for this bi-annual event as I am!

What? You aren’t? You don’t really care?

Well… ok… but maybe you don’t care because you haven’t read this hilarious post.

That’s right. Our highly industrial country with its status as world superpower is home of some of the dumbest people on the planet.

What was that about an election?

Happy Thursday!

Shout Out!

I am on a few blogrolls… and I am not only honored and thrilled but also aware that I don’t have one set up over here.

Until today!

Today I have made a blogroll to encourage you, my faithful readers, to visit some other wonderful blogs.

There are a lot over there… some are blogs of people I know in real life and some are places on the web where I lurk. (I have them in alphabetical order for now, I was thinking about making it ‘most recently updated, still not totally sure….)

(There are also several people I wish would blog because what they write to me is so damn funny…. Chris, Jia, Lily, Jessica….)

So there you have it… go forth… and enjoy!

(but come back occasionally!)

A few notables:

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RalphDood My first online blog friend

Anndi One of the sweetest bloggers out there

Robert Who I thank for the Show Me... Project and really hope will invite me back for whatever he has plans for next!

And one of my personal heroes when it comes to blogging, writing, thinking, …. The Magnificent Greta Christina

Last “notable” my favorite place to hang out online.: The Skepchick Blog

The rest of the Blog Roll is over to your right… scroll around in the fun filled blogsphere and be sure to let your new friends know I sent you their direction :)

Awww Nuts.

“Would you like some nuts?”

I glance up, eyes bleary from looking too long at spreadsheets full of numbers and long foreign addresses.


“Nuts,” she shakes the container a bit, its one of the paper bowls from the cafeteria that people use for oatmeal or soup. (I have one on my desk for pennies.) “I brought in nuts.”

Let me pause here and say that my boss is either trying to kill me or fatten me up. Maybe both. She is constantly bringing in things like fudge, “gooey butter cake”, or triple layer coffee cakes. She doesn’t eat any of it (she survives on a diet of coffee and raw veggies it seems) and the other gals in the office really only take polite nibbles. This leads to the leftovers hanging out on the communal table forgotten and rejected. Which leads to me grazing a bit every so often. Less in the last oh, six months or so since I have been trying to be better about eating healthy.

My boss is a very organized person who can’t tolerate waste. Leftovers are almost a personal affront. Without fail, she will bring the last piece of cake, the final doughnut, the dregs of the pudding over to my desk and offer it to me.

Apparently, I have, somewhere along the line, given the impression that I don’t get enough to eat. Which is silly considering that I eat both breakfast AND lunch almost every day. Oh, so maybe I have given her the impression that I LOVE to eat. Whatever.

I know it is her way of being nice… maybe it’s a maternal instinct thing to feed the young one of the office. But seriously? I can’t eat all these leftovers! Especially the ones that are chocolate seeing as I am allergic, something I have told her hundreds of times.

Back to today: “What kind of nuts?”

“”Almonds,” she beams down at me, “They’re pretty good.”

I look into the bowl and see:

… which doesn’t really make me all that excited.

“No, thanks, I’m good.”

“”They are good… I have a whole bunch.” She puts the bowl down on my desk and grins at me.

Apparently I won’t be able to get off that easy. I decide to take one for the team. It is, after all, just a nut.

“Are they normal almonds?” I have one in my hand now, it feels odd, rough, “I’m watching it this week; still need to be able to squeeze into my costume on Friday.”

“No, they’re dipped in dark chocolate. But you know, still, healthy.”

Awww Nuts.

Running With The Short Ones

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid?

I don’t.

I remember certain aspects of childhood (legos, frozen otter pops, my first Barbie) and I remember certain moments of my childhood. (taking piano lessons, watching my little sister be born, helping my dad with the burn piles on the ranch) but the general feeling of actually BEING a child…? Nope.

I was at a birthday party on Saturday night for a three year old. It was the classic sort of birthday party… balloons, cardboard hats, pizza and it was fun to be on the “adult” side of things drinking cheap red wine, talking about everything from politics to embarrassing college stories, and watching the children play.

And boy did those kids know how to play. There was the tickling the daddy, the uncle, the sibling, etc game. There was the playing with the new toys game. But the best game of all was the running around in circles game.

I guess it was just a matter of time before the excitement of the day, the sugar from the sodas and the birthday cake, and the thrill of being let loose took hold and led to the running. Still, it was adorable to watch.

At one point it looked like the birthday girl herself was being chassed, brand new stuffed beaver clutched to her chest she scampered past us screeching and giggling. A few moments later her brother and cousin came careening around the corner also screeching and giggling. It took me a second to realize they were on a loop… they just kept coming around and around and around until it was impossible to know who was chasing whom or why.

They ran and laughed with total abandon. Secure that the game was going to continue. Secure that the adults nearby would be there in case of a scrapped knee or a scary “POP!!” of a balloon. They ran and laughed and it didn’t matter who was chasing whom or why. The thrill was in the movement, the chase itself, the whole fun filled game of it all.

I don’t remember that feeling exactly. I don’t even know if it would be possible to after doing the whole growing up part of life. And even though there is a tinge of sadness in the adage that “youth is wasted on the young,” I am fine with that.

Because, I got to watch them experience it even if they didn’t know how fleeting it all is or how precious it all is or how lucky they all were.

I felt pretty damn lucky to have been there, to have been there in both ways.

And unlike the birthday girl, I got to stay up late.

Cooking... or Rather, Not

My room mate Jessica and I have really worked out a great system.

She cooks.

She cleans.

I provide snark and entertainment…. And occasionally bring home flowers.

But the other night I fulfilled my Room Mate Good Deed for at least the month.

I came stumbling in drunk.. no wait, different story. I came home and found Jessica watching anime In the living room eating something that smelt terribly yummy. I headed into the kitchen to nuke myself something that would smell, well hopefully not terrible and would hopefully not taste horrible (you never know with microwave dinners, the fun of discovery if this would be another “mmm good” or a “oh gag!” is indeed part of the fun.)

For some reason I didn’t turn on the kitchen light… maybe I was being considerate to her movie, most likely I was being slightly lazy… but anyway, I entered the darkened kitchen and found this…..

Yep, my awesome room mate super cool cook extraordinaire had neglected to turn off the stove.

Its not that big of a deal, and it really is the first and only time she has ever done this in the entire ten months we have roomed together… but I did get to feel all smart and adult when I got to (only slightly) gloatingly point it out to her.

Then she asked me to turn it off for her…

… and I got to feel really really stupid as I clicked through the knobs trying to figure it out. Because even though we have lived here for ten months, I think I have used the stove a total of 4 times.

