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Still Falling Into Fall

This morning the clouds were back… I couldn’t see the hills as I walked to work and there was a definite crispness to the air.

But its not really fall yet.

It is going to be in the 80s (again) today and I still haven’t bothered to close my bedroom window or buy warmer sheets for my bed.

Because its not really fall yet.

There might be football on Sundays and there might be pumpkins in the grocery stores just begging you to take them home and mutilate them.

But, again, its not really fall yet.

I know its not fall yet because…. I don’t want it to be fall yet.

And “My reality IS reality”

Well no, okay, fair enough… I suppose calendar speaking it IS fall already.

And the fact that I am even thinking about Halloween costumes, homecoming games, and the eventual need to buy shoes that aren’t open toed… means it is fall.

But I am still not ready.

I am still clinging to the summer with its promise of long days and time enough to think and plan and dream.

I am still entranced with dark green leaves and getting a mild sun burn on my shoulders while watching The Man cook me meat over an open flame.

I am still spending moments in the morning choosing between long and short skirts, wearing light sweaters, and shaving my legs every other day.

Because I am not ready for fall yet.

And really.. its because fall brings winter.

And this winter brings changes.

And these changes frighten me.

1 comment:

Katman said...

What a beautifully crafted message.

i love all seasons personally. autumn, or fall, has rich golden leaves, and a promise of cooler weather.

don't fear change, embrace it. change gets rid of blandness and routine. there's nothing more exciting than not knowing what's going to happen next (unless you're one of those people who read the last page of a book first!)