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Showing... My Kitchen

When new people come over to the apartment I tend to give tours. I was told once that this is a very “white middle class” thing to do and while I have no idea if that was true or not, I can’t seem to not want to give tours.

Here is our living room, here is the patio, here is the dinning room, don’t get too close to the book case, it leans. Here is Jessica’s kitchen….

Because while the living room, the dinning room, the patio are all shared spaces and we each have our bathroom and bedroom, the kitchen is pretty much her domain.

See, Jessica cooks. (She also cleans, has a wicked sense of humor, finds me and my many quirks “endearing” even after 9 months, and is downright adorable. Any wonder that I love this gal?)

Anyway, she cooks. I mean really cooks… with like multiple ingredients, chopping, different pans.... real cooking.

I tend to heat via microwave or just skip it altogether and eat wheat thins straight out of the box. Sometimes I add peanut butter.

So, since she cooks, most of the food is her’s, and she actually likes it in there… the kitchen is hers.

She wouldn’t pose for a picture in the kitchen…. So I got sneaky.

And just to prove that I can follow instructions a little bit…. Here is an actual picture of some of the most important things in our kitchen.

Both of us are rather short…. I am just a tad taller thus my step stool is just a tad shorter.
You can mock… but being able to reach the shelves is rather a must.

(post inspired by the Show Me Photo Project over at Thoughts From A Fathe)


Robert said...

Another fun post. Your story works perfectly with the images. I hope you keep coming back with more from the project. :)

June said...

Sounds like a good partnership: she likes to cook and you like to eat :-)

Carletta said...

Love the stool side by side as if they are talking.
I love the way you write by the way.

Anndi said...

Two friends sharing space... two stepstools side by side.

I like it a lot!

Kay said...

@Robert: Oh you bettcha!

@June: well… she likes to cook…. I don’t actually eat too much at home. She offers more often than I accept.

@Carletta: Thank you! I keep trying to write in a more sophisticated manner but my inherent informality keeps shinning through.

@Anndi: Exactly! It’s a perfect set up!

dianne - bunny trails said...

What a great post. I love your humor. Leaning bookshelves? Oh yeah, our last house had plenty of those with all its crooked floors. The dueling stools are great. Reaching shelves is of the utmost importance, so no mocking here. :D

Deb said...

Oh Miss Kaylia - I really liked reading your blog posts for this project. As a fellow "shorty", I especially liked this sentence "You can mock… but being able to reach the shelves is rather a must." Thanks again for sharing! -Deb