I don’t cook. I warm things up.

It works for me.

But in my defense, I have never left the microwave on.

Horses and Singing about Grammar... but not Singing Horses (maybe next week)

It is Friday. I am off to spend the evening near the ocean and the rest of the weekend being productive and writing with The Man. I might take a few moments off to hang with the delightful Death Chic(k) and hopefully finish my ever elongating BlogRoll.

Thoughts for the weekend:

What kind of horse sticks her head in a tree? What kind of person … before cutting said horse free with a chainsaw, stops to take a photo?


And then there is this:

Things To Read for 10/23/08

I have occasionally posted links to random news articles that I find interesting and worth a look… and several of you have written to me saying “cool, thanks for the link” and several of you have written to me saying “get back to the embarrassing stories and more photos showing your belly button.”

I am toying with the idea of making the Link blog entry into a regular thing. But I promise to still keep you all updated on the embarrassing stories. I make no such promises about my belly button.

So here are this week’s Things To Read:

This BikeCam is very cool… and much more useful than the machete video camera that was talked about eons ago.

(Yes I know it was a typo, and I know I have no room to talk, but it still was one of the funniest blog moments for me.)

Sometimes the real world isn’t wacky enough… so people turn to the virtual world to do wacky things like kill a spouse for example..

Retooled Foods… “At the Institute of Food Research in Norwich, England, food expert Peter Wilde and colleagues are developing foods that slow down the digestive system, which then triggers a signal to the brain that suppresses appetite.”

(As someone who is struggling to maintain a healthy weight part of me says “yay!” but there are some serious risks and control issues to think about as well…)

Something to add to the Christmas list… Eminem has written his memoirs. (Really)

Bloody Worth It

Yesterday, in the middle of buying winter boots (a pair of sensible ones and a pair of rockin’ sexy ones), buying winter skirts (see the same characteristics as above), fighting with my credit card company (“Yes I am me… no I have no idea what my saving account number is off the top of my head and no I have no clue as to what my favorite childhood toy was when you asked me back in 2003!”), arguing with the sales girl at Victoria’s Secret (“I don’t want a padded bra! Don’t you sell anything that isn’t padded AND isn’t ugly?”)… in the middle of all that the blood bank called me.

Because my blood is awesome.

I told her I was planning on donating early next month after a steady diet of spinach and burgers. She told me that there is a shortage right now and they would love it if I could donate this week… like tomorrow.

This morning for breakfast I force fed myself sausage and bacon with my eggs. For lunch there was spinach salad. For afternoon snack there was granola and nuts and raisins. I ate more today than the last three days put together it feels like.

And then after work, feeling oh so very bloated, I headed down to the blood bank. I am actually lucky.. it take a little less than an hour to get there from my office... just a hop skip and jump... or in my case, a walk, train ride, walk and then I am there. Ready! Willing! Hopefully not anemic!

The visit started off like normal… I arrive, read the material (again), give my information several times to several different people, answer questions about my health (again) have my tempreture taken, my pulse taken, my blood pressure taken… and then they do a finger stick to make sure I have enough iron in my blood to donate. This is the tricky part; my number has to be over 12 or they send me home.

Oh yeah…. 13.5! That is my all time high! Which means two things. My “healthier diet since I decided to try to eat healthy has actually been working and also I get to donate blood!

I like to donate blood. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel helpful. I strongly recommend that everyone go out there and donate… because, what do you have to loose? (Except a bit of blood.)

After the finger test they send you off to another room where someone else checks your vitals and asks you again for your name and other information. Then comes the finding of your vein, the cleaning, the iodine, the needle, the squeezing of the little ball, and eventually the “all done!” which is always followed by the cookies and juice.

One should always, always always eat cookies and drink juice after giving blood.

If you don’t sit there long enough, or eat enough, or drink enough… you wind up almost passing out on the Light Rail, sitting down on the sidewalk at random points on your way home, your head in your lap trying to talk yourself into not puking, and eventually passing out on the living room floor only to be awaken forty minutes later when your room mate comes in, turns on the light, and almost screams in surprise at finding your prone pale body on the carpet totally blocking her path.


Back on topic. No matter what your political alligence is, no matter how much you can donate money-wise to causes big or little, no matter if you are too busy to run or walk or climb mountains for the cure of something or other… almost all of us can donate blood. Every two seconds, someone needs blood and only about 5% of the US population donates on a regular basis. That’s just pathetic. It doesn’t hurt that much, it doesn’t take that much time, and it is so very very worthy.

Seriously, Donate!.

As long as you eat the cookies, you’ll be glad you did.

Think About It

I promise that in about two weeks I will stop blogging so much about politics and get back to telling you all embarrassing stories or trying vainly to be creative. In the meantime….

As you all probably know by now, I support same sex marriage and am a strong supporter of the NO on 8 Campaign going on here in CA. (If you need a refresher, click here or visit The Man's Blog where he makes a compelling argument in his “Measure” piece and a few wonderful points in the comment section of his “Request” piece.)

So anyway last weekend while walking around Scotts Valley trying to stir the creative juices and get some fresh air we passed a corner where there was not only a “No on Prop 8” sign but also a “Yes on Prop 8” sign. (And because I am a dolt, I didn’t snap a photo to insert here.)

And for just a moment I contemplated ripping down the “Yes” sign.. or at the very least moving it behind the “No” sign. In the end though we kept walking and I consoled myself for my lack of action by telling myself I was too good to stoop to such a level.

Besides, even though I am a strong believer in free speech and such, I tend to think on the whole political signs and advertisements are rather silly and in some cases a waste of time. Do they even work? Maybe I am biased because I do vote, I know when and where and don’t need to be reminded… and better yet I try to make an educated vote and thus the constant bombardment of things political can make me feel overwhelmed… plus with the signs I have to wonder about the clean up crew. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen signs laying in the dirt weeks after an election. For shame.

But signs seem to be at the very least only slightly invasive. They aren’t like commercials that repeat and repeat and repeat until you feel you could recite them for memory. Do political commercials work? I know they are a useful way of spreading lies, (here again) but do they actually help people make up their minds?

Recently (and don’t ask me how or why) I was invited to offer my views and opinions on a few of the Propositions we CA people get to vote on this time around. I first answered demographic questions.




Registered to vote?

Political Affiliation?

Wait, back up a second… the survey got a bit insistent. Do you consider yourself a…. and then listed all the major (and some of the minor parties)Nope

Fine, it said, if you had to pick a party you are closest to in ideology, which one would it be?

