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Showing my... View

On the (increasingly rare) occasion that I work at my desk…. (usually when I am editing an actual story, paying bills, or pretending to work on my novel) I am blessed with the following view by turning slightly to the right.

Why do I like this view? Because it sums up most of the important aspects of my life.

Want a closer look?

Here we have both the first piece of “art” that I ever bought and a photo of my adorable niece. The statue has moved with me half a dozen times over the years and has survived getting broken in almost all of those moves. I super glue it back together, remind myself that true art is unbreakable, and vow to use more bubble wrap next time. My niece.. well she’s a cutie and also the first in the next generation of Metcalfe’s. The photo you can’t see very well is actually of me age 5 with my parents. Oh, and my college graduation tassle.

Here we have the ‘works in progress” shelf. Ideas, ideas, ideas… and even some sort-of-almost-done ideas as well. Basically, this is the shelf that I am avoiding when I write in my blog instead of, well, actually working. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with this shelf. Moving on.

Ahhh another vase… Have I told you how much I love getting fowers? This one is purple, catches more of the afternoon light and oh yes looks marvelous by white Christmas lights. I love the lights… they set the right mood (when it is desirable to do so) but also give me a faint sense of peace and harmony in my room year round.

Jewelry boxes (or rather boxes where I keep my jewelry. Ironic I know… I have a fair bit of jewelry and some very nice pieces yet I only wear the one necklace. So it goes. Also my Goddess figurine…. A gift from a different life but there is still sentimental attachment and well heck, she makes a good silhouette.

Last but not least…. Candles because one can never have too many and the now almost dead flowers from The Man. Yes the Man has a name, in fact I am pretty sure I have outed him on this blog already, but in true Blog-Fashion I too can name my family and friends with Blog-Friendly Nicknames.

Plus there are a whole slew of “The Man” jokes that I would love to start using.

Actually, The Man is quite nice…. Deluded a bit about my ability to get into grad school perhaps, but nice. See the flowers? Hooray for flowers!

So there you have it… a view of Art, Family, Writing, Passion, Pride, Lights, Pretty Things, Sentimental Things, Candles, and Wonderful Reminders of Wonderful People.

Also known as: Happiness

(post inspired by the Show Me Photo Project over at Thoughts From A Fathe)


Anonymous said...

Surroundings filled with love's lovely things. Very nice!

Carletta said...

This wasn't the kind of 'view' I was expecting.
It is 'outside the box' most of us think as a view but you have given us a very clever post with many little views into your life.

Bazza said...

I love the 'works in progress' view, it reminds me of my life!, well that's what my wife would say, especially when it comes to things like decorating!

Dr.John said...

Thanks for walking us through the view. Sometimes we forget all the little pieces that make up the greater picture.

Robert said...

It's amazing how much there is in one little glance to the right. You've captured so much and within your favorite view. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

Gattina said...

That's a different view as the rest of us ! It's original and yes sometimes the view is better left and right to my desk then looking outside because it rains so often here in Belgium, lol !

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

What a great post. I love that it's a number of things all together in one little area that might be overlooked by an outsider, yet have so much meaning to you. Very sweet. :D

Deb said...

Kaylia - I love this project and your approach. You are so open and lovely. : ) Thank you for sharing!