At this point I thought I might be politely asked to shut up and go away, but with a heavy computer sigh my refusal to label myself was tolerated and we moved on.

Have you decided how you will vote on Prop 5?

(Which is true, Prop 5 is one of the ones I keep planning on researching because I just don’t know enough about it. In fact, prior to this survey, I couldn’t have told you what Prop 5 even was.)

I was then invited to watch an ad for the “Vote Yes on Prop 5” campaign. I did. The ad was a bit alarmist and focused on taxes.

Now, after watching the ad, will you vote Yes on Prop 5?

Fine, but if you had to decide right now… how would you vote on Prop 5.

Ok… fine.. here’s another ad for “Vote Yes on Prop 5”.

(This one was obviously geared towards yuppies and had happy smiling people giving each other high fives. Nope, not making that up.)

Now, after watching this ad, will you vote Yes on Prop 5?

Fine, but if you had to decide Right Now… how would you vote on Prop 5.

This continued… and continued… and continued. I ended up watching 7 different advertisements that were all “Yes” ads for Prop 5. And my answers didn’t change.

And the survey got upset with me.

After 7 attempts to sway me with bright colors, catchy music, alarmist ideas, emotional pleas, financial tales of woe, happy happy joy joy attempts to capitalize on any idealism I might still have… it gave up.

Why are you still unsure how you will vote?
Because, while the ads were compelling, I have only been given one side of the story and until I can get the other side it would be irresponsible for me to vote one way or the other.

While my answers were not what they obviously wanted to hear… I stand by them. I just wish more people felt this way about voting.

Voting: it’s not just a right, it’s a privilege. Do it, but only do it if you can do it well. Or as Kimbo Jones said “Go vote. But if you don't know what you're talking about, stay home. That is all.”**

*I will usually leave this area blank or refuse to answer but in the case of demographic information on such things regarding advertising, marketing, or political views I go ahead and confirm my existence as a white city girl.

** I edited this a teeny tiny bit… because I have yet to use the F-word on my blog and I am saving it.


Aren’t they groovy?

For my non-California readers (yes I know a few of you are out there) an Earthquake is when Mother Nature decides to test our levels of arrogance and shake things up a bit… just to remind us that we aren’t really in control. Think Carol King singing “I feel the earth, Move, under my feet…” and you get the basic idea.*

We get them on a semi regular basis here and for the most part the occasional quake is just another part of what makes living here rather exciting.

For a lot of people in the area, earthquakes really aren’t that big of a deal anymore. We are used to them. They make us pause, glance around, weigh the magnitude, and then (for the most part) go right back to doing whatever it was we were doing. The last earthquake we had, I was at work and after a pause, I went right back to my spreadsheet without a second thought.

Of course… it wasn’t always like that. Just over 19 years ago we had the '89 Quake... and that was one scary thing.

I was at Valco (a local mall) on the catwalk (portion of the mall that crosses over the road) feeding Cheerio’s to my baby sister while my mother had an eye exam. When the shaking started, I was a bit confused….. the fear came when the optometrist bolted out of the room, the lights went out, and a Halloween decoration came to life.

Well, no, but it was a huge glow in the dark skeleton that was flopping all over the place while shelves crashed down, hundreds of little glass bottles shattered, and then there was the noise…. This horrible rushing of air, groaning of the building, and the screaming, lets not forget the screaming.

Me. I was doing all the screaming. My mother had tried to pull baby Kristen out of the stroller but the safety belt had thwarted her attempts and so she knelt on the floor covering the baby with her body and holding me while I screamed what she later called “an amazingly shrill banshee cry” in her ear.** Many of you have never heard me scream…. But let me assure you, I have a set of pipes that never cease to impress at football games, crowded malls, or in Gina’s case, birthday parties. When I want to be loud; I can be really really really loud.

Eventually the shaking stopped and we managed to leave the office. In the mall, people were screaming, people were running, other people were screaming at people not to run (while running). I remember watching the wood floor buckle up and there was still the groaning of the building. In the parking lot, people cried, people clicked frantically through radio stations, and overhead a news helicopter flew by.

I remember that we helped two ladies because they couldn’t contact their families. I remember getting home and seeing the broken glass and that Kristen’s crib had slid across the floor and blocked the door into our room. I remember my dad extolling the benefits of a gas stove and cooking mammoth amounts of spaghetti which we ate by candle light. I remember refusing to sleep alone.

I remember being afraid of the dark, afraid of the aftershocks that came and went without warning in the days that followed. I remember the panic at school, the discussion of safety plans and renewed attention to “duck and cover” drills that later morphed into “duck and hold” drills; staples of a childhood in the Bay Area in the early ‘90s.

Mostly though, I remember my mother holding me on her lap (I was really too big for that but she did it anyway) and telling me that sometimes the earth moved and there wasn’t anything we could do when that happened but hold onto something and wait it out.

Good advice.

In my life there have been many “quakes:” moments when something happens that is scary, moments when my world view is shattered, or my safety net disappears. Her words are still valid. When times of trouble come along and I feel the ground dropping out from underneath me, I do the only thing I can. I hang on and wait it out.

Eventually the lights will come back on.

*My cavalier attitude in no way is meant to offend people who have been injured or lost loved ones or property in earthquakes.

**My mother did not suffer long term hearing loss, but she has never let me live down my earthquake scream.

A Real Feeling

Recently, I visited the blog of Ry. He was an occasional commenter over at Skepchick (a blog that if you haven’t read yet, you really really should).

What I found, when I clicked on his name, was a blog dealing with death. Reading through the entries an image began to emerge… a man, right around my age, was dying of some medical condition and was writing about it… saying goodbye, keeping account, and working through the process of getting ready to die.

Sounds depressing yes? Well… it was… and yet it wasn’t. He had posts talking about all the good things he had been able to do with his life… posts dealing with the joy he had found in life…

It was thought provoking. It was well written.

It was, I found out recently, a hoax.

After Ry’s death and his grieving girlfriend’s final post I received an email from Ry directing me back to the blog where a video of him very much alive and well apologized for the performance art that his readers had been caught up in.

Performance art. O—kay.

The weird thing is that yes, I was emotionally wrapped up (a bit) in his death. I had told The Man that it was an odd feeling to feel bad about a stranger’s death. How then to feel about the stranger’s non-death?

I am not upset as much as curious…

Also… despite how much of it was fake, the general ideas were worthy (the idea that you can care about someone you don’t know, that life is fleeting, that life is precious, etc) In fact, I think the reason I am not upset is because I stumbled upon “something” on the net that made me think, that made me feel, that made me take a look at my own life and ask myself some questions. Despite the fact that the catalyst for my actions was a hoax (art, whatever) my actions and the results of my actions are still valid. (Hmmm so did the ends justify the means?)

I have no shame is saying that I bought it hook line and sinker. I am still wide eyed and innocent sometimes… and I wouldn’t trade that in for anything.

Occasionally I get duped, but I am okay with that.

So thank you Ry… because all in all, this was indeed very interesting.

Mmm Mmm Good!

Hey look! A Ruby Tuesday entry!

This is the fridge in my office. Yes that office.

There are five of us in the department… and if your counting skills are up to date you will see that there are five different red capped bottles of creamer in our fridge.

The natural conclusion is that we each have our own and we don’t share… but actually we each bring one in.. and then we all share. Which is not only nice, but also extremely yummy.

Every morning I brew a pot of Starbucks coffee and then add a healthy dose of some sort of flavored creamer.

Ok, so maybe it isn’t healthy… and maybe I drink too much of it... but damn, is it good!

Plus, I like to think that our shared coffee creamer is a symbol of how people from different walks of life, different political backgrounds, different religious affiliations can come together and share in the joy, the rapture, the supreme yumminess of flavored coffee!

Gamers, Science, Bras, and More!

Its Thursday... blogs everywhere are talking about politics (I did!) and people everywhere are wishing it was tomorrow already.

Here are a few things to make you smile... or at least think.

No matter how bad your day goes today, just think... you could have been in a meeting with your boss's boss talking about your furure at the company when your bra decided to be dramatic and snap. Litterally SNAP goes the right strap... and down goes the right boob. Also, it hurt... and the bra is beyond repair. I guess I should have noticed it was fraying. Upside? I get to go bra shopping!

Gamers Beware! Aparently being quick on the draw in game can make you a bit too quick on the draw in more real life and intimate settings as well.

Wal-Mart is trying to kill us. Well no, but they are selling water that isn't all that pure.

McCain's campaign promises to keep science funding. (This is a good thing)

Why Science is not only important, but Downright Cool!

From the article:

The invention of the incandescent bulb created the pattern for home lighting: Our light sources are small and bright. Maybe there are a few in the center of the ceiling, and a few in the corners of the room. Because they're too bright to look at, they need to be reflected and diffused with lamp-shades and frosted glass. OLEDs could overturn all that, with broad, diffuse light sources bathing rooms in a gentle glow. Photographers go to great lengths to diffuse the illumination they use when shooting portraits, because they know we look our best in soft light. The big glowing sheets could also make light sources out of everyday things. GE imagines putting OLEDs on the inside of window blinds -- pull them down, light them up, and you have light streaming from the window, even at night. You could even make OLED wallpaper, since the material is flexible.

In other news: The Man has returned safe and sound (yay!), Vader might start blogging again, and someday soon I will have an actual BlogRoll up and running.

Love Love Love

Today is National Love Your Body Day.

And… I am going on record right now as saying I love my body.

Its not perfect.

But I love it.

It has it moments when it betrays my trust. It has let me down in the past and it definitely has kept me from doing some of the things that I wanted to do.

But I still love it.

That is what love is, after all… love is being aware of the imperfections, aware of the shortcomings, aware of the pitfalls and the occasional betrayals.

Love is looking past all that and seeing the other part… the good part.

For my body, the good parts are my mobility, my stamina, my strength, my ability to feel.

And so, again, let me say I love my body.

And today I renew my vow to take decent care of it.

. My Take on the Take On Me Version of American Politics

Back by popular demand!!!

aka I was writing a different blog and had a request.

(Don’t worry, I will post a non-politics blog for everyone else)

Yes they are both different… yes they have different priorities… yes they are both using their time and energy to say just what they think you want to hear.

McCain loves the word “repudiate” and Obama has said the word “Look” over and over again… there should be a drinking game for that one!

Oooo yes Acorn, bad bad news. I have often wondered about when we will be changing the way we vote to avoid this type of problem. (I also wonder about the electoral college, but I digress.)

Ahhh yes, the bitterness in the campaign trail. But your supporters called me fat! Well, your supporters are all hicks and liars! Blech

I know that I am biased.. but wow. Obama is a decent public speaker, he doesn’t rush his words, he speaks clearly… and best of all… he doesn’t interrupt McCain. McCain keeps jumping in.

No wait.. Obama interrupts too… the difference is in how they react when they get interrupted… McCain kinda looses steam, Obama just keeps going.

“My campaign is about a brighter future…. And I won’t raise taxes!”

I have to say it again… optimistic, but realistic?

Lets compare VPs… oh man, do we even need to bother? Biden or Palin… who would you rather have dinner with? Who would you rather represent you? Who would you rather be soooo close to the seat of power?

“Americans have gotten to know Sarah Palin, they know she is a role model to women… she is a reformer…” Wait… she is a role model for which women? Where? She is McCain’s breath of fresh air. No honey, that’s not fresh anything… her ideas are old and her politics are stale. Yes she understands special needs… more than anyone McCain knows (he needs to get out more)

Obama calls her a capable politician. Indeed.

McCain: Biden has made foreign policy mistakes. All I can say is hindsight is 20/20.

It seems like the quibble over taxes and the pork barrel spending is the min issue… that is the one that McCain keeps bringing up. Over and over again.

We must reduce our independence on foreign oil. Who hasn’t promised that?

McCain calls attention to some of the vagueness and “political speak” of Obama. Point McCain

Example of McCain being fiest: “Maybe you need to travel down there and then you will understand it…”

Example of Obama dealing with the feistiness: “Well actually, I DO know what I am talking about…” (you can almost hear him want to add, “you ignorant twit”)

McCain just compared Obama to Herbert Hoover. Ouch! (and really not quite right)

Yes yes, Health care is a big deal. Its horrible. It sucks. Can we please move on? You BOTH want to put health care records online. Well, duh. Everything goes online… wait did he just say that employees should reward people for joining gyms? Only if they pay for them and don’t trap them in a horribly evil contract.
Like stupid Bally's did to me.

Joe Plumber: Where are you? Do you have a myspace page? Cuz we should totally hang out sometime. (Oh, here he is)

Ooo some back and forth Obama; “Like I have already said… “ McCain needs to either turn up his hearing aid (yes low ageist blow) or listen to his opponent. Oh, right, I’m an optimist.

And yes, again… I don’t want the health care credit. Anyone out there like myself not have insurance due to cost? I don’t want 5 grand earmarked for insurance. I want normal reliable coverage. Could just be me.

More about Joe. Joe Sixpack is now Joe Plumber. Interesting upward mobility there doncha think?

Roe V Wade: and the coming need to replace Supreme Court justices

(Can I just interject that The Man aka Anthroslug brought this issue up to me almost a year ago. I hope he blogs about it soon.)

McCain: I think Roe V Wade was a bad decision, it should rest with the states, Judges should be judged on qualifications not ideologies. I would consider qualifications when nominating … someone who has supported RvW would not meet those qualifications.

Obama: Judges should provide fairness and justice to the people, it is a moral issue, but there are good people on both sides, women should make the decision, quotes right to privacy, says it shouldn’t be on the state level, rights like this and 1st amendment should be federal, he will look for judges with good record, intellect, and real world expierence.

Equal Pay for Equal Work: guess who was on which side.

McCain: “I don’t know how you align yourself with the extreme…’ /really? He just said that. Wow. Ironic much?

Obama wants there to be exceptions for the safety of the mother…. But supports the ban on late term abortions.

Obama reaches for the common ground… lets avoid unplanned pregnancies… lets provide sex ed. (Genius) Says: “no one is pro abortion”

But McCain comes right back “there are pro abortion women in America” avoids the idea of sex ed. Trumps compassion and courage.

US is full of dummies. (Are they named Joe?)*

Obama: recruit an army of new teachers in math and science and give them higher pay and more support. Lets make college affordable. (Hear Hear) 4,000 bucks a year credit for students who do community service (Awesome!!!! Sign me up!) And oh yes, parents need to be involved.

McCain: education is a civil rights issue, we have already have equal access to schools (we do?) He is trumping choice and competition… charter schools, reward teachers, give parents the choice to send kids to the schools of choice. Money isn’t the answer. Troops for teachers… people can come back from military service and go straight into teaching, no need for certification or schooling (Wait… what???)

Obama: focus on early childhood and yay for charter schools. Oh, they also agree to boot the bad teachers. Who wouldn’t agree to that… really, is anyone going to say “well, no, bad teachers are people too, let them keep teaching” This seems like a “duh” moment to me.

McCain: vouchers work in DC… so that people have same choices as you and your wife and me and Cindy (does he know Obama’s wife’s name? Twice now he has called her ‘your wife”) Can I just point out that DC has got to be a bad bad model for anything? It is tiny, it is out of touch… I mean, think abut who lives there. Now, if he said the state of Vermont made vouchers work… well, sure ok. Now he brings in autism and Sarah and the precious children. Heartstrings being pulled.

Does the superintendent in DC support vouchers of charters… because wow there were some snippy little bitchiness just now. Oh, well… it will be all over Yahoo tomorrow.

McCain gets a little dig in… but his attempt at sarcasm just rings as sad.

Closing statements:

McCain “My friends!” (I was waiting for it) Record of reform, healthcare should be affordable, education should be available for everyone, stop the spending that is robbing the children of the future. Can you trust us? You can trust me to be a careful steward of the taxes. Whole life serving the nation. Long line of McCains… let me continue to serve.

Obama: Thank you everyone. America is going through tough times, current administration has failed us, the biggest risk we could take is to adopt the same policies and politics… we need change and he is the guy for that. Fundamental decency and generosity for the American people, we need to invest in ourselves, tax cuts for middle class, health care, education, energy research, lets grown the middle class, Its not easy, its not quick, and we need to come together in a spirit of sacrifice and responsibility. I promise to work tirelessly on your behalf and on the behalf of your children.

The end!

“Go vote now, it will make you feel big and strong"

McCain tells Obama good job. I agree.

Oh wait, the talking head just labeled Joe Plumber the spokesperson for the demographic.

Brokaw just named Joe the winner. Seriously.

*Sorry my real Joe, just couldn’t resist after all the six pack and plumber jokes.

Be The Cause

I was a little worried about volunteering. To be honest, the idea of the phone bank kinda creeped me out. I hate telemarketers. I hate them like most people hate them, but I hate them special because at one point in my youth I was one.

Its true.

Don’t hate me because I was desperate and needed a job I could do at home.

Anyway, after trying (not that diligently or that successfully) to convince a few hundred old people that they NEEDED this particular prescription plan, I gave up, called it off and moved on. (To a much better gig at the Psychic Friends Network)*

Anyway! Back on topic.

I feel pretty strongly about Prop 8. For me, its not a gay issue, it’s a civil rights issue. People should be allowed to get married. To Who They Want. Period. I have friends who want to get married someday… some of them are gay. I don’t think they should have fewer rights because there is still a pervasive religious zeal to many of our laws. (Hello? Separation of Church and State?) I mean… okay, you think gay marriage is wrong because it goes against your religion. Fine. Don’t get married. But there is no reason that my rights or the rights of my best friend or my uncle or whoever should be impacted or dismissed based Solely on Your religious views. They are your views. Not mine.

And that I think is the issue. When the religious framework of one group impacts the daily lives of another group in such a negative manner than I don’t think we should sit idly by and allow it to happen.

Ok ok ok, I’ll stop with the preaching. Back to the topic:

Because I don’t have oodles of extra cash, I can’t give financially to the No On 8 campaign. But I can give my time.

(and it is a lot of time… it takes me 2 hours to get there and 2 hours to get home afterwards)

Which is what I did on Monday night. I went to the De Frank Center (The LGBT center here in San Jose) and joined my fellow volunteers (there were about 30 of us) and we called people.

We called and called and called.

“Hi! I’m Kay, a volunteer with No on 8, the Equality for All campaign. Have you heard about Prop 8?”

“How do you feel about same sex marriage?”

A lot of people were ambivalent or they just hung up. Some people were bitter and angry. A few people were happy to hear from us.

And that was all well and good. In fact the phone bank part was just fine… we weren’t harassing people, just asking where they stand and offering to answer any questions they might have had. (the recent ads by the opposition have been highly misleading)

What I really liked though, what I really got out of it was the sense of community that came with volunteering in the first place. Here were all these strangers that had come together with a unified goal. It warmed my heart.

It made me remember other volunteering projects I have been involved with. Sometimes just knowing that there are like minded people out there makes a difference. Sometimes working with them can impact others for good as well.

Volunteering was great. I plan on doing more of it. And I encourage you all to do it as well.

*You might think I am joking, and I am… sort of… another story for another blog on another day, Promise.

Free at last!

Every Monday I intend to write a Ruby Tuesday blog. Sometimes I even prep for it by taking photos over the weekend… sometimes I even start writing it because I have a theme or something specific to say.

But then Monday night comes, and other stuff comes up. Like… sleeping. Or talking on the phone. Or forgetting completely.

But this week I have an actual excuse because last night I went and volunteered at a phone bank for the Equality for All Campaign (Come on, Vote NO on 8 people, really)

--more on that later--

And also last night… maybe not on the same level of mass importance, but still pretty damn important to me; I paid off my gym membership.

All done.

No more.

45 bucks more in my bank account every month.

I am FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I was stupid to sign a three year contract. I know that now. At the time however, it made sense. The gym was near to my office. I was all adult and mature and had landed myself a “real” job working in Corporate America doing Big Person things like Business Lunches, Traveling for Business, wearing Business Suits, etc. At 24. I had arrived and I was ready to add Regular Gym User and Awesomely In Shape to my list of accomplishments.

I even convinced Jia to join with me.

I had such hopes… such plans for my body, my health, my time… my life.

For a few months things went well. Despite drinking mochas after our twice a week workouts, Jia and I told ourselves that we were on the right track.

Then it all cold and winter like, (that was the year that is sleeted/hailed/almost snowed in San Jose) and suddenly going to the gym was not as much fun.

Eventually we stopped going as regularly. Then we stopped going together at all. I still would make the occasional appearance, but it wasn’t as much fun by myself and the trips to the gym began to get all sorts of scarce.

Then I lost my job, got divorced, and started the whirlwind “transitional” period of my life… that yes, I am technically still entrenched in. Going to the gym, especially one downtown and nowhere near where I have been working or living for the past 2 and a half years, became less and less of an option.

In true Evil Gym manner, they kept taking money out of my account. 45 bucks, every month.

I tried to get out of it, I begged, I pleaded, I flirted, I told my (true) sob story about sleeping on the floor and not being able to buy groceries… but to no avail.

Three years.

But… no more! Last night I gleefully paid my final month and canceled my membership. They tried to sweet talk me with a reduced rate for life… they tried to sign me up with a personal trainer, they asked about my weight loss goals, they pitched the improvements that have been made since my last visit (June 2007)…They begged, they pleaded, I think Manager Dave even flirted a little bit. But I won.

I am free.


Random Reading

Oh wow….

A school suspends a kid because he has a mohawk (Rayhawk)… He isn’t a punk rocker, just a sports fan.

How in the world is having short spiky hair on a 12 year old something worthy of getting suspended for? Violation of dress code? Really?

Best line from the article is “No word if the administrators would have preferred [the kid] completely shaving his head so he looked like a neo-Nazi….”

Speaking of p/Punks though… since more and more of us donate and volunteer in slightly different ways… in fact some say it’s a sign of the new generation that we don’t just write a check and then go back to our normal lives… I thought I would pass on this cool way to help others:


Weighing My Options

It’s 134. … and has been for about a month now.

My weight.

How do I feel about this? I am conflicted.

Yes, it’s a good weight. Yes, it is neither too much nor too little. Yes, I am very happy that the scale says 134 and not 160 (my all time high).

And yet……

I have been unsatisfied. I see that number, and part of me goes “drat” and until recently I was having the hardest time figuring out why.

We went to Portland and there were photos taken but I managed to get home with none of the two of us… and only one of the front of me. The rest of the time, I turned away, I ran away, I avoided looking at him when he would pull out the camera. (Aparently, I do that a lot around him.)

Because, like millions of other people, I have a bit of a body issue thing going on.

Which is silly. I know that.

But its real.

The Man and I talked about it last weekend after the Cal game when I pretty much said that I thought I looked horrible in all the Cal photos. He disagreed, but then he might be biased no? His response was that if something bothers me, I should work to fix it… not just avoid and bitch.

Darn him and the making of sense.

On a recent morning I weighed myself and it said 132. You would think I would be excited… and for a split second I was, but then the feeling faded and I was right back where I started. Feeling dissatisfied.

Why? I asked myself, Is there a number on the scale that would make me happy?

The answer is: No.

When I hit 160 I knew it was time for a change… and I changed my life… in the next year I dropped 35 pounds and went from a size 12 to a size 4. I am now a bit heavier and comfy in my size 6 and sometimes 8s. Getting rid of that extra weight was a good thing. I feel better, I think I look better, and I have more energy.

And yet....

I am really unhealthy. I eat crappy food. Seriously… one night last week for dinner I ate Candy Corn. A whole bag. I am consistently anemic (which bars me for donating blood which upsets me as an O positive) I get tired faster than I think I should. I have area of flab/sag that I hate and try to cover up as best I can.

I am unhealthy, and I know it.

So it isn’t enough that the number on the scale is decent. It isn’t enough that it is lower than it used to be. Because health is not measured on the scale… it’s measured in body functions, strong bones, endurance, fitness…. Most importantly, it’s measured in how I feel.

I want to be proud of my body, proud of my health. I want to be able to wear the “I Love My Body’ Sash without irony!

Back to The Man “If something bothers you, do something about it, don’t just avoid and bitch.”


I have stopped weighing myself.
I have started eating salads at lunch. (sometimes with spinach!)

I am trying to eat better in terms of dinner.
I got rid of the temptations of cookies, candy, etc at home and purchased actual food.
I am trying to get back into the swing of repetitive intentional working out routines. (Like doing crunches while watching TV or getting off the LR one stop further than I need to, etc)

Progress is slow, I know that.
And it’s only been about a week.
And temptations are everywhere.

So wish me luck.


Happy, positive, helpful thoughts would be most welcome.

I have a family member who is sick and besides feeling completely helpless, I am also feeling guilty for not spending more time with her in the past few years. Yes, I have been busy. Yes she has been busy. Yes we grew apart due to some life changing decisions that I made… but when it all comes down to it, those things mean nothing.

I love her, I want her to be well and happy and healthy, and there isn’t anything I can do.

Happy Birthday!!!

This weekend is Jia's birthday.

It is his 29th birthday, he is getting old, (heee) so originally we had thought big party, … sunset cruise around the bay… dinner at a fun restaurant…. Merry making by the light of hundreds of hunky sailors who have descended upon SF for fleet week and our enjoyment….

But no.

See the tickets are expensive and we are all broke. Some of us went on vacation this year. Some of us are saving up for moving in the not too distant future. Some of had unplanned medical bills pile up. Some of us are more interested in paying rent. Some of us had all those issues plus much much more.

So, the plan has changed.

Really, the important thing is to be with friends and loved ones and celebrate Jia… we can pretty much do that anywhere, but we wanted something special.

A restaurant where there is a thunderstorm every 30 minutes seems oddly appropriate.

Plus there will be animatronics animals.

And being on the wharf, there will still be plenty of sailor types rambling around. We hope.

I wasn’t involved in last year’s planning… he pretty much just said “My birthday dinner at BJ’s, be there” and after giggling like a 12 year old about the name of the place I grabbed myself a date and showed up. (this year I am date-less because The Man is out digging holes in the forest.)

We ate, we talked, later we had fruity cake and crappy beer back at Jia's and my date made freinds with my ex and I made plans to go dancing.

I have no idea what to expect this year, especially since our guest list keeps changing.

It might just be the two of us wandering the wharf and trying to ignore the fact that we are getting OLD.

Speaking of getting old... Baby O just turned 3.

(Insert "awwwwww" here)

And for a blast from the past... my former high school best friend Michael just had a birthday as well.

Also... Denise, Debbie, Julie, and Susie. Oh, and Kathy and Jo and Anndi.

All with early October birthdays.

Damn, that's a whole lot of winter time lovin'.

Happy Birthday to everyone! (and if I missed you... let me know!)


Update on Writing: As some of you know, I am working on an actual writing project. You know the kind where I actually finish writing something and submit it…. Yeah, one of those.

Which is why I am not blogging fiction as much… why I am not having as much of a social life…. And why I have taken down a few posts.

A few of the fiction pieces that were here on this blog were early drafts of things I am hoping to make beautiful and readable and awesome. I have left the beginnings of these up for your viewing pleasure, but if you are interested in reading the whole thing (in its glorious finalized version) then send me well wishes on getting them actually published.

Believe me, I will let you all know when/if that happens.

Update on Paul: (Faces on a Train): After a few more misses and a few myspace messages, he asked me out for coffee. I politely declined seeing as I spend my weekends with the man I am seeing (The Man) and Paul promptly disappeared. POOF! He was gone. Oh well,

Update on the diet:
Don’t ask.

Update on the Job Search: Things look good. My manager has requested that my contract be extended (again).

Thanks for reading!

Office Place

I work in an office which isn’t all that shocking… a LOT of people work in an office. As a child, I had parents who both worked in offices. So it is understandable that I had rather a romantic view of “office work.”

(Romantic, with the big R…. I didn’t start thinking about office romances until I was older and really by that point I was finding romance everywhere… Cafeteria romances…. Flag pole romances…. Grocery store romances….)

Anyway. It wasn’t until I started working in offices myself that I realized I was mistaken. I had imagined a place where adults did secret big important things, where there was intrigue, drama, ground breaking discoveries, meetings that shaped industries, people walking around in fancy clothes doing fancy things with numbers, late nights full of deadline driven chaos that would end with someone shouting “We Got It!” and someone else popping open a bottle of white wine spritzer…..

I was a child of the 80s.

For a while in the 90s my imagination of “office work” entailed skateboard ramps, all the free food you could eat, foose ball tables, company sponsored trips to Vegas, people slugging down expensive imported coffee while wearing shorts and flip flops, more meetings that shaped industries, a sense of exploration and new discovery, and the overwhelming sense of camaraderie.

I was a child of Silicon Valley.

But I don’t work for Google, I don’t work for Yahoo or EBay, or even Sun (although right now, that’s probably a good thing). I have worked for insurance companies, software companies, and now a semiconductor/storage device company and my last delusions about “office work” have crumbled into the dust of forgotten pastries.

Because while the work we do is important… it isn’t dramatically important and a lot of the time it isn’t very much fun.

And that’s ok. I mean, it IS work, not play right?

And it isn’t all bad… I get to use acronyms, refer to things involving “recons” “terminations” and “audit files.” I get to get all excited when things balance, take a moment of personal pride when the files are all up to date, email people all over the world, and twice a day walk to the on site cafĂ© and try not to over do it with the cookies.

I actually really enjoy aspects of my job and the people I get to work with.

Recently our department got a major face lift. We moved to another section of the building and they gutted re did, and expanded our offices. We now boast a painted accent wall, new cubicles, twice as much space, three times as many file cabinets, four times as many trash cans (seriously), a new conference table, mew carpet, and three new clocks.

Its not just sweet, its super sweet.

Some of my favorite aspects of the news digs:

Distance: There are 5 of us in a room that could easily accommodate 10. We are verrrrrrry spread out which has led to the fun game of “office telephone.” Possibilities are endless…

White Boards: Yes, each of our cubicles has one now. Some of my coworkers use it for listing priorities, work schedules, etc. Ok, ok, so most of them. Ok fine… all of them but me. Mine says “Go Bears” and “Happy Birthday Debbie” and occasionally I remember to update the date.

The In Box: If you have eve been an admin without one, you know how essential one can be to help keep you organized. My desk is twice as big now… which really just means more piles of stuff.

Half wall counter: Now, when people come into the department I can actually see them… no more random employees looking for help inadvertently sneaking up on me when my mouth is full of yogurt or I am half under my desk trying to plug my stapler in. (Yes we have automatic staplers, they rock.) This is good because I startle easily and after spilling yogurt on myself an average of once a week and banging my head an average of … more than that…. I am glad that I can see them coming.

Floor mats. I didn’t have one before. I have one now. The fist time I went to roll across my cubicle I misjudged the supreme slickness and sent myself flying for four feet to crash spectacularly into my desk.

The New Carpet: What? Wait… let me explain. See our door is held open by a door stop and because our carpet is all new and flat the door stop isn’t really doing its job all that well. There is a small sound, a sigh if you will, and then the door slooooooooowly moves across the carpet until it is only half open. It does this multiple times a day no matter how forcefully one pushes the doorstop under it. Haunted Door! Excellent!

See the true joy of working in an office, making your own fun.

Town Hall Meeting!

My notes while watching the debate (town meeting style!)

What would your main priorities be? In what order?
McCain: Everything, at once, (optimistic, sure… but realistic?)
Obama: Energy, health care, education.

Sacrifices what would you like us to do?
M: nothing, we can do it! (optimistic)
O: energy… how can you use less?

On the onset McCain was doing better, but as it went on, he lost it…. He came off as slightly smarmy and again there was that folksy feeling that I actually find condescending and very annoying.

Obama got better as it went on… both of them hated the time constraints… how is this diff from a regular debate?

Obama, Entitlements: lets do it, have lots of other stuff to do, in my first term
McCain: it isn’t hard, we will find a way

McCain highlights his ability to reach across the aisle… again. But we have made it 46 mins without the word Maverick, so there that. Doesn’t always answer the question… ok, to be fair they both do this, but by my count McCain’s lack of answers is dwarfing Obama’s

Argue mostly about taxes… Obama will give you a tax break or will raise your taxes depending on who you listen to. His plan actually sounds good and he does respond to McCain’s problems with his tax plan. And voting records…. Did you vote yes on that? Well yeah, but this is why… Did you vote no? Yes, and here’s why…..

McCain: nuclear energy
Obama has mentioned clean coal a few times, which is a total crock… this worries me actually. Also talks about nuclear as well as solar and wind. (Ahhh, wind farms… I spent a very romantic evening once on a wind farm… more on that later,)

Tom has to KEEP asking them to keep it short.

McCain’s “my friends’ should have been the drinking game for tonight… also maybe “pork barrel spending” Oh and why does it bother me that he keeps pointing at Obama…. It might be dramatic but it looks childish and rude.

Health insurance: Obama had some actual practical ideas… preventative research, medical records on the computer so as to say money. Make it easier to purchase.
McCain jumps on the wagon for medical records online and being efficient…. But still the difference is that McCain will give you the 5K money and highlights that small business owners might get fined if they don’t provide insurance. As a person without medical insurance because of the cost, I think I would rather have the options and who needs to be able to go across state lines? Do people really want to do that/ Why? Won’t that cause more problems? Obama compares that to banking… and look where that got us?

Health care: privilege, right, responsibility… McCain says a responsibility. Obama says it s a right for everyone. (Brings in his dead mother) Obama knocks off his points one by one… totally wins the health care point.

I feel bad for the camera people… these guys keep moving around something crazy and we keep seeing the back of their heads….

McCain thanks each and every person who asks a question. Its polite.

McCain just called America a country of peacemakers. Ironically, he didn’t chock on his words. Again, with the optimism.

Do people really like this pandering? Yes, Americans are super great wonderful perfect awesome… bla bla bla bla

Anyone else find the concept of America’s most precious commodity being American blood kind of a creepy thought… unsettling to be sure.

Oooo now the mud is getting slug… The whole “speak softly and carry a big stick’ kinda bit McCain in the ass… plus he just interrupted Obama while Obama was making the point that McCain isn’t this aster mature old wise man and he (Obama) is just a wet behind the ears newb… let me reiterate, McCain interrupted and tried to make a joke.

There has to be a difference between not telegraphing your punches and being able to make us believe that you actually have a plan.

Does the Georgia / Russia thing remind anyone of the Kuwait / Iraq thing oh, about 18 years ago?

Is Russia an Evil Empire? :
Obama: They behaved in an evil manner.
McCain rambled on a bit but his answer was essentially “Maybe”

What don’t you know, and how will you learn it.
Obama connects to his wife, talks about unexpected challenges, then talked about what he does know…. Family story, food stamps, average means, but he succeeded, and he is glad of his opportunities, wants to pass on that American dream to the next generation. We need fundamental change.
McCain doesn’t know what is going to happen in the world, but he has served the country… oh, here is his family story (both candidates had for the most part single mothers… interesting….) He speaks about camaraderie and he sees himself as a steady hand and wants to continue to serve.

Well, okay so I am not unbiased… but yeah I would have to say that McCain started off stronger but lost it a bit and that again substance wins out and Obama will be getting my vote.

Enjoy the rest of your evening!

Sometimes the internet is unintentionally funny.

There are a lot of places to find humor on the ‘net.. and we all have our favorites. ( is one of mine) but sometimes there are things online that I don’t think were meant to be funny.

Which makes them even more so, of course.

Check out this from yahoo’s main page yesterday:

Not only does Palin look like she is about to eat someone but there is a blurry finger in the frame. Seriously? You’re telling me that Yahoo couldn’t find a better photo to use here? Really? That’s … just sad!

Also, there is a headline about the psychics and what they are (were) predicting for the debate. I’ll give you moment to think about how accurate they were.

Moving on…

This is a banner add that has been in my email account all week. Please notice the Pharmacy Tech looking all kinds of bitter. Is this really supposed to encourage people to want to study/work towards that profession?

“Come on kids…. Just think, you too could be as miserable as this little yellow head!!”


10 Years

My 10 year high school reunion is tomorrow night. I won’t be attending due to a myriad of reasons one of which was that I thought (up until yesterday) that I was going to be out of town tomorrow night.

Now that I know I could have actually bought the ticket and gone there is a part of me that wishes I had done so. Most of me, however, is okay with the fact that I won’t be there in the Chicken Coop drinking overpriced wine and looking around the room trying to remember names and anecdotes.

But because I am me… I pulled out a list of the things that I have done in the last ten years (plus a few months) since I graduated from High School.

Since the spring of 1998, I ….

moved 11 times
went to college, (3 of them to be exact)
changed my major from English to Sociology to Business to Film and back to English again
got a degree (BA in English)
got married,
got divorced,
wrote some, read some, saw many movies
had a variety of jobs including everything from retail, food service, selling avon, to working in marketing, fraud investigation, and now general admin and auditing
had three gym memberships
had 4 personal email addresses
started playing WoW and got addicted
stopped playing WoW (am relieved)
started drinking in earnest
quit drinking in earnest
met some very cool people
been mugged 3 times
was introduced to such things as: coffee (mochas for the win), Buffy, punk music, backgammon, intimacy, myspace, video games, downloading music, yoga, table top games, itunes, paganism, skepticism, atheism, voting, porn, David Lodge, paying rent, physical therapy, internet forums, vibrators, television (and cable!) artistic photography, cooking, new types of dancing, data entry, riding in small planes, doing my taxes, blogging
lost a few friends along the way
been to 3 funerals
been to 10 weddings.. (was in 5 of them)
made my peace with the past
traveled for work and for family and best of all for myself
went vegetarian for a bit
gained 35 pounds… lost 35 pounds
got myself into a bit of debt
made a movie
lived in a rented room, lived with a significant other, lived with a friend, lived alone
lost my religion, found something better
had awesome horrible dramatic interesting dating experiences
had all sorts of madcap adventures with friends and by myself (public transportation is oh so fun)
met some goals, did not meet other goals
reconnected with my sisters
changed my name (legally!)
watched a dear pet die
threw some awesome parties… with hats, with masks, with 7 courses of Italian food, with scavenger hunts, with music and dancing and laughter and best of all friends
was in a car accident, was on the scene right after one as well
was hit by a car (while on the sidewalk) (multiple times)
slept in some weird places
got all feminist and radical and protest-y
simmered down (somewhat)
got hurt (physically and emotionally)

Obviously that isn’t everything… but it gives you a taste and me a fun walk down memory lane.

I cannot wait to see what the next ten years of my life will bring